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If you’ve ever seen “The Pick-Up Artist” on VH1, you know that a world-class pick-up artist like Mystery can meet, attract, and seduce beautiful women through using the proven principles of his seduction techniques. In his reality series, Mystery, shares his years of experience in the field with a group of male newbies, most of them too frightened to even talk to a woman. Through his training, men are taught the tricks of the trade, from opening a set, conversational gambits, peacocking, to building attraction. These principles, if used properly, can make any woman fall in love with you (or jump into bed with you).

Peacocking-when a man dresses to be noticed. Lets take Mystery for example, he wears nail polish, eye liner and has a unique but funky style. He also looks physically fit. He will immediately get attention when walking into a room, even before he approaches a woman.

Set- when the seducer approaches a group of women or a group of women and men, and then opens with a line or pitch to get them intrigued. Eg, open a set. But the way it is described, it is more than learning a ton of pick up lines, it is about understanding and committing to a deep system belief and a willingness to change one’s behavior. (via AC)


Many of his students, those who have mastered the science of women, have become renowned pick-up artists in their own right, teaching along Mystery in his famed Attraction Bookcamp. During his seminars, students learn how to employ surefire openings and transitions to “close the deal” with beautiful women in bars and coffee shops.

1st Tier is Attraction: In this tier, a man is simply trying to prove his higher value to the women he is trying to seduce.

2nd Tier is Comfort- Mystery says that most of a man’s time, 90% percent, will be spent on this part of the seduction. The comfort phase is the man’s attempt to establish rapport, build up trust and a connection with a woman. The purpose of this tier is to let a woman know that the man’s interest is real and genuine.

3rd Tier is Seduction- In this tier, the man is now moving toward sex or into a more physical relationship. The man must learn how to deal with a woman’s natural apprehension at being intimate with a new partner.

Some students have also asked for instructions on how to pick-up women in the online world, an area that is new to the master. That’s why I am honored to be asked by Mystery to lecture at his next Pick-Up Artist Bootcamp as a Master Online Blogosphere Pick-Up Artist. Any male reader of Citizen of the Month who enrolls by October 1st will receive a 15% discount on the $3260 price for the one day seminar (a bargain!). I will be sharing much of my knowledge of seducing women online, so you can do it too. The presentation will be informative and entertaining, and bagels will be served.


Some of the Magic Bullet Pick-Up tips that will be included in my seminar are:

1) Should I comment on the blogs of hot women to show my interest in having sex with them?

Yes, but only once. Never comment on their blogs again. By commenting more than once, you lose your higher “value.” Make your first comment your set piece, an indicator of interest, and then let the woman come to you. And she will. Women enjoy the chase. Sometimes I even delete comments on my own blog from really hot babes because it makes them think that I don’t care or need them. These “neg hits” only makes them hotter for me.

2) Should I bother interacting with married women online, since I’m probably not going to get into a relationship with them?

This is the question of a complete beginner. Any true online pick-up artist knows that he has a BETTER chance of getting some action with a married woman than some single woman looking to get married. Married women don’t want a relationship. They just want to get some lovin’ from someone who doesn’t complain every night about doing the dishes. You try being married to the same schlub for five, ten, fifteen years! Believe me, if I had gone to BlogHer, I wouldn’t be able to walk after meeting up with all those mommybloggers. Just remember that a married woman has experience, so it is important to step up your inner game and work on your self-confidence.

3) Aren’t you worried that if a online fling with another blogger goes bad, that she will write nasty stuff about you on her blog? Or make disparaging comments about the size of your penis?

Yes, of course. There is always that fear. That’s why, for my own protection, I always take a video of all my first sexual encounters with my web cam, so I can blackmail the woman later on with threats of publishing the video on Youtube. I call this technique “Second Tier Protection.”

3) I get nervous whenever I go to a woman’s blog, sometimes so much that I get dizzy and can’t even read the post. What can I do about this problem?

Don’t worry about it. I never read any posts by women. Stay focused on your goal — getting into her pants. Reading the post just wastes your time from commenting on as many posts by female bloggers as possible. And don’t spend too much time on writing your comments either. I always write something vague that fits 99% of all posts by women, but with some added suggestiveness to show my attraction. For example, one of my favorite comments is, “You go girl! Listen to your heart and you will make the right decision. You are a beautiful woman, both inside and outside. I feel that I have known you all my life. And I love your new hair style. Is there anyone sexier than you?!” I use this comment at least seven or eight times a day.

