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Get Ready for “The First Annual Blogger Holiday Online Arts and Crafts Fair”


The meal is over. We’ve given thanks. We’re feeling spiritual. So, what do we do the next day? We fight over parking spaces in the mall and push old women out of the way so we can get our grubby hands on the latest “Touch Me Elmo” before the next person.

Is that any way to shop for Christmas and Hanukkah gifts? Do you really want to give your hard-earned money to Best Buy, home of “The Computer Salesman who Knows Less Than My Mother?” Do you really want to be stuck eating at the adjacent-to-the-mall Olive Garden ONCE AGAIN! (eh, screw you, Olive Garden lovers — tell it to my hand).

There is a better way. You can help support cool bloggers in their artistic endeavors. At the same time, you can give your friends and relatives very special, unique gifts — made by hand in someone’s kitchen in Tulsa, not in a sweatshop in Thailand.

Announcing —

The First Annual Blogger Holiday Online Arts and Crafts Fair!

photo by OMSH

I love artistic people, especially those who are crafty or in the visual arts. I cannot draw. My photographs suck. The only class I ever failed in school was Woodshop. I hated it. I was scared of using the saw. I ended up with a ridiculous-looking final project — a “chicken” paper holder without a chicken head. I wonder if my mother still has it at home? I am in awe of your artistic talent.

The Arts and Crafts Fair will be held next weekend,  November 30 – December 2, right here.  This gives the artist time enough to send the purchase before Hanukkah and Christmas.  To participate as a vendor, it is is very easy:

1) Send me a photo of one of your art pieces or crafts as an example of your work. This can be your knitting work, your photography, your paintings, etc. — as long as you created it and want to sell it as Holiday gifts! NONE of this has to be holiday-themed at all. It can be anything you want. The photo is just a sample of your work.

2) Send me a link to your online store, Etsy, etc. and to your blog. At your own store, you can sell anything or as much as you want. The fair is here to introduce others to your work.

3) Write a description of your work, if you want to.

All the links will go back to your blogs or stores, where you must deal with the shipping, etc. This exciting event is open to all bloggers, and artists of all skill levels. Show your stuff and promote your work!


This event will be a highlight of the Holiday season. If you need a gift, come on by! Even if you aren’t in a gift-buying mood, stop by and window-browse. The event will be more than just artwork and crafts here at Citizen of the Month. There will be food, laughter, and juggling (all virtual, of course). Artists, knitters, photographers who sell their work — start sending me a photo of your work today!

(and I mean YOU —Ascender, Caron, Ellen Bloom, Susannah, Leahpeah, Leesa, Ms. Mamma, Nabbalicious, Stacey, Kyran, 180/360, Sarah, SAJ, Stacy Elaine, Liz Elayne, Stepping Over Junk, V-Grrrl, Jen Lemen, Di, Abigail, Schmutzie, Kyra, Shoe of Salvation, etc. — did I forget anyone?)

(Coming up next — the announcement of the biggest event of them all — The 2007 Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert)



  1. Leesa

    Oh fun 🙂 Do the photos have to be holiday theme?

  2. Sarah

    sounds great! can’t wait to see what everyone submits.

  3. Leesa

    Heh..I guess the title gave it away, eh?

  4. Neil

    Leesa, I need to clarify that it doesn’t have to be holiday themed. Just something someone might want to buy as a gift. On your own site, you can sell anything you want. I’ll just put up one sample here at the “fair” and a link.

  5. E

    Yes, you forgot me! I have photos!

  6. OMSH

    The grandparents always get photo related gifts…as does the husband (but I will NOT be displaying those here, sorry.)

    I’m anxious to see everyone’s wares for those close friends f mine I buy for though. GREAT IDEA!

  7. Bre

    That’s such a great idea, Neil!

  8. Kyra

    Yep, forgot me too 🙂 I have paintings and prints. I even just finished a new painting to add to my stack on Monday at my other blog (

  9. Kelliqua

    I just can’t WAIT for the online sing-along!

  10. LVGurl

    Yeah! This is going to be so cool! So Noble! Beautiful eye candy! Much more interesting than, say…shoes.

    Seriously, is November over yet?. I’m totally over everybody’s shoes. Like, full of hate everytime I see another Flickr’d pair of fucking shoes.

  11. La Belette Rouge

    Your post has created a dual awareness in me: 1) That I don’t have any talent for arts and crafts. 2) That I wish I did. Thanks for creating the classic holiday spirit for me; loss and longing. 😉 But seriously, fun project. I look forward to seeing the talent of others.

  12. di

    You lovely man, I’ll go to work on it over the weekend and send it all in as soon as I am done.

  13. abbersnail

    Neil, this is a brilliant idea! Bravo!

  14. V-Grrrl

    Thanks Neil!

