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12 Second Tour

I know this is sort of dumb, but I did a test of this application 12seconds, which allows you to make a 12 second video, sort of a video Twitter. Since the iphone doesn’t have video capability, the phone app only allows you to take three photos, add a quick video, and then post the mini slide-presentation. Here is a really poorly done 12 second tour of my apartment. I have no idea why I sound like I am lisping. I hope my mother doesn’t see this. The kitchen is a disaster area.

[iPhone] House tour on

By the way, long-time blogging friend, Danny, of Jew Eat Yet, and his wife are going to have…. twins.


  1. Betsey

    You shound like you have on brashes. No worriesh. Your teeth will be shtraight in the end.

    Sorry about the messh.

  2. Neil

    I’ll probably never use this app again, but it was interesting. It takes about one minute to put it together.

  3. Chris

    I don’t think it’s poorly done. The lisp sound makes me smile crooked. You’re making me think I might need to get one of those fancy phones.

  4. bookfraud

    “sorry about the mess”? by my standards, that’s operating-room clean.

    i like all your books. not that i could see any titles or crap like that.

  5. natalie

    your voice is way deeper that i expected. surprising really.

  6. TorontoPearl

    “MY” living room? Don’t you mean “My mother’s living room where I’ve been hanging out for several months ’cause I’ve been in limbo about my relationship status, my work status and any other kind of status.”

  7. kenju

    I like theing all the booksh!

  8. Katee

    Am I reading this right that it is a video app for iPhone? Cool!!

    Now go clean your kitchen!

  9. Neil

    It is a video app on the desktop, but the iphone only has photos. So these are three photos that are combined together and they automatically do that panning in effect to make it look like a video.

  10. leah

    you have the voice of a serial killer. is that to harsh?

  11. mommyknows

    If you jailbreak your phone there are a ton of extra apps you can download. My geek of a husband has a video camera on his now. Works great!

    Animoto is a good one too.

  12. 3boys1mommy

    Do you have a pet? I taw I taw a putty tat.

  13. vodkamom

    that was cool. From your iphone???

  14. better safe than sorry

    i’ve got my kids home from school today, you got nothing on my kitchen after the all day eating marathon that will be going on.

  15. Neil

    Leah – a serial killer voice? That’s great. I think I can finally find my niche in Hollywood.

    Mommyknows – I want to talk to you more about this jailbreaking of the phone. I read about, and it doesn’t seem that complicated, BUT I would hate to turn this expensive device into a useless paperweight.

    3Boys — No cats. I don’t even like cats too much.

    Vodkamom — yes, from phone…. pretty easy. Although can’t do much in 12 seconds

  16. sarah g

    you are dedicated to this responding to comments thing! Your voice is a lot deeper and I wouldnt have noticed the ‘lisp’ without you pointing it out, but it made me laugh. Especially since at first, I thought you were referring to the paragraph you wrote; and I thought it was weird that you ‘heard’ yourself lisping in your mind… but you werent. Wow. I need more coffee.. but good video!

  17. sarah g

    So… I have to write because I didnt comment yesterday. I am 28 and I use an electric can opener. I also touch the cord. I have a toaster and a toaster oven, a microwave, and a ‘hot shot’ that boils a cup of water. I dont use the teapot though I own it, I dont use the manual can opener though I own it. I have a dishwasher, but always have too many dishes to wash than what can fit INTO the dishwasher at any given time. …So apparently I dont fit in with your readers…

  18. Finn

    I hope my mother doesn’t see this. The kitchen is a disaster area.

    Oh sweetie… you need help.

  19. Finn

    Oh, and thanks again for the Blog Crush of the Day! I wish I’d put up a better post.

  20. kimberlee

    wow you sound exactly like a new york neil. ochka.

  21. leah

    i forgot to mention that my husband bought serial killer glasses recently.

  22. churlita

    I would kill my kids if they showed the internets my messy kitchen.

  23. Caron

    Is that kitchen the aftermath of your tuna salad adventure? You might need a new recipe.

  24. Long Story Longer

    I can exactly remember your voice from TequilaCon! very distinct. Great voice.

  25. teahouseblossom

    Ooooh, you have a great voice. You could do the evening news!

  26. headbang8

    Your mother has taken to storing her card table in your old room. Don’t you hate it when they do that? Just because you moved out, doesn’t mean she can have the room back. That’s an unwritten law.

  27. sassy

    What a deep voice you have !

  28. Trish/Astrogirl426

    The “lips” sound is a factor of the sound quality on the video (i’m amazed no one caught that).

    Also, you seem to have found the trick – quite a few wimmins seem impressed at how deep your voice is. Ever think of Phone Sex Operator as a possible career path?

  29. Juli Ryan

    So you have read a few books?

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