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Six “Weird” Things You Don’t Know About Me


  1. I live with a woman that I am separated from!
  2. I am travelling all the way to Portland, Oregon next month just to spend ONE NIGHT meeting a bunch of bloggers I hardly know!
  3. I am DRIVING all the way to Portland, a FIFTEEN HOUR trip!
  4. I am driving to Portland WITH this woman that I am separated from!
  5. I am driving to Portland without any real plans, other than taking 4-5 days to drive up the coast, and stopping at both Napa, California for some wine and Tilamook, Oregon for some cheese!
  6. Oh, and I LOVE naked women!

Totally weird!

Let’s see… who else is on the way to and in Portland? — Dagny, Leese, Buzzgirl, Jurgen, Chantel, Alexandra., etc. I’m sure this is exactly what Sophia wants to do on her vacation — watch me talk about blogging with some more bloggers!

Update: I just read this over again, and the proximity of my naked women joke and the mention of several female bloggers might wrongly give the impression that I want to see these bloggers “naked” as I am driving up towards Portland. That is far from the truth. Well, I mean, if I actually got to see another woman naked, it’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy it, but that isn’t my main reason for mentioning these specific bloggers. Maybe what I meant to say was that I enjoy seeing women “naked” in the sense of knowing a person’s “inner truth,” like a naked “soul.” Eh, maybe I should just stop now before I make things worse —


  1. Mist 1

    Are those going to be naked female bloggers?

  2. V-Grrrl

    I can’t wait to see your TequiliaCon tattoo.

  3. Finn

    Naked girls? Really not so weird, Neil. Considering that you’re a guy. And hetero.

  4. kapgar

    Who doesn’t love naked women?

  5. lyn

    i’m giving you a suggestion on something to do when in PDX.

    have fun with all the crazy bloggers!!!

  6. Lefty

    1) Actually, most of us guessed #6 after we read your post featuring busty women with books.

    2) I think driving to Portland would be my preferred way to go–what great scenery, No. Cal. and Oregon.

    3) I, too, lived with my first wife right before our divorce. In fact, she didn’t move out until shortly after the divorce became final, so I actually lived with my ex-wife.

  7. Lela

    No. 6 shocks me.

  8. Chantel

    Neil, this is the first I’ve heard of this. However, I’m going to try to get an and invitation from someone. And I love tequila too!

  9. better safe than sorry

    #6 isn’t weird at all, for any guy.
    #1 i already knew about, the more i read your blog, the less weird it seems to be.

  10. Danny

    Like you dont want to see those bloggers naked? I just checked out that website and saw that 64% of the bloggers who are attending TequilaCon will be female. Thank God Sophia will be there to keep you in line!

  11. fringes

    If the drive is for longer than 47 minutes, I fly.

  12. Lou P.

    “#6. Oh, and I LOVE naked women!”

    To echo others on here: that certainly doesn’t qualify as weird.

  13. buzzgirl

    The first thing I thought when I read that you’re driving to Portland was “Stop in San Francisco!” Maybe I could meet you guys somewhere in the East Bay, so you wouldn’t have to detour into the City if you didn’t want to.

    Oh, and I love naked women, too.

  14. Lefty

    I forgot: will you pick up some Henry Weinhard’s pale ale while in OR? I can’t find it in the grocery store around here any more.

  15. Ash

    You want to see them naked as you are driving to Portland? Is that like arrayed on the highway naked? You really *are* weird!

  16. sara lee

    Ok, now I have this image in my head with all of neil’s female blogger friends lined up along the highway as he drives by onhis way to Portland!

    p.s. Neil one of the things I noticed about Portland when I was there, was the the number of strip joints…and how they were in the weirdest places…like downtown…instead of in a weird seedy neighborhood. HAVE FUN! 🙂

  17. jenny

    “bloggers you hardly know…”

    pshaw! we know each other better than we know most of our family, really. i mean, i have a bunch of aunts and uncles and i don’t have any idea if they love naked women. but you? you i know.

  18. Neil

    I’m looking forward to going to Powell’s Bookstore in Portland! And Chantel, just show up. The secret password to get in is “technorati.” The info is on Jenny’s blog.

  19. Churlita

    Okay, so now tell us the REALLY weird things about you. Your list is so tame, if those are the weirdest things about you, then that’s just weird.

  20. psychomom

    Neckid women, not so weird. Neckid Men, kind of weird.

    NASA recommends some Depends for the drive so you don’t have to stop so often.

  21. deannie

    Poser! We already knew the part about naked women (your penis tells on you ALL.THE.TIME).

    Hug the woman you separated from a lot. It won’t feel like you are separated so much.

    Have fun!

