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The Healing Ocean


  1. psychomom

    Thanks for the splash, I Love the Ocean and a dream of living by it, some day.

    You are both lucky.

  2. Eileen

    It’s winter here and I wouldn’t go into the ocean but I do miss summer. All love to Sophia and yourself x

  3. Eileen Dover

    Wow. She’s in the water already?


  4. Not Fainthearted

    so, OK. I’ve have most of a bottle of wine for dinner. Maybe I’m not focusing so good. That was Sophia? Out of bed? Standing on the beach? With her feet in the ocean?! That’s fan-freaking-tastic!!! Ok. Maybe I’m over-exuberant. But I’m glad to hear/see the your beloved is doing so well. Peace to you both.
    Kids, never drink and comment… just stayin’.

  5. deezee

    So, did your cooking get her up and out quickly or her fear of your cooking more? 😉

    Are you coming up for LA Angst tonight?

  6. JanePoe (aka Deborah)

    Wonderful snippet. I love the healing powers of the ocean … the sound and scent and feel. Peace and love to you both, JP

  7. MichelleVan

    I’m headed to Oregon coast next week. This looks fantastic. And great for Sophia. You GO girl!

  8. Two Roads

    So true! It’s the ions in the air. Same with the mountains. Nothing compares.

  9. Neil

    Deezee — Someone brought dinner today, so I was off duty! And I completely forgot about LA Angst.

    Sophia is still bandaged and in pain, and it hurts her to move, but when Sophia wants to put her feet in the ocean – she’ll put her feet in the ocean.

  10. sizzle

    i miss the ocean.

  11. shortie

    Is this your Sophia??? How rad!

  12. deannie

    I admire Sophia’s spirit. Wishing you both a week of respite and healing

  13. liz elayne

    the ocean heals. yes. yes. yes. love that sophia didn’t just think about the ocean but decided to go there and touch it. love it.

    sending healing blessings to that wise woman!

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