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For Palinode

Bloggers are a supportive group. I’ll never forget how great everyone was during Sophia’s cancer surgery. In May, many bloggers helped support Schmutzie during her cancer surgery by sending her a picture of a rooster, or cock (hee hee), a symbol of healing and strength… and it worked. Today, she is healthy.


Now, her husband and fellow blogger, Palinode, is at home after having some painful back surgery in the hospital. It seems only appropriate for me to send him something healing, as well. It can’t all be about the babes, can it? I love the male bloggers, too… even if it is to a lesser extent.


Hey… Palinode… you’re ALREADY flat on your back! (not responsible for how you interpret this)


  1. schmutzie

    The Palinode is chuckling too hard to comment at the moment.

    Neil, you are seriously fabulous.

  2. Not Fainthearted

    This is why I took a break from cleaning. Thanks for the laugh, Neil.

    Palinode…hope you feel better soon!! (Oh. maybe I should go over there and say that?)

  3. teahouseblossom

    Haw haw haw!! Yes, a visit to the enchanted pavillion of the golden pagoda is just what the doctor ordered!

  4. OMSH

    It went from vajayjay to “the golden pagoda” did it?


  5. abigail road

    Yay for the Palinode getting all straightened out!

  6. Michelle

    It looks as if he will be “all straightened out” if the “kitten in the bushel basket” does what she claims to be able to….A healing pussy – Who woulda’ thought?

  7. karabee

    I’ve heard of cock blocking, but a block of cocks?

    Simply brilliant.

  8. sassy

    What about a healing Puss -n- Boots?

  9. Neil

    Hmmm… boots… I know I’ve been looking at this flickr page all day with interest. Maybe Palinode would like it, too.

  10. better safe than sorry

    i seem to recall you liking to use the word pussy for something else (you can interrupt that anyway you like!)

  11. sassy

    BTW Neil, You can send me a big giant sperm anytime you wish. (:

  12. Neil

    Uh, Sassy, I think we should explain that in the context of your uh, fertility issues…

  13. Caron

    Something about that little poster makes me think preview for a Lifetime movie, hell, why not a mini series. Marvin Gaye is singing the intro, and we watch despite ourselves.

  14. kris

    That’s the kitty from the “Hang in there!” series of inspirational photos – and he’s still around! I think that does bode well. Go, pussy, go!

  15. Jennifer

    You are such a good blogsoul. And I mean that sincerely.

    Being part of the forced post brigage AKA NaBlo, however, I have to add that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog crush of the day. I would join their ranks, were it not for this DAMNED COMPETITIVE SPIRIT woven into my DNA.

  16. sassy

    Sorry Neil, did I embarass you?

    Of course, the sperm in said photo would have to be my husband’s seeing as I’m not ‘that’ kind of girl. Or at least we’d pretend that it was his sperm.

    You might not want to come all the way here to France to take a pic of his sperm, that could be kind of expensive; And hard to explain to the husband.

  17. Dagny

    Crap. Someone said “Marvin” and now I have “Let’s Get It On” — the song that one of my friends wanted to use for the first dance at her wedding if her grandmother would not have died from the experience — stuck in my head.

  18. steppingoverthejunk

    You are ONE classy guy!

  19. palinode

    The pussy is doing its healing work. I am strong and vital with pussy.

    Forget I said that.

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