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Carnival of the Mundane 5 Coming Soon


Do you know what a  blog "carnival" is?   It is a link-fest which gathers together blog posts on a certain subject or theme.  These carnivals  usually come out on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.  Most of the blog "carnivals" revolve around big-ticket themes. 

A few months ago, Dean Abbott at Inspired by a True Story had a terrific idea.   What about a blog "carnival" that focused on the mundane things of daily life — the stuff that most of us write about?  From that idea was born the "Carnival of the Mundane."

The Carnival of the Mundane is run by Dean Abbott and Postmodern Sass at Postmodernes Sprachspielen.  There have already been four Carnivals, each hosted by another blogger, each carnival topping the last with over-the-top surprises and life-affiirming ordinariness.

On Friday, March 3rd, I will be hosting the Fifth Carnival of the Mundane, right here at Citizen of the Month.  From all accounts, it should be a bigger event than the Oscars on March 5th.   And yes, I will be wearing a tux.

I’m hoping that many of you will submit to this carnival.  After all, the only reason Dean asked me to host it was because I told him that I knew the most mundane bloggers in the blogosphere, writers that could definitely put a hyperactive child to sleep.  Finally, don’t you deserve some attention for your God-given talent?

If you want to submit a post that deals with the mundane in a unique way – send your name, the permalink to your post, and your blog’s name to neilochka at yahoo [.] com. 

Update:  The carnival is now up!


  1. anne arkham

    March 3? That’s not much notice to come up with something mundane. I was planning only exciting stuff next week.

  2. Neil

    Anne — It doesn’t have to be a brand new post. You have plenty of mundane stuff already.

  3. bella

    Hmm… the very words mundane and carnival in one post seems slightly contridictory or such. Do we have to dress up too?

  4. Neil

    I guess for a mundane carnival I really shouldn’t be wearing a tux, but my Texas Hold-em pajamas. Come dressed as you are.

  5. cruisin-mom

    YES! right up my alley…I’m all about mundane.

  6. Bill

    Thank heaven! I’ve been looking for a reason to cut my toe nails for ages – it’s getting quite alarming. (I feel like Howard Hughes. I’m just not a pedicure kind of guy.)

    Now I’m forced to cut them because I need to write a post about it for the Carnival. Although I have many other posts I could use. (I think I have one about buying a winter hat.)

    This is the best idea on the Internet!

  7. modigli

    Oh, I think I have plenty of posts suitable for this one.

    BTW, Are you really serious? You want to collect the most boring, stupid, mind numbing posts? They can’t even be a smidge interesting?

  8. Neil

    Mo — If you go to the Carnival of the Mundane website, there are links to the previous hosts, and you can see some examples of “mundane” posts. Mundane DOES NOT mean stupid or mind-numbing. Even though they are called “mundane,” they are usually the most interesting posts around.

  9. ChickyBabe

    I’ll give it some thought, although I’m not sure about the deadline…

    And I have a rubber ducky just like that!

  10. helen

    I dunno… the word mundane does not come up in my dictionary. lol

  11. Tracy Lynn

    Dude, you have to wear the tux! That makes it swanky, and I just told everyone at my blog it was going to be swanky cuz you were wearing a tux. Damn. Now I’m going to have to wear the tux.

  12. Pearl

    Must ask you, Neil. Does (still to be named) “Penis” have a say in this roundup you’re hosting…?

  13. TWM

    I am honored — I think.

  14. Leesa

    Oh, I can definitely fit into “Mundane” 🙂

  15. Wendy

    Mundane is my middle name. I want in.

  16. Won't tell

    Do you consider auctioning off one’s income a mundane activity? If so, I’ll post.

  17. Bre

    Mundane! Hurray! Lord knows I can’t write anything but mundane!

  18. Tatyana

    Oh sure, here it is:

    (note from Neil: I deleted the link, Tatyana, so it will have its big reveal on March 3)

    Note the date; I hope I’ll get a biscuit as a pioneer of the topic.

  19. r

    has anyone ever told you that you are really quite boring?

  20. Neil

    Yes, indeed. My mother, my wife, my friends, my teachers, my readers, my neighbors… That’s what makes me perfect to host the Carnival of the Mundane.

  21. Sandra

    I feel confident — in a really unexciting way — that I am indeed mundane enough for this one. I’ll ponder, and send.

  22. claire

    Great photo.

    I’ll have to give my posts some thought and get back to you.

  23. :: jozjozjoz ::

    Wish I had time to do something like this.

  24. Fitèna

    Mundane? mmm, why does it ring images of stars and red carpets to my mind?… Does it have to be glamorous or would anything of everyday do? like a school fight?… huh?


  25. Fitèna

    Did I read that R calling you boring? Forgive them Lord, for they do not know what they’re saying… Oh I get it, he’s being funny!!!


  26. Sammy

    Sign me up, I’m the queen of mundanity, (mundaneness?).

  27. Kevin

    I have plenty of mundane garbage. Would you like to specify in what areas of mundaneness your carnival is lacking?

  28. Freak Magnet

    Gee. I can’t help but feel honored. Or dissed. Or both. Or nothing at all. I can’t decide.

  29. lizriz

    Interesting… I was just learning about “carnivals” over at Blogher… I’m going to give this some thought…

  30. mbxvznc

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