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At Least She Got an Umbrella

(photo by Fescue)

Los Angeles doesn’t have too many big civic events, like other big cities back East.  That’s why the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade is such a big deal here in town.  I’ve been to it a couple of times, and the floats, created with flowers, seeds, and other natural items, are really amazing.    This year the parade was a blow-out, with torrential rains for the first time in fifty years.

However, the big story in town was not the rain, but what happened in the anchor booth of local television station KTLA.   Although KTLA is only the local WB network affiliate, they easily get the most viewers during the parade every year because the hosts, B-celebrities Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards, have been doing it together since 1978.  When you say the Rose Parade to most Angelenos, they think of these two, sort of like Dick Clark is forever associated with New Year’s Eve.


Stephanie Edwards, who is 62, hasn’t been very lucky lately, due to her advancing age.   She was the long time spokesperson for the Albertson’s Supermarket chain (which ironically used to be called Lucky Supermarket before a big supermarket merger), until she was replaced by Patricia Heaton of "Everybody Loves Raymond."  In an interview she gave a few years ago, she said that before she was let go, she was told that her crows feet were getting too noticeable.

Today, I turned into KTLA to watch the parade and there in the booth was Bob Eubanks, 68, along a new co-host — the much younger Michaela Pereira, the sexy co-anchor of KTLA’s jokey "Morning News," showing off some really nice cleavage that wasn’t matched by her knowledge (she said that "Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman appointed to the Superior Court" and referred to floats as self-built).


And where was Stephanie Edwards?

(photo by Fescue)

She was standing on the street in the pouring rain and had about five minutes of air time over the entire telecast.

Kevin Roderick of L.A. Observed reports that:

Pasadena Star-News editor Larry Wilson saw it coming, writing in a column last week that Edwards has been hinting around town at Channel 5’s plans to exile her. Wilson received calls from Edwards supporters saying it was unfair that she got moved out for a younger woman while Eubanks, who is six years older, remains. Wilson then got a message from KTLA denying that Edwards was demoted, but rather had shifted into the new role of "roving co-host."

Some say that Edwards was temperamental and there was tension between her and Eubanks.  But Eubanks is also known as temperamental. In fact, in Michael Moore’s "Roger & Me," the former host of The Newlywed Game said: "Why don’t Jewish women get AIDS? Because they don’t fuck assholes; they marry them." 

Nice guy.

Why was he the one kept in the booth?  And how many times did he have to mention his two year old son?  We get it Bob, you don’t need Viagra. Translation:  Old men can still marry and procreate with hot young women.  Old women get sent out to stand in the rain.

I have so many female readers.  Does this putting an older woman out to pasture bother you or do you accept it as the way of the world?  I overheard two young women at a coffee shop today, and they liked the new female host since she was "prettier and friendlier."  I’d like to hear what these two have to say in 40 years.

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  1. anne arkham

    This was a great post, Neil.

    I cut off all my hair a couple years ago, when my sister first got sick. I’d had great hair, and I went from being considered “hot” to being nearly invisible to the guys who had been my friends the week before. They’d say hello as they walked by, but they wouldn’t stop to talk. Things like that. I imagine that getting older will result in similar disenfranchisements, and no, I’m not looking forward to it. I grew my hair back as quickly as I could.

  2. Michael

    Yes, good post. I don’t watch the Rose Bowl thingie, but that was very interesting. Wasnt there some old guy who hosted the Miss America Pageant nearly forever? I mean, it was almost always okay for the dude to become ancient, which seems ironic, since he’s emceeing a thing devoted to youth and beauty — for females, that is.

  3. ball-and-chain

    The biggest thing that struck me about the Rose Parade this year is how incredibly boring it is! Why does anyone watch it at all, spokesbabe or old hag nothwithstanding.

  4. Jackie

    Hey, we can’t all be young and beautiful forever.

    It’s kind of like in high school, when us girls are freshman we date the seniors, which pisses off the guys in our class, and then we don’t understand why no one wants to take us to OUR senior prom. Or something like that.

    Or maybe Not.

  5. ms. sizzle

    it f’ing pisses me off that women are put out to pasture after a certain age or too many crows feet. rrrrRRRrrr!

    and please don’t get me started on how much i detest parades. years of marching in them with my girl scout troop as a kid ruined me on them.

    this comment makes me seem like an angry woman. i am really quite relaxed and rested from my vacation. really. 🙂

  6. Modigli

    Wow. In the past I never watched a Rose Parade, so I don’t know the hostess you speak of. But I think it’s a real disgrace that she’s being ousted simply for getting older. I guess tradition means nothing compared to youth and so-called beauty.

