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Bloggers With Biceps – Week Three


I know… you were hoping that I forgot.

That I got so involved with my rant against experts and getting Dooce to comment on my blog that I would forget OUR AGREEMENT.

I know some of you are hiding.

You are hiding because you didn’t exercise this week. You are hiding because you do not want to give twenty dollars to charity EVEN THOUGH your signed your name IN BLOOD in front of the ENTIRE BLOGOSPHERE.

I wasn’t lazy last week.


I went to the gym THREE TIMES this week. Let me say that again: THREE TIMES!

(OK, the truth:  Sophia had to drag me there each time against my will)

But my abs are getting so tight that I have been inspired by Angelina Jolie to give myself the kosher-version of her latest tattoo:



How did you do this week…?

Dating Dummy
Edgy Mama
The Yearning Heart
Anonymous City Girl
Plain Jane

You have one more week in the program. Get out there and exercise!

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  1. Scarlet

    That tattoo would be hott and I have never been more serious.

  2. Michele

    Did it. Three times, just like you. My abs don’t look like AJ yet, though.

    I’m feelin pretty good, but still flabby. Might have to keep this up past a month.

  3. Neil

    Michelle, mine don’t look like that guy’s either, but don’t tell Scarlet that.

  4. Lynn

    I hate it when you talk about exercise. It upsets me. I like sitting around. Why don’t you start a group dedicated to sitting around?

  5. Neil

    That group already exists. It’s called “Poetry Thursday.” Now you know why poets always look so pale.

  6. pam

    I exercised twice this week, and I didn’t even sign up for the challenge. Plus, I ate protein at every meal this week which is totally unrelated to this challenge, but for some reason, really f-ing hard for me to do.

  7. plain jane

    Power yoga, walking, hand weights–2 hours. The yoga is great! I’m still flabby but more flexible and I feel a lot better.

  8. Alison

    I went to the gym three times last week. Three! Plus I walked to places I could have driven to!

    That said, there’s only one more week here? Dude, I paid for a year at the gym, so I am going above and beyond the four weeks in Bloggers With Biceps.

    Call me the long haul babe if you want. I can feel a difference in my flabby abs, and there’s no way I’m stopping now.

  9. Alison

    Pssst! You’d better fix your title, or I’ll have to come and beat you up and take away your writing license.

  10. Alison

    Damn comment window without a preview function! That would be “the long-haul babe.” I’ll stop throwing stones now.

  11. femme_despoir

    hello, dahlin’. i went to the gym FIVE days last week, and was there bright and early this morning, and thought of you while i was sweatin’ away. additionally, I have not had any products containing refined sugar for two weeks, and have cut my carb intake to 50g a day!! I’m workin’ it babe.

    i like to move it, move it. i like to move it, move it.

    ok, so i liked the movie Madagascar. got a problem with dat?

  12. claire

    Way to go, Neil!

    I’m not official, but I did work out twice for over an hour each last week.

  13. Neil

    Thank you, Alison. I fixed the mistake in the title. I’m sure all the blogger’s will appreciate it.

  14. Leese

    Talk about accountability. I’m glad I didn’t come here on the day you were taking sign ups…

    Actually I’m currently on a charity fitness challenge at my health club. I have $80 on the line between me and my co-worker. Whoever loses the most body fat wins. Whoever loses the bet gets to donate $80 to charity.

    They weighed us first of the month and tested us for body fat. Damn. That had to be the most humiliating test ever. They measured my skin folds under my arms, my belly and my thighs! Apparently I’m 24% fat. They will test us again at the end of the month to determine fat loss.

    We’ll see…I guess. I already work out every day at 5 am. On Mondays and Wednesdays I go to Body Pump. Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to yoga from 6-640, then 645 – 745 I go to spin class. Fridays it’s spin from 6-645.At lunch I take a 1-mile walk (half mile to go get my food, half mile back to the office). In addition to that I use the bathroom on the other end of my building, which is like 1/8 of a mile away…one way.

    And still the belly hangs…


  15. V-Grrrl

    You guys are inspiring. Despite numerous vows to deport my “expat fat,” I keep extending its visa. The Belgian chocolate has me under its evil spell. They don’t call it chocolat noir for nothing. I’ve gone to the DARK side. The shame of it–and the shame of my Botticelli belly. I’m going to have a six pack (muscles, not beer!) tattooed on it. ; )

  16. Dating Dummy

    Neil, you’re kicking my *ss! Three times! I just went twice. I’ll have to make up for it this week and do double time! I’m looking like Fat Bastard compared to you and your abs. 🙂

  17. ChickyBabe

    I’m sorry… have I missed the point of this post. I’m still perving at the six pack…

  18. Alex

    I aimed for exercising 6 times this week but did manage to get 3 times in. My marathon running brother & I are going to run in a half marathon between Rosh Hasahannah(sp?) and Yom Kippur so I have about three months to miraculously whip myself into shape, or else I have given God permission to write me off his life scroll for the next year. (In case you guys don’t know, supposedly if you are Jewish God is deciding during the Jewish New Year period leading up to Yom Kippur whether or not you should be written into the book of life for the next year.) All you guys have to worry about is losing $20 if you don’t follow through. I’ve put my whole life on the line!

