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A Question, not a Post


Sophia and I are going to be in NYC in about two weeks, so I look forward to meeting some of you in the NY area.  Seeing that staying in Flushing all that time may get claustrophobic after a while, I’d like to also get away for three-four days to a cabin or rental on a lake or river somewhere on the East Coast.  Any suggestions — maybe in upstate New York or the Berkshires?”


  1. Pearl

    Lake Geneva in upstate NY is supposed to be really nice….or you can take a drive up to T.O. We have a nice cabin/playhouse in the backyard just looking for the right tenants…

  2. scott

    I’m been in Flushing, Paraguay in South America, but never in Flushing New York. They are very similar, I think, except that Flushing, Paraguay is counter-clockwise.

    I’d love to meet you while you’re in New York, but I’m in Texas. I am going to be in New Work this week, which is very similar to New York – just one letter different.

    This is too silly. I’m stopping now. Have a good trip. Try not to look down at the Red States as you pass over them, lest you find Jesus.

    Hello, Neil.

  3. jo(e)

    It would be worth it to drive all the way to the Adirondack Mountains — it’s such a beautiful area.

  4. better safe than sorry

    never been but it looks beautiful. enjoy your trip!

  5. Roberta

    You must have Chinese food while in Flushing; home of some of the best.
    I’m a Lake George fan, but it’s a hike.
    Also a fan of Lenox, Mass, but no lake. But you’d love it.
    (’cause I know so well what you would love.)
    You will get a gazillion other suggestions tomorrow, and they will all be good.
    Enjoy your visit; oh, too bad Cats is closed!
    ha. ha.

  6. Rabbit

    Neil, I would like to apologize in advance that our coast will probably be cold and rainy. (The weather has sucked here lately.)

    I have to admit, despite living pretty much next door to New York, I don’t know where all the good places to visit are.

  7. Sarah

    I would definitely make a drive up to NY to meet up (2-hr drive for me).
    As for cabins/rentals…Poconos have tons of stuff on lakes/rivers that are cheap…upstate NY is also gorgeous…will get back to you on this with real suggestions.

  8. scott

    Speaking of the Poconos. I used to say to my kids, when they were babies, “See you in the Poconos.” I would then, when I said “Poconos”, poke the end of their nose with my finger. I thought it was funny.

  9. The Retropolitan

    I’m sure there are plenty of places to stay in Long Island, or perhaps Westchester. Or you’re welcome to my couch in Rego Park.

  10. Roberta

    Yeah PS I’d be happy to bop around the city with you guys one afternoon what with all my free time these days.
    I just can’t so much afford to feed you, but I know where the best $2 falafel is, and the best bagels… and other landmarks, not all of them food oriented.

  11. Neil

    Sarah, Roberta — Wow, I didn’t expect such graciousness!  Thank you. 

    Retropolitan — you live in Rego Park? That makes us like brothers. I spent half of my early teenage years at the Queens Mall or visiting my orthodontist on Queens Boulevard! This is going to sound like a very Jewish question, but is Knish Nosh still there?

  12. Caryn

    Sorry to butt in … however yes it sure is. No ideas on a rental, but isn’t that why God invented sleeping in the car?

  13. Neil

    Caryn – You don’t know Sophia. She is not the “sleeping in the car” type. But I definitely am. So, if you ever have an interest in driving across the country with me — we’re on!

    And on that subject of driving, renting a car to drive somewhere out of the city seems more expensive that the flight taking us in.

  14. Danny

    Will you two be hanging out in Manhattan before you head out to rural New York? If you’re there before June 25, you must go see the current Broadway revival of Clifford Odets’ “Awake and Sing!” Jews. The Depression. Abject misery. It’s the perfect theatre experience! Call the Belasco Theatre at 212-239-6200. Pay any price.

    And speaking of Jews (when am I not?), how about heading out to some of the faded resorts in the Catskills for some kitschy relaxing fun? Do any of those still exist?

  15. Neil

    Thanks for the depressing suggestion, Danny. We’ll try to catch it on the same day as the new “Starvation Around the World” photo exhibit at the Whitney Museum.

    Kutsher’s and the Concord still exist, but they aren’t the same as they used to be. But remind me to one day post about my summer experience being a waiter in the Catskills, like in Dirty Dancing. I, of course, will be the Patrick Swayze character.

  16. The Retropolitan

    Knish Nosh is more in Forest Hills, but it’s still there. At least it was a couple months ago.

  17. stephanie

    The berkshires are really pretty this time of year.

    And I did the babysitting thing in the catskills one year Neil. Much easier than waitering.

  18. Jill

    You’re in NYC?!?!?!

  19. Neil

    No, Jill. I’m giving you two weeks early notice so you can dust your apartment.

  20. Hope

    I don’t know how far upstate you want to go, but I suggest the Adirondacks, Lake Placid, and (STRONGLY suggest)the Thousand Islands (in fact I’ll be there two weekends from now!).

  21. Dustin


    You know you’ve been dying for a slice of Koronet’s Pizza. It’s on me if you can spare the time. I’m sure Jill would treat you to ice cream afterwards (thats seems to be her specialty).

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