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The Blogosphere’s 2007 Class Photos

It’s that time again, when many in the blogosphere get together with their “blogging groups” for the annual class photos and the signing of the yearbooks.   Will everyone continue blogging through September, or will they be lost to a “summer love?”

2007 Class Photo of the Mommybloggers

2007 Class Photo of the Dating Bloggers

2007 Class Photo of the “How to Monetize Your Blog” Bloggers

2007 Class Photo of the Knitting Bloggers

2007 Class Photo of the Shopping Bloggers

2007 Class Photo of the Sex Bloggers

2007 Class Photo of the Celebrity Bloggers

2007 Class Photo of the Readers of “Citizen of the Month”


  1. I’m the teacher, right? Right?

  2. I’m totally the kid with the guitar!

    Except, I’m not a redhead.

  3. I love that photo. I’m glad I remembered to wear my neckerchief that day.

  4. Blak. I’m not all stuffy and prissy JUST BECAUSE I am a mommy type blogger. Boo on that photo.

  5. Oh, laughter is the best medicine, isn’t it?

  6. Damn! I must’ve in the bathroom when the photo was taken.

    [And I was just told that there won’t be any photo etakes for people who were absent. What kind of administrator thought THAT up?!]

  7. That was good for a smile first thing in the morning.

  8. I TOTALLY forgot my lip gloss! GAH! I don’t look myself at all.

  9. I’m am most definitely the girl in green with the white gloves and her date is touching her. Not together after this picture was taken.

  10. My bolero vest is covered with Campfire Girl beads (sort of like merit badges for Girl Scouts) and I sewed them on myself. Did too!

    Who’s that guy with the moms?

  11. I think I was absent that day. 🙁

  12. Ugh! I always blink in pictures! No fair!

  13. Like that hat I wore that day?

    Ooh, I’d love to see what you could come up for the class photo of the knitting bloggers….

  14. ok, whatever, you could have given me a little notice about picture day!! i wanted to be in the picture, now i’ll be forgotten

  15. Smile, Say Cheese, Say Sex, Hold up your arms act looney

    Click, click

  16. That’s us–youthful, happy, jet-settingly aware of the world and exciting places around us, colorful personalities exuding exuberant promise. But I also had one foot in the Pedant Bloggers and much of the rest of me in the Poet Bloggers, so I don’t show up so well.

  17. Not Fainthearted — He is a transgender.

    The Purloined Letter — Added knitters. I was afraid of their wrath before and being sued by Crazy aunt Purl.

  18. Are we supposed to sign the pictures and write “Don’t ever change”?

  19. These are freakin’ hilarious!! Glad that sleeping on the floor has not impaired your humour! Cheers and peace, JP

  20. laughing so hard i’m bent over at my desk….

  21. Ooh, is that Perez Hilton in the celebrity bloggers? I thought I recognized him. ; )

  22. Why does V-grrrl always have to copy off of me? I told her I was wearing a sombrero!

    Mine is bigger!

  23. I didn’t realize how much taller I was than all the other female dating bloggers!

  24. Ooooh, which Dating Blogger am I? I think the girl in blue on the back row has the same glasses that I have …

  25. Where did the guy come from in the Mommy Blogger group????
    Why do we always have to take pictures aftre gym class? You know I hate the showers in the locker room!

  26. The knit-bloggers thank you. Wasn’t it lucky that we all wore our uniforms on photo day?

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