  19. Fitèna

    Still doing!! Got courbatures! But am worried… am I going to look like the lad… the woma… huh… the picture up there?


  20. Neil

    Alex — you don’t need to explain Jewish holidays to this blog’s readers. Many of them can now speak fluently in Yiddish, even the real shiksas like Alison, Melissa, and Rabbit.

    Dating Dummy — I doubt that a hot broad like Modigli would be involved with someone like Fat Bastard. And if my memory is correct, it is your abs that the ladies should be salivating over.

  21. Janet

    I am a dancer… and I have been slacking off this past week (damn graduation parties), but tomorrow! Tomorrow’s my day.

  22. ams

    Lookin good Neil – the fact that you can see such amazing results after two trips to the gym would almost convince me to join!

  23. mariemm3

    I went three times to the gym and got a personal trainer. Yes, a personal trainer – my gym was offerring up three free training sessions and I needed the motivation.

    But I’m bummed – still no abs.

  24. Alissa

    That tattoo is hot! Wow – I can’t believe what 3 days of the gym did for you! You look like that guy on the infomercials!

  25. Neil

    Alisa, I don’t want to mislead you. I didn’t get a body like that just through exercise. My routine also includes diet, sleep, and GetAbs vitamin supplements. Now available at GNC Stores. Remember to consult your doctor before starting a new regimen. GetAbs vitamin supplements not FDA approved and are not suitable for pregnant women, adults with livers, or men concerned about EDD.

  26. Jessica

    I’m not on your list but I exercised TWICE this week already. Gonna do it again tomorrow, too.

  27. Kevin

    I’m still in it. But I’ve taken it a step further, Katie and I are doing Weight Watchers as well. Muahhahahahahahha!! Top that.

    BTW, you are one sexy bitch. Oh wait, that’s not you in the first photo? Hm.

  28. M.A.

    I’ve went four times last week and I plan to go five times this week. Woohoo!

  29. Caitlinator

    I only made it twice last week, but I fulfilled my end of the deal, AND I lost four pounds. Woo-hoo!

  30. communicatrix

    I am doing a very good job of collecting money to send to my favorite health-related charity. My tummy fat jiggles when I write the check.

  31. rachh

    Does the fact that my name’s not on the list mean that I don’t have to comment on my lack of exercise programme at all.
    Can I go straight to humiliation please?

  32. plain jane

    “…not suitable for pregnant women, adults with livers, or men concerned about EDD.”

    HILARIOUS!! Esp. “adults with livers”

  33. Neil

    M.A. — Five times a week? Are you sure we haven’t created a monster here?

  34. Mari

    Warning: exitable Argentinian rambling ahead:

    Oh my god- I pop down to barcelona for ONE DAY and what happens? The first thing I have to do when I open your blog is scroll down thousands of pages because you’ve decided to post all YOUR BLOGS AT ONCE IN ONE SESSION!!

    Sorry for shouting- I’m exited becuse of the sangria- this is great (!) actually as I love reading you and was impatient for my next COTM titbit. 🙂 Mmmm, thank you.

    Ahh, so you´ll be pleased to know that even on holiday I´ve managed to find a gym and last week I did a two hour martial arts class. All good so far- I’ve even noticed some muscle growage, and I don’t feel tired walking up hills anymore. I’m so proud that I even went topless sunbathing today and showed off my ‘new’ bod.

  35. mags

    I am SOOOO a Blogger With Biceps. Well, little biceps, but that’s because I’ve got skinny chicken arms. But I have dutifully hit the gym twice so far this week. Even while visiting beautiful Durango this past weekend, I found time to crunch.


  36. wordgirl

    I did great. I ran every day and today I’m lifting weights. Tomorrow? Yoga.

  37. Denise

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Once again I shall be making a donation to the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation and strengthening my resolve to finish up the month stronger than I started!

  38. the Yearning Heart

    A bike ride every day, plus pool season’s beginning next week, so I am going for my lifeguard certification. Laps. Lots of laps.

  39. Peggy Archer

    Four days of weights, six days of cardio.

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