4) I already have a girfriend, but I like to sleep with a lot of women. Should I make a mention of my girlfriend on my blog?

Absolutely. By showing that you are already involved, you give yourself added value, and you don’t appear desperate. Notice how I’ve created this whole “Sophia as separated wife” nonsense on my blog. It’s quite brilliant. Women feel safe with me because they think I am married. At the same time, I can ask them to take off their bras for me on IM, and explain it away as my “frustrations” of being separated from my lovely wife, which woos them with self-pity. I call this gambit “The Horny Teddy Bear.”


  1. wendy

    Believe me..I’m SOOO hot…when you sit across from will be speechless.

    oh by the way..have you been working out??

  2. Hilly

    Hahaha, this was so amusing!

    I actually have had two break-ups with people that had blogs and after a very quick, “We broke up” post was made, both of us vowed no drama and there never was any (yanno, unless you had the password to my email inbox!)

  3. Dagny

    ROFL. I thought that I was the only one who watched that show. Your online tips totally sound like Mystery. Oh, don’t get me going about that guy.

  4. MammaLoves

    You go boy! Listen to your penis and you will make the right decision. You are a hot guy, both inside and outside. I feel like I hardly know you. You’re such the man of mystery. And I love your same old hair style. Is there anyone sexier than you?!

  5. Alice

    i actually met Mystery when he was in DC for one of his seminars. i’ll say this for him… he’s 100% not my type, i knew all about the PUA community before seeing him, knew how many women he’s slept with, etc….. and yet i was still strangely attracted to him. it was weird.

  6. melanie

    You have NEVER commented on my blog, so I feel relatively safe from your “advances”.

    And now I am forwarned if i do see one, you are using TECHNIQUE, instead of posting an honest sincere thought about what you MIGHT have read.


  7. Nance

    This Mystery guy’s allure is a mystery to me entirely. I find him icky in the extreme, from his speech impediment to his effeminate fingernails. Spare me.

  8. buzzgirl

    I watched the first show – horrified at myself the whole while.

    The “experts” give me the heebeegeebies, and I’m not sure I can adequately verbalize why. They just make me wanna say “eeewww”. Who are these women that (supposedly) fall for these guys? Between the hats, coifs, and bizarrely groomed facial hair, I just don’t get it.

    The “contestants” make me sad only in that they’re falling for the line of bull that these “experts” are giving them that they need to be as full of crap as they are to be successful with women. Cringe. They seem nice now, but I’ll be shuddering as I watch them devolve.

  9. Miss Syl

    And here I thought your scarcity of comments on my blog indicated complete disinterest. Go figure.

    And yes, my name is Syl, and I, too am a “Pickup Artist”-aholic.

  10. adena

    I can’t get past Mystery’s “Pimp Hat”.

    And he has to wear it to EVERY. ELIMINATION.

    The pimp hat kills it for me.

  11. Jenn

    I’m ok with the pimp hat but the bug eye goggles and fingernail polish are a real turn off… oh, and the that fact that he is a total hootchie… I’m sure he’s fun for a night. And I’m sure he can pick up slutty chicks and *%$3## them… but count me out. Neil’s the one for me. 🙂

  12. sassy

    Oh Neil, is there anything you don’t know?

  13. teahouseblossom

    You’re so smart, Neil. All of your tactics have worked with me already. It’s like you can read the inner workings of my mind.

    And did I mention that I’m really a dude?

  14. Leah

    Haha. You’re definitely the one to write the “How To” for picking up the ladies online!!

  15. V-Grrrl

    Do you think if you polish your nails Sophia will sleep with you?

  16. churlita

    I watched that show once and had to laugh. Mystery is about the least attractive guy I’ve seen. I hate those skeezy guys who are always on the make. Booooo-ring.

  17. Rach

    Oh my god you make me laugh Neilochka. I am astounded that women are a ‘science’, I always thought we were an astounding enigma…lol. Like your Q and A session too. Gutted that Sophia doesn’t really exist, is she the maid or something?

  18. QofS

    Now that I KNOW, I’m feeling very unloved for not having been asked to take off my top on IM

  19. savia

    Damn. I should have known you promise to send watercolours of your penis to all the girls.

  20. Neil

    QofS — I’ve already seen the good stuff on your site.

    Savia — Yes, but you were the first one who actually asked for it.

  21. schmutzie

    Neil, you have never asked me to take my bra off when we chat online! My bewbs feel dearly neglected.

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