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Thanks for Yesterday!

Yesterday’s Valentine’s Day Emergency Hotline was a lot of fun.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  The experience was also important to me because it helped clarify what I want to do with the rest of my life — become a CEO.  You come up with a decent idea, you have others do all the hard work, you pay them next to nothing, and YOU get all the credit!

Now this blog returns to doing what it does best — pontificating about racial issues.



A Year Ago on Citizen of the Month:  Mom, Don’t Forget To Wear Your Hat


  1. better safe than sorry

    thanks for being a CEO. i visited with the lovely and talented Mo yesterday, only i wasn’t able to see what she was typing for some reason, but she did visit my blog and tell me i smelt nice, made my day, cuz i had been worrying maybe i needed another shower!
    i did read your racial blog the other day but by the time i was there it already had so many comments, i didn’t comment. the whole thing was very well done, the actual entry and the comments were great, it was a very interesting read.

  2. mrsmogul

    Happy belated VD. So people responded to the hotline eh? You wanna be a CEO? I wanna be a moguL!! 🙂

  3. alissa

    I loved working the hotline and it was great that I got the first shift, I got to start my day off by complimenting other people. What a great valentine’s day! Great idea Neil!

  4. BA

    Hey Neil…you’ve been tagged. Sorry, Kevin made me do it.

  5. Michele

    A dynamic and radical assumption — CEO of the Month.

    I like it.

  6. V-Grrrl

    Now that VD is over, it’s back to plain old February. Sigh. Mental health professionals are standing by….

  7. Dagny

    Oooo. BA tagged you. I love the spread of the evilness. hehe If you want to blame anyone, blame me since I’m the one who tagged Kevin.

  8. ms. sizzle

    you’re such a great pontificator but listen, when it comes time to fire someone you’re going to have to hire someone to do the firing. you know you’re too sensitive to give someone the boot. (not that this is a bad thing, just bad for business.)

  9. Karl

    You da man, Neil. You da man. If anyone deserves CEO pay it’s you.

  10. Neil

    No, Sizzle, Valentine’s Day has given me some cojones. You’re fired! All of you who kindly helped. And there will NOT be any severance pay.

    Hey, Bill Gates didn’t get where he is today by being “nice.”

  11. Hilly

    Wait, then I want my check! 😉

    You did a good thing Neil, go ahead and take the credit….now I must scoot out of the room because I don’t wanna be in the middle of a race discussion this early on a Thursday ;).

  12. Not Faint Hearted

    I stopped into the hotline a couple of times yesterday to say “hey” to the volunteers. Everybody said they were having a great time.

    You did a good thing, Neilochka. Very mensch like (I dunno how to spell it the right way….)

    ANYWAYS. Regarding the discussion of the other day… I found this — this morning which takes up that whole discussion of “can I really trust that you can see things from my perspective” angle from a feminist point of view. Thought it was interesting.

    Happy day after.

  13. Wordgirl

    Okay…that guy in on the far left of the picture? He forgot his hat.
    He looks upset.

  14. Lefty

    I’m dense. I didn’t understand the meaning of your visual pontification. Really. I’m not joking. I didn’t get what you were trying to say.

  15. Jenn

    you forgot the best part about being a CEO… if you do a really bad job, you get like 200 million dollars to go work somewhere else.

  16. Neil

    That’s right. I can’t wait to finally shut down this dumb blog and start my job as Vice-President, Valentine’s Day Marketing at Google.

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