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I Found It!


I found the missing notebook

… on my desk, under a coffee cup.

Communicatrix, I need you to help me with organizational skills!


  1. deezee

    which of your readers can do handwriting analysis?? (cuz I’m all ears…or eyes.)

  2. Hilly

    Oh so you lose things the way I “lose” them? Yanno, they get found when things are cleaned up ;).

  3. Eileen Dover

    Why, that’s a perfectly logical place for a notebook.

    Ummm. So, were you a doctor in a previous life?

  4. better safe than sorry

    i can read most of it!
    “the exchanges were more playful than romantic”, wonder what’s on page 2?

  5. ms. sizzle

    you clearly need me to come over and organize your desk.

  6. Edgy Mama

    And we’re supposed to be able to decipher that?

  7. charming, but single

    Your handwriting leaves me with one question … are you a serial killer?

  8. Non-Highlighted Heather

    You’re such a dork.

    You remind me of Fred Mertz with his glasses. “If they’d been a snake, they woulda bit me.”

  9. fringes

    Why is “chatting” in quotation marks? Were you two actually doing something else?

  10. tiff

    that’s one big coffee cup, then. yow!

  11. Oopsy Daisy

    Ah, my plan worked. Hide the missing notebook under huge coffee cup (after making multiple copies to sell on the internet along with Neils sex tape) then make Neil think he is losing his mind by not seeing the notebook there in the first place.

    Yes, I love it when a plan comes together. Of course it helps to have a pliable subject.

    The only downside to the plan is now I have to buy my own fish taco. Must make better plan next time.

  12. mrsmogul

    I can’t really read that but I think it says MRS> MOGUL rocks? 🙂 Seriously!! when things are found is the greatest eh?

  13. Lefty

    Does that mean you will be your own blog crush on Friday?

  14. Mo

    I’ve studied handwriting analysis at length and you scare me – deeply. What’s with all the slant changes? You know that means you are an emotional time bomb, right? I was braced for the long lower loops (perv!), but I never expected the open loops on your o’s, Mr. Can’t Keep a Secret.

  15. Mo

    Heh. I have SO much ammo on you now! Heh.

  16. rach

    You blokes! What are you all like? x

  17. Neil

    Rach saying “blokes” was really hot. I love the British. That Rach bird for instance, is a bit of skirt.

  18. communicatrix

    I will be happy to help you.

    In Portland.

    At TequilaCon.

    So there.

  19. Churlita

    Lucky for me I’m old and was trained to read cursive. Some of the youngin’s probably can’t decipher any of the things you wrote about not even asking if Sophia was single or not.

  20. wendy

    are you left handed??

  21. Pearl

    Wendy, that’s so freaky. That’s the first thing I noticed and thought of, as well. So, Neil…are you?

  22. wendy

    oh and intellectual fore play for you..right…

  23. Leezer

    I’m so distracted by your serial killer-like handwriting that I couldn’t read what you were trying to say.

    If you’re ever asked by the FBI to provide a handwriting sample – don’t

  24. gorillabuns

    i find it interesting you double space your slightly illegible writing.
    …and you actually write down your posts before you type them? how, “organized for the unorganized” you are.

  25. Neil

    Right-handed. And I didn’t realize that I was revealing so much by showing my awful handwriting. I do write a little more legibly when it isn’t for myself.

    Note to self for future meme: people send in scans of their handwriting of the same sentence, and I make fun of them.

  26. Dagny

    Well of course, Neil double-spaced. That’s what you are supposed to do with handwritten drafts so that you have room to make changes. Or at least that’s what I tell the kids. Not that they believe in making changes.

  27. Jazz

    So now you’re going to post the Neil meets Sophia on the internet entry. Right? Legibly I mean..

  28. Finn

    There’s this new thing they have, they’re called coasters…

  29. girl and dog

    Wow, your desk must be quite…um…chaotic? Hey, could you post a picture of your messy desk?!?!

  30. Bre

    There are some nun’s I know who are itching to rap your knuckles with a ruler for your awful penmanship… so watch out! 🙂

  31. Mo

    I could go on about the positive things shown in your sample, but I bet that would be even more embarressing.

  32. Tatyana

    Neil, concentrate now, please: where did you put the new black notebook I gave you?

  33. Neil

    Although Neil has found the notebook containing the continuing saga of how Neil met Sophia online, the publishing of the post has been postponed until later, as he is afraid of publishing it until he has first gotten the approval of Sophia, remembering the last time he wrote about personal stuff without asking first, and had to sleep in the dog house, which was especially uncommfortable since neither of them has a dog.

  34. Lefty

    Wendy and Pearl…exactly WHAT are you implying when you wonder if Neil is left handed?

  35. kapgar

    I’m not sure that having found it is indeed a benefit. How in God’s name is anyone, including you, supposed to read that?

  36. sara lee

    The thing people seem to have forgotten was that you wrote this for noone to read but you! It looks absolutely fine to me! 🙂

    OK, so my family says my penmanship is the worst thing they have ever seen…so my judgement may be a bit off!

  37. rach

    Don’t get me started on cockney rhyming slang now Neilochka! x

  38. Pearl

    What a fun idea and how diverse people’s handwriting is.

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