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The Great Interview Experiment – Week 2

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Welcome to the second week of completed GIE interviews!

Do we we learn anything new about our community this week by reading about their lives and dreams?

Absolutely! The blogging community is comprised of a bunch of weirdos! Well, not all of them, but clearly bloggers are an odd bunch if characters, mismatched in the same way that the A-Team was hobbled together as an elite military team.

But as with the A-Team, bloggers are somehow able to work through their individual biases in order to solve each case and stop the bad guys.

What specifically did we learn this week? Well, we learned that:

Ann from “Ann’s Rants” is a perfectionist in her writing.
Jayne interviews Ann

Sarah from “Sarah and the Goon Squad” can use the HOV lane because she has twins!
Natalie interviews Sarah

Danielle from “Knotty Yarn” hopes to one day meet her biological father.
Girl Vaughn interviews Danielle

Christine of “Flutter” is turned on by a Scottish accent.
Danielle of Knotty Yarn interviews Christine

Modernemama lives in a house designed by Andrew Geller
Ozma interviews modernemama

Avitable pees in his pants.
Rimarama interviews Avitable

LZ from “Messy Paradise” finds it difficult to quit drinking coffee.
Voix de Michele interviews LZ

Danny of “Jew Eat Yet” once got a letter back from Roald Dahl!
NeCole interviews Danny

The Princess of the Universe likes to re-create cakes from photos.
Abigail Road interviews the Princesess of the Universe

Veach of “Snapperhead” creates kaleidoscope-type visual renderings.
Multi-Tasking Mom interviews Veach

-R-‘s prize possession is a quilt his grandmother made.
Magpie interviews -R-

Wench sees her namesake as a positive badge of honor.
Tiny Mantras interviews Wench

Tiny Mantras attends a Tibetan Buddhist temple.
Princess of the Universe interviews Tiny Mantras

Nat from “Nat’s Brain” ran in a 200 mile relay race.
Modernemama interviews Nat

Natalie of “The Bobby Pin” hopes to have an MBA in five years.
Average Jane interviews Natalie

Marcy of “the Glamorous Life Association” was the teacher’s pet in school.
Poolhall Ace interviews Marcy

Erika of Dryink is passionate about children’s books.
The Fabricated Goddess interviews Erika

Zeptimius Hedrapor adores the early 20th century American comic Krazy Kat.
Anna at ABDPBT interviews Zeptimius Hedrapor

Tatiana’s favorite museum is the National Geographic Museum in D.C.
MamaKaren interviews Tatiana

Blaiser’s number one influence on his sense of humor is his father.
Kelly interviews Blaiser

Lesley of Peregrinations enjoys photographing old, rusty dilapidated things.
Blaiser interviews Lesley

Anna of ABDPBT sees the importance in being a muckraker online.
Marinka interviews Anna

Also, as many of you know, a fellow personal blogger, Anissa Mayhew, a 35 year old mother of three, had a stroke this week and is still in the hospital. She has many friends online. During the last Great Interview Experiment in 2008, Anissa was interviewed by Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas. You can read that interview here.

Here is the official Caring Bridge site for Anissa if you want to learn more, or want to help.

Come back next week for GIE, week 3!


  1. Michele

    What a lineup! You’re a blogstar, Neil. Thanks much for all your hard work.

  2. Kim

    Amazing Neil ! Now to add more names to my reader…thanks!

  3. NeCole@Eclectic Ecstasy

    You are a fucking genius! If I was within grabbing distance, I would give you a great big kiss. If we ever get the chance to meet, please remind me that I owe you that.

  4. Piper of Love

    I suck Neil!

    I had so much going on that I FAILED big time. I forgot to answer the hilarious interview questions given to me by Erica, AND I completely neglected interviewing Sarah.

    I have a serious case of shame all over my body now. Like, the kind of shame and guilt I get from my converted-Jewish mother. It’s that bad.

    I’m so sorry! 🙁

    Apologies to Erica and Sarah, who both totally deserved to get hot little links in this kick ass post.

  5. melanie

    der! I hope I didn’t miss this…

    Count me in da mix! I want to do an interview.

  6. Neil

    Melanie — sign up on the other post that I linked to.

  7. marymac

    I LOVE this project and idea and I would love to participate, however I am sort of a brain-challenged dolt, so I will need help with like who to interview! I LOVE doing interviews- if you don’t mind cusswords, check out my interview with the Suburban Housewife rapper Sally Brooks:
    Does this count? Or no, cuzzz she’s not a blogger. Darn (but she’s a RAPPER!). Well, please tell me who to interview because I’d love to join the fun.
    xo and cheers!

  8. Aimee @ Ain't Yo Mama's Blog

    This is a brilliant concept! It’s fun reading the interviews and learning about other bloggers. Very cool project.

  9. wench

    Hello you lovely man you. I`ve finished my interview and at the same time my keyboard has gone into french mode at the same time and and I cannot access the àt`symbol to maik you the link – so voila

  10. headbang8


    Just posted (after a considerable delay–my fault) the interview with Long Story Longer.

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