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Sophia Sick: Day Two

I’m really tired of all the “feminists” out there who sent me emails complaining about the way I propped Sophia up in bed and made her pose on her sickbed.   Do you put down Picasso because of the way he used his muses for his artistic work? 

Frankly, I was disappointed in the photographs I took of Sophia yesterday.  Despite her being sick and shivering with fever, my intention was a “sexy” glamour shot, and although her hair looked good, I thought that her ragged old t-shirt was undermining my “vision.”   I believe it is a woman’s role to look good no matter how sick she feels.   Luckily, today I dressed her in more appropriate attire and directed her to give a more “sultry” look.   I am very proud of my work and fully expect this to be one of Flickr’s top photos of the day.


Isn’t she a good Samaritan for a separated sick wife?

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  1. better safe than sorry

    well obviously if she has a fever she needs to be in less clothing. now you’re thinking!

  2. Mo

    If I didn’t know you were joking, I would SO kick you in the shins right now.

  3. Mo

    Maybe I should kick you anyway. HIIIIII-YAAAH!

  4. s@bd

    excellent hair.

    who cares about the rest.

  5. Heather B.

    And how does Sophia feel about you showing her cleavage all over the internet?
    Hmmmmm, Neil?


    She does have pretty hair though.

  6. Jessica

    Well, well, well….looks like things are starting to look “up”!

    Hope she feels better soon!

  7. wendy

    Usually for emphasis, I take the finger she’s using..and pump it up and down in a thrusting motion…even sick, she looks like she could take you..easily Neil…

    Hope you feel better soon Sophia, and don’t kill him..yet..

    We still need him around here…

    Can Jewish women be saints?? Just wondering….

  8. M.A.

    Taking advantage of the sick (but alluring?) shame on you, Neil! haha.

  9. psychomom

    Wow, she thinks you’re number “1”.

  10. V-Grrrl

    Oh sure, with pictures like this floating around on the Internet, Sophia will never get to be President. But you know, I think she could be governor of California. Go for it Sophia!

  11. V-Grrrl

    BTW–nice magical orbs. Ahem.

  12. Churlita

    You are so lucky. Even though she’s sick, Sophia still looks hot. And she seems to have just enough attitude to make her interesting.

    Get well Sophia and then soundly kick Neil’s ass…It could be fun for both of you.

  13. CrankMama

    Nice red tunic, Sophia… And nice finger. I totally understand.. I do.

  14. Nics

    Let Sophia sleep Neil! What did you end up doing with the chicken?


    Great picture.

  16. rdl

    love the new picture!!!

  17. Neil

    Nics — Sophia ended up making her own soup, but I served it to her in bed!

  18. melanie

    her eyes are smiling! Is that because she feels better? or because she gets to flip you off?

  19. wordgirl

    I think you’re lucky Sophia didn’t “separate” you…limb from limb…for taking a picture of her while she’s sick.

  20. sandra

    You made her laugh, anyway — good work!

  21. brooke

    Picasso was a misogynistic asshat.

    However, he did get laid a lot.

  22. Dagny

    Even sick, Sophia looks better than how they made her look on “Windfall.” Let me guess. The hand gesture is for making her make her own soup yesterday, right?

  23. NSC

    Since I know Neil is going to expect it from me I will post the obligatory “I would take care of her just because of the low cut top” post.

    My apologies, Sophia.

  24. Mist 1

    What ever she has, I hope I catch it. Maybe I’ll get some cleavage too.

  25. Two Roads

    Neil, I see a real expensive dinner in Sophia’s future for being a good sport and allowing you to take pics.

  26. schmutzie

    Awesome. Sophia’s rack.

    Can I say that? I’m sorry Sophia. I jest.

  27. Non-Highlighted Heather

    Asshat. Priceless.

  28. sbukophile

    What a good sport she is! I’d have given you the finger too. Get well soon Sophia!

  29. Dana

    Admit it. I was prophetic yesterday when I said she was just about to flip you off. So great to see a photo of it!

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