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Trying to Write This Week


Note: This is not a page from anything I’m working on.  This is a page from the film classic “Chinatown.”   But imagine something just as well-written and influential.  Only it is about getting laid.   And there is one crazy car chase in downtown Los Angeles.  Wait, I think there is car chase in downtown Los Angeles in Chinatown, too!  Woo-hoo!  Oscar time.


  1. Nat

    Ack! Inspiration is a bitch ain’t she?

  2. Nat

    Thought you weren’t posting today?

  3. TorontoPearl

    Four years from now…

    “And I accept this Oscar for Best Screenplay with the greatest pride. My writing partner, ___________, and I didn’t ever think we’d get this film made, but look what some negative thinking will get you. I want to say hi to my beautiful wife, sophia, and our son, Artie,and to all my Citizen of the Month friends. I also want to say, ‘See, Mom, and you thought nothing would ever come of my writing…!’ Thank you, and good night!”

  4. teahouseblossom

    Oh, that was such a freaky movie. Especially the car chase that ends abruptly, and the long, uninterrupted horn.

  5. Ginormous Boobs

    Please also put in a mentally challenged individual. Golden Globe for sure!

  6. Noelle

    What you need is a quirky independent woman to pen a movie (a la Diablo Cody) so how about you write it, and then I’ll come accept the awards?

    Isn’t about time Hollywood re-made Chinatown anyway? The old one is so black and white.

  7. cruisin-mom

    Neil, this is so exciting…will you be bringing all of your readers to the premiere? Can’t wait to walk down the red carpet

  8. churlita

    However close to Chinatown your writing is, it’ll probably still be better than the sequel.

  9. melanie

    a friend of mine and I used to play that seen out when we were confused about something… screaming my sister, my daughter, my sister, my daughter…

    yea. stuff you don’t want to know about me.

    what kind of cars are chasing each other? :evilgrin:

  10. melanie

    ooops. scene (puts on her dork badge, again)

  11. gorillabuns

    Man, I forgot about all the slapping that went on in this movie.

  12. tiff

    ‘my sister AND my daughter’?


    Good luck with the writing thang. Let’s hope there’s a shortage of slapping and a surfeit of laughing.

  13. better safe than sorry

    haven’t seen that movie for years.
    and noelle, re-make chinatown? two words that should never appear in the same sentence.

  14. will

    Don’t they tell you to write what you know?

  15. will

    Wait that comes off as mean when I just intended snarky. Damn, picture me patting you on the back as I say that.

  16. Edgy Mama

    The great thing about script writing is look at how few words there are on that page!

  17. Dagny

    One day I’ll actually watch that entire film.

  18. Pearl

    tag, you’re it Neil.

  19. V-Grrrl

    I’m so glad you’re not blogging because I’m not reading…

    Such great customer service here at COTM

  20. miguelina

    I can’t wait to see it! Don’t forget about us when you’re a Hollywood hotshot.

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