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Blaze of Glory


I was reading a recent post by Stacy at Jurgen Nation where she was getting all down on her blogging and even thinking about quitting and becoming a Buddhist monk instead. Now that I’ve been blogging for a bit, I’ve seen several of my blogging friends quit. Betty, Brandon, Heather Anne…

Anne Arkham… I miss you… it has been exactly one year since your last post!

I find this quitting very depressing. I take it very personally. That’s why I have an idea:

How about if NO ONE quits until an agreed upon date — and then EVERYONE ON THE BLOGOSPHERE quits blogging together!

Why should we disappear slowly one by one, when we can ALL go out in a BLAZE OF GLORY?!

How about February 14, 2008? That would make it one wild Valentine’s Day! And that still gives us seven months to talk about important stuff like evil mommybloggers and the best vibrators.

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  1. Neil

    Heather Anne — did you start blogging again? You screwed up my entire post.

  2. deezee

    I have a better plan: you pay me to keep blogging and I promise not to quit (not that you asked me to hang around, but, well, you know, I am looking for work…)

  3. Anne Glamore

    I’m all about the Blaze of Glory. It would give me time to chill plenty of gin.

    Also, it would provide an impetus for me to write about the dysfunctional family things I haven’t mentioned yet because I was waiting on someone to die.

    Or should I write it up and submit it as a Lifetime screenplay?

  4. Jennifer

    Yeah, yeah, that’s it! You all STOP blogging on the 14th and I’ll pretend to stop, but really I’ll just start blogging under a new name and I WILL RULE THE BLOGOSPHERE!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  5. LVGurl

    At least once a week I have an existential blogging crisis. But to read of your potential disappointment, I have to keep going now!

  6. Mist 1

    I can’t plan a day to quit. I am going to quit blogging just like I quit everything else that I am addicted to; with a court order.

  7. MidLifeMommy

    Waahhhhh. I finally got my blogging act together. I need more than a year to dump my thoughts…

  8. Bre


    Oh no sir, I am no quitter! I’ll keep playing until I win… something.

  9. sputnik

    I think Jennifer might actually be the nom-de-plume of Laurie’s scheming cat, Sobakowa, who’s supposedly writing a manifesto.And, sorry, I can’t stop blogging. I have too much angst to work out on the big old innernet highway (which doesn’t listen to me anyway except on PoetryThursday). But it feels good to throw the truth out there. Otherwise I’d be throwing bricks through windows–not good.

  10. plain jane

    Jennifer. Of course you know that this was Neil’s plan and now you’ve gone and stolen his plot. Maybe the two of you can co-rule the blogosphere.

  11. Neil

    Plain Jane — Shhh.

    Did you see how much money some bloggers make? (via Izzy Mom)

    I’m not writing about vibrators anymore. From now on call me Neilochka Hilton… and I gossip about Jessica Biel.

  12. steppingoverthejunk

    think of all the free time I will have…

  13. Rhea

    Jennifer frightens me. But it’s a great idea. OK, let’s all quit. Except for Mist.

  14. Lisa

    I never have anything going on Feb 14th, so I’m game. It’ll give me something to do. Uh, wait a minute. If we quit blogging on that day then I still won’t have anything to do, will I?? Nevermind.

  15. wendy

    I’m sorry, but to this I say…BOOOOO.
    Quitting is boring…I would miss you Neil, if you left…odd as that is.

    If I quit..I would be back to writing school notes and grocery lists…

    Better topic tomorrow???ok…I need some constructive no more quitting talk..oh and no more cones!

  16. miriam

    I’m afraid that blogging is all that keeps me going. If I quit, I might start stealing hubcaps and knocking down little old ladies in the street.

    So you see it’s in society’s interest that I continue blogging. One less criminal to incarcerate.

  17. churlita

    I cain’t quit you Blogosphere. I don’t want to actually have to start paying for therapy.

    I’ll be with Mist in the court ordered quitting camp.

  18. Elisabeth

    I can’t even stick to my resolution to blog only on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and you want me to quit altogether? Do you want me to die a slow death caused by lack-of-blogging-induced lethargy?

  19. Neil

    OK, OK, I hear you. Maybe this was just my God-complex speaking, wanting to lead a cult into mass blog blow-up. So much for my leadership skills. Am I not charismatic enough to be a cult leader?

  20. Neil

    Oh, and sorry about the deleted post if you are coming from Bloglines. On a second look, it was a cheap gag. I could do better. There has to be SOME quality control. Sophia has been so busy with her garden, she doesn’t edit me as much now. So, be prepared for uneven posts.

  21. Kay Dennison

    You want me to quit blogging in an ELECTION year? Au contraire, mon frere! Some many politicians . . . so much bashing to be done!

  22. Bec

    Cheap gag but still loved it – quiting on the same day sounds like a splendid idea but you know it would be like an addiction – one would succumb and return and then other’s would follow… I can feel the withdrawal twitches already!!

  23. schmutzie

    Oooh, I hates it when someone I love reading quits. There’s no closure! One day they’re there, and then the next they’re gone, and I spend the rest of my days wondering how they’re doing.

  24. plain jane

    Neil is scaring me. If he offers you Kool-Ade, DON’T drink it.

  25. Dagny

    Neil, I am the cult leader. Stop trying to horn in on my quest for global dominance. Sheesh. Now I have to scratch one plan off the list.

  26. Chattanoogan

    Then who would be there to blog about the demise of the blogosphere?

  27. Sam

    I’m barely hanging onto blogging as it is. Writing about life just doesn’t come naturally to me.

    Still, I’m willing to hold out ’til 14/2/2008.

  28. Sam

    Oh, and BlogHim will survive forever… right?

  29. ingenue

    I don’t think anyone ever actually quits the Blogosphere. I think they just reinvent themselves and move to nicer digs.

  30. Leezer

    Hi Neil:
    Yes, I’ve fantasized about quitting many times. If we all go out in a blaze of glory, I fear that industrial markets will crash, the internets will implode, and the earth will tilt off its axis.

  31. Neil

    Leezer — You have to admit — that sounds cool.

  32. Lucy Dee

    I can’t quit because I just got started in both standup comedy and in blogging–one fuels the other. So you won’t see me quitting any time soon! And if I can get paid for this, you definitely will see my effigy firmly planted in the blogosphere.

  33. Jennifer

    Already my plan is working! You are all demoralized, quivering in fear, knowing that I will dominate with my insightful commentary on butt pimples!
    I have recently discovered people are hitting my blog instead of Goddess Patty’s, the obese dominatrix who will squash you for a fee. Soon I will control the whole blogosphere!!!!!!! Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
    Probably, I just need to get out of the house more.

  34. Maliavale

    SOLD! Where do I sign?

  35. nabbalicious

    I think depending on the day, you could totally convince me to do this!

  36. Kate

    Don’t listen to him, people. This mass blog suicide is lunacy!

    You still have so much to live for.

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