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I Salute You, Mothers

(typical mommyblogger)

“God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers” 
– Jewish proverb


  1. JanePoe (aka Deborah)

    Mothers as God’s minions – nice proverb!!

    Peace, JP/deb

  2. barbetti

    She is bangin’.

  3. better safe than sorry

    that pic is so wrong, i always wear fishnet stockings and a garter belt when i’m sweeping the floor.
    happy mother’s day to mrs. kramer.

  4. AnnieH

    Got a card in the mail from an ex-boyfriend when my children were young–“Happy Damn Mother’s Day!” That just about sums it all up and still makes me laugh. So Happy Mums Day to yours and let us be about the busy work of minioning:>)

  5. Elisabeth

    I’ve always wanted to be a French maid (like the one on your pic.) I reached half of that goal on the day I was born. I’m still working on the second half, with God’s help, I am certainly getting very close.

    Motherhood is tough, but it’s got its rewarding moments.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who read Neil’s blog!

  6. Dave

    Is that Dooce?

  7. -RM

    Great proverb…it’s one of my all-time fav. Great pinup!

  8. Kate

    Oh My Gosh!
    Until I look in the mirror, I imagine that I am that svelte and firm. At 48, that takes a fair amount of imagination, which I clearly have!
    Found you through Jane Devin–LOVE HER!
    You made me laugh and laugh…LOVE THAT!
    I’ll be back again and again, Neil.
    Hope you’ll come visit me–my site’s not terribly social, but really informative. 🙂

  9. Pants

    I’m a little pissed off at my cat for not getting me a Mother’s Day gift…I mean, we receive invitations addressed to both of us. I figure that’s at least worth a card.

  10. gorillabuns

    Yes, I clearly wear heels while doing the chores.

  11. churlita

    Thanks for the Mother’s day wishes. I like to think of myself as a Muthah blogger as opposed to a mommy blogger.

  12. Danny

    My mother never looked like your illustration nor my fantasy June Cleaver mom who vacuumed in a lovely ironed dress and pearls. But my mom did remind me of Laura Petrie in her Capri pants and turtlenecks. Of course, to be honest, I rarely remember my mother with a broom in her hand at all (forgive me, mom!).

    The photo of the boy is fascinating to me, it so perfectly captures my idealized fantasy of the American Boyhood I wish I’d had. What a great photo, is it from the Boy Scouts? Of course the real kid is probably some troubled boy from Van Nuys whose parents force him to audition for endless commercials so they can buy fancy cars with the money he earns…

  13. Atomic Bombshell

    I approve of the use of pin-ups in this post! 🙂

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