    I don’t sell my work, but people can view photos of it for free!

    What? That’s not enough? It doesn’t THRILL y’all? You want a genuine piece of the Grrrl to call your own?

    Well, if you truly would consider buying my work, send me an e-mail and maybe I’ll abandon my creative principals and become a common art whore. ; )

    In addition to the link above, you can see my work in my Photo Album on my site.

  15. cruisin-mom

    V-GRRRL: I love your artwork.

  16. TC

    But! But! Chanukah starts on December 4th! I need to buy sooner than that! And isn’t this all about ME and MY NEEDS?

  17. Angella

    You forgot me!


    Who am I kidding – nobody wants to buy photos of my kids 😉

    Great idea though!

  18. Jennifer

    Ok, i can’t even assemble Sponge Bob Valentines. I failed home ec because I couldn’t cross stitch, which is a skill most normal three year olds can acquire. Can I just offer a phone sex service or something easy like that?

  19. lurker

    Neil, TC is right. You’re too late for both the sale and your concert! Hanukkah is on Dec. 4th this year!!!

  20. Bec

    Yay! Shopping!!!!!

  21. Neil

    Hanukkah is December 4-12! Damnit! What a pain in the ass you are, my Jewish brethren. Next, you’re gonna want me to serve kosher food! Let me think about this. Maybe we’ll have to move it up a few days. This also means our Holiday Concert has to be early. But December 5th is too early. It’ll have to be in the middle of Hanukkah. Great, now I have to look when Kwaanza is, also.

    Multi-culturalism sucks! But then again, I can’t disappoint the Jewish babes.

    How about having the arts fair on November 30 – December 2, for the whole weekend. And the concert a week later on December 9th-10th, giving you two weeks to record your songs. Is that better?

  22. sizzle

    oh i’ve got something to email you alright!

  23. Frida

    Fight back against the corporate madness! Go Neil!!

  24. Dagny

    Yay! I am glad to see that Stacey’s photography is still available even if she took her blog down. Because I’ve been making a list of the stuff that I want.

  25. plain jane

    Aren’t you somthing!

    By the way, therapy is making you so assertive. “(eh, screw you, Olive Garden lovers — tell it to my hand).”

    You’re the best.

  26. better safe than sorry

    it is a great idea but i actually prefer to shop in person, i have on line issues.
    love that pedicure photo!

  27. Not Fainthearted

    I don’t have art to sell, but I’m ready with the song for the concert. Anytime. Maybe next year I’ll even have a CD! (gasp! the surprise is out of the bag now, huh?)

    Can’t wait to go to the COTM Holiday Art Fair!

  28. schmutzie

    I just started up an Etsy shop for my photography yesterday. What timing!

  29. MammaLoves

    This is such a terrific idea!! I love that you, a non-crafter, is sponsoring this. What a way to mix communities!

  30. MammaLoves

    …or that you “are” sponsoring it.

    I just woke up. I hate bad grammar.

  31. Neil

    Better safe — I saw that pedicure photo on OMSH’s blog, and I thought it was perfect to use. So, I sent her an email saying, “Hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to use that photo. It is colorful and besides, it is sort of a sexy shot of your feet.”

    She wrote me back, saying it was fine for me to use it, but the photo was of her young daughter.

    Ugh. Not a good way to make online friends.

  32. mckay

    LOL, neil.

  33. SAJ

    Thanks Neil! This might be just the kick in the butt I need.

  34. an9ie

    Well! How awesome are you, mister? Sounds like a great idea – count me in and expect some e-mail in the next 24 hours.

    P.S. You may wish to suggest some dimensions or maximum file sizes for photos so your Inbox doesn’t get maxed out.

  35. Stace

    This is a really REALLY cool idea! Of course, I don’t have an online store, but what a really REALLY cool idea!

  36. Neil

    An9ie — My template can only deal with photos up to 400 pixel width, but if you send it to me, I’ll reduce it myself.

  37. Shelli

    This sounds fun, too. I am crafty and I have made many things, but none that I possess or could give away. I don’t think that I have time to make anything new. But I will come by and window browse and/or buy something.

  38. Mr. Fabulous

    Hmm…I make a lot of stuff out of sculpey, but I don’t sell any of it, I give it away.

    I should open up a store, though…

  39. Atomic Bombshell

    I see that I wasn’t the only one who was impressed by OMSH’s awesome pedicure. Good taste, as usual, Neil. 😀

  40. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    What a fabulous idea!

    Here is my Etsy store:

    Thanks, Aimee

  41. Jaynette Ponnay

    Hi Neil-
    I’m SAJ’s sister-in-law, bluejaye. I would love to join your group.
    I make handknit, felted purses,little canvas wallets I call extra pockets and knit hats.
    How do I send a picture?

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