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The Haunted Vagina: The Movie

This is a real novel titled “The Haunted Vagina,” written by Carlton Mellick III.

You can buy it on Amazon.

The central plot of the novel poses a question that many men have pondered throughout the ages:

What if your girlfriend’s vagina was a gateway to another world?

The premise of this amazing novel intrigued me so much when I first read it in graduate school, I optioned the work from the author, and have been developing the screenplay for five years, trying to capture the immediacy of the writing to the big screen.

I can now publicly announce that the movie will finally be released this summer. Here is a sneak preview of the trailer to “The Haunted Vagina: Stargate to The Future.”


  1. headbang8

    Everyone finds a vagina that’s a gateway to another world. At least once.

  2. Bill

    I think I’d have size issues with the owner of a walk-through vagina.

  3. Jenny, Bloggess

    Oh, I needed that.

  4. sas

    oh you just took it to a whole new level!
    love it.

  5. furiousball

    thank god Carlton, put pen to paper and got this done. thank god, Carlton, thank god

  6. Kelly

    I am waiting for Carlton to finish Frankenpenis.

  7. Elisa

    I assume you are going to take this to Comicon. Or whatever the porn version of it is 😉

  8. film

    I love this film .

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