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  1. anne

    Don’t forget your cholesterol medication…

  2. treespotter

    there’s something in the eyes…. something about it… sad.

  3. V-Grrrl

    Last night I couldn’t stand to sleep alone, so close to midnight I crawled into bed with my son just so I could hear someone breathing next to me in the night. Tonight my daughter is sleeping with me….

  4. Tuck

    No doubt she’ll miss your wet nose

  5. Thérèse


    *makes baby/puppy noises*

    I can’t help it. Dat puppy is so vewy cute! Yes! Who’s a cute puppy! You are! Yes, yes you are! A vewy vewy cute puppy! Adowable puppy wuppy!

    You know, everyone gets lonely from time to time; it’s part of the human condition. Sigh. Puppies help with that, I suppose.

  6. kristen

    I must be married longer than you because when my husband travels, I don’t mind (so much) being alone because I can sleep in the middle of a gigantic bed. However, I sleep like shit, stay up too late and scare myself half to death.

  7. justrun

    It will be okay.
    Don’t stay up late and blog too much.

  8. Pearl

    Are you pawsitively sure you’re lonely without Sophia, or are you actually living a dog’s life, Neil?

  9. plain jane

    I hear you–I was single for 9 years after my divorce–I’m not a big fan of living alone.

  10. madeleine

    would a nice juicy marrow bone help and a walk around the park?
    i am very ggod at looking after people.

  11. Charming, but single

    Awwww. That’s the saddest little puppy in the world.

    Don’t forget to pay the cell phone bill! (Wait, was that the middle of the month or the first of the month …)



  13. Alison

    Poor doggy.

    Don’t forget to wash your underwear.

  14. Melissa

    If I had known it was going to be this hard I’d have mailed you my blankie. It helps in those dark lonely times.

  15. LisaBinDaCity

    Aw come on you big baby! Living alone is no big deal.

    You can always get a fish or something 😉

  16. Heather B.


    Now I feel badly for making fun of you..Cheer up!

  17. ashbloem

    One is the loneliest number.

    I find vodka helps. Vodka and blogging.

  18. Tara

    The key is to be alone without feeling lonely. I’ve been single for so long that it doesn’t phase me. In fact, now I think about being in a relationship and I keep cancelling it out, because then I would lose all my wonderful alone time.

    Oh, and Winchell’s doughnuts should NOT replace your meals…but they do make good snacks.

  19. Sarah

    Aw, you really know how to garner the female sympathy, don’t you? A cute sad puppy picture!
    We know in reality, you’re walking around your home naked, eating donuts with one hand while fondling yourself with the other. 😉
    Hang in there, Neil. And don’t forget to take your medication!

  20. elle

    You are not alone…

  21. ms. sizzle

    should i send the boob photos stat?

  22. Rebecca

    Cutest. Thing. Ever.

    And the dog’s pretty adorable too. 😉

  23. Trix

    Yes! Ms. Sizzle! Boob photos…STAT. I’ll send some too, Just in case.

  24. Viscountess of Funk

    Do you lick your friends’ ears?

  25. Caitlinator

    Aww, Neilochka. Poor baby.

  26. Party Girl


    well, I guess, at least you have a dog.

  27. maribeth

    Is that photo from


  28. Scarlet

    It’s a good thing you didn’t post a cute cat picture, because then I’d have to stop reading;)

  29. better safe than sorry

    you know what, you should get a puppy while she’s gone. look at that one, it’s smiling!

  30. Karl

    Aw, sad. I’d offer to come hang out with you and do the whole bach thing for a while but they probably won’t let me on the plane with all my liquid tears. Or my Wild Turkey.

  31. Sonia

    Looks adorable!

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