  22. ms. sizzle

    but what about grabbing my ass? is that still on?

    i strongly recommend going for my breasts as they are MUCH better in comparison to my ass. 🙂

    does sophia like naked women? cuz if yes, you guys are going to have a blast!

    jk, sophia. 😉

  23. Neil

    Absolutely, Ms. Sizzle. After all, is there really THAT much to do in Portland anyway?

  24. wendy

    You can take the cheese tour in tillamook..really they have a tour. Oh, and the drive from tillamook to Cannon Beach is to die but be careful…it’s curvey so you literally could die. We always stay at the same place in Cannon Beach,The Waves. So pretty. Really good restaurants. Cannon Beach is one of my favorite places. Oh, I’m SOOOOOO jealous. and I agree with the others this is a pretty tame…i mean lame the didn’t know dept…

  25. Plain Jane Mom

    Just so you won’t be as disappointed as I was: You will not be able to see the Tilamook cows.

    Also, you can skip the cheesemaking tour. I’ll summarize it for you: room after room of massive metal tanks, and a grand finale of women cutting cheese (into blocks).

    The info center smells like waffles.

    Other than that, Tilamook rocks!

  26. Neil

    Has anyone ever been to Ashland, Oregon to see the Shakespeare festival? Is it worthwhile? And if the road up the Oregon Coast is so curvy and it is supposedly rainy and foggy all the time during the second week of March, should I have Sophia (the better driver) drive instead of me?

  27. Hilly

    Woah so you decided to drive after all? Have fun! I will think of you when my plane flies over you!

  28. NSC

    That whole last paragraph sounds just like me – spooky.

  29. Danny

    I haven’t been to Ashland but I have friends from there and it sounds great–I wonder if there are still a lot of aging hippies (like In Santa Cruz–another worthy stop). You’re not doing this drive in one day, are you? If I were you, I’d spend the first night in the Bay Area somewhere (cute B&B in the Russian River wine country?) and then start fresh in the morning. And by all means, LET SOPHIA DRIVE. In addition to the safety factor, you’ll avoid tons of criticism of your own driving skills. That’s not meant as a dig on Sophia, just a comment on my own experience driving with women, especially my past and current wife.

  30. Dave2

    I think everybody is going to be naked at TequilaCon. How else are you supposed to drink tequila?

  31. Dagny

    My first thought was also, “Neil is driving to Portland? He absolutely needs to stop in the Bay Area.” Because I really want to meet Sophia. I was going to suggest a couple of wineries I like — V. Sattui and Viansa. Then I read Buzzgirl’s suggestion of meeting in the East Bay. Works for me since Berkeley is East Bay.

  32. Neil

    Thanks, Dagny. I’ll tell them at the wineries that YOU sent us. And maybe I’ll buy a bottle and bring it with me, but I don’t really like tequila too much anyway.

  33. reese

    That’s rad my friend! I met one of my blogging pals and she is now one of my dearest friends. Have fun and I hope the trip with the wife is wonderful. 🙂

  34. ACG

    “I live with a woman that I am separated from!”

    More Americans know that then the name of the Vice President.

  35. Booda Baby

    Geographically, map-ically, Santa Barbara’s like hitting the suburbs on a trip like that, but you’re always welcome.

  36. Noel

    Sure, you SAY you love naked women, but where’s the proof? Do we ever see pictures of them here? Huh? Naughty bits are hidden behind stratically placed books, etc. Maybe when you get back from Portland you’ll share some photos.

  37. Ariel

    A Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon? Why not get thyself on a plane young squire and visit the Bard’s hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon in the fair isle of Great Britain? Or his fair maiden’s cottage in Shottery? Or perhaps partake of a play at the Globe Theatre in London?

  38. Janet

    All this talk about naked women. Damn spammers. Gone and hiijacking another perfectly good blog like that.:)

  39. Killer

    Just by chance if you should see any naked girls on this journey, could you email them to me?

    If you live with your seperated partner, do you still see her naked?

  40. Karl

    Well, I’ll be there, as well. I was under the assumption that all the women bloggers would be naked. Was that wrong?

  41. sibyl!

    Portland is just about the best city on earth.

    on a side note, we have more strip clubs than any other city in the US (including Vegas and SF), if that’s your thing.

    are you driving up the 101? it’s a LONG, windy drive. but if you’ve got the time TOTALLY worth it.

  42. Leah

    I’m pretty sure that I knew you liked naked women. That one wasn’t a surprise.

  43. Leah

    p.s. Portland is beautiful. Make sure to go see Multnomah Falls while you’re there.

  44. Erin

    You’re going to my home state! I wish I could be there to show you around… Portland is wonderful! As long as it isn’t raining… anyway, there is a wonderful restaurant on 23rd and Irving called Papa Haydn, it’s wonderful!

    You should take Sophia there. 😉

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