    It took a stroke to oust Dick Clark from New Year’s Eve didn’t it? Yet still he got replaced by the aging Regis. And now even Regis STILL gets young, sexy women to do the roving and co-hosting on New Year’s Eve. (We all remember the demise of Kathy Lee Gifford and how she was replaced by the young Kelly Ripa.)

    As a young(ish) woman, this scares me. I guess we really haven’t come that far afterall.

    And Bob Eubanks? Wow, what a scumbag!

  7. Merujo

    This is one of those things that sticks in my craw (and, at 40, I guess my craw is getting bigger and crankier.) Why the hell do you need a young hottie to host a parade? How many horny guys are watching the parade anyway? People don’t watch these things for the witty, scripted banter anyway. They’re watching because Cousin Bobby’s high school band is in the parade or because they helped glue flowers on one of the floats.

    It’s a media crock.

    I wrote a post a while back about the HBO series “Rome” and how I found it so appealing that some of the strong female leads were women with crows feet/sizeable schnoz/crooked teeth. How lovely it was to see some real women – still incredibly beautiful – but older, younger, whatever – just more real and less plastic than the typical US-cast show.

    Oh, yes, I can rant about this. I’d rather have a woman with crows feet recommending a grocery store or describing a parade to me than a scary I-can-feel-the-VD-through-my-TV Paris Hilton or a Burt “Plastic Head” Reynolds any old day.

  8. Jo

    “…accept this as the way of the world?” Are you fucking kidding me??

  9. Neil

    What I meant is that most younger women are more interested in using their youth (as are men, I might add) to advance themselves rather than worry too much about those who are older. I think a lot of people see it as a natural progression for the middle-aged woman to be kicked aside as the young hottie is brought in. Like I noted, two women actually applauded the fact that the show got a younger, more attractive hostess, so this isn’t just a male wish fulfillment thing. Younger women don’t seem very pissed off about this, either.

  10. Bill

    Geez … where do you start on a topic like this? I think it ultimately comes down to the old cliche about wanting to have our cake and eat it too. The truth is, most of us (men AND women) prefer the young “beautiful” people on the screen although, for those of us getting long in the tooth, it pisses us off to hear about something like this. We want to see older women and men on TV and in movies – we just don’t want to actually watch them.

    There is also the problem of a failure of imagination, at least as far as films and TV shows go. Hollywood, from what I’ve seen, is utterly incapable of imagining an interesting story about older people (but then, they don’t exactly shine when it comes to films about younger people either). Although The Notebook was kind of interesting – where the entire attraction of the film is the older people and their relationship and it was young women who made the film a hit. Hmm.

    There’s also the fact that everything about the media is about selling people crap they don’t need. Companies prefer younger audiences, possibly because they haven’t yet realized how it’s all horseshit anyway and therefore make for a better “target” market.

    I mean, we live in a world where people are excited about Tom Cruise’s next Mission Impossible movie because it’s an “extension of the franchise,” as if he’s opening a fucking McDonalds restaurant.

    Sorry … this sort of thing just makes me very cranky and cynical. But honestly, if Stephanie Edwards wants to be treated with anything remotely resembling human dignity, she’s in the wrong business. As for the rest of us, if we want to see human dignity, turn off your TV. ‘Cause you ain’t going to find it there.

    By the way, although I didn’t see the parade, my guess is the much younger Michaela Pereira will probably be a pretty good host in a few years once she’s got more experience etc. Probably about the time they’re ready to replace her with someone younger and with nicer tits.

    Again … sorry for the cynicism. But this stuff makes me burn.

  11. better safe than sorry

    i haven’t watched that parade since i was a kid. i’m 47, i actually think i look better now than i have in years. men age too and not all of them that gracefully.

  12. Serena

    I think it’s ridiculous. If they’re going to put her “out to pasture”, then they’d better give that old bastard the boot, too.

  13. LisaBinDaCity

    I’ve had the “pleasure” of working with Mr. Eubanks. As you said, “Nice Guy.”

    *chokes on coffee, grinds teeth*

    Stephanie Edwards deserves a WHOLE lot better.

  14. maribeth

    I did not watch the parade, but really, how much of the time should the camera be on the commentators instead of on the floats anyway? I don’t care how pretty they are, since I am not tuning in to see them.

    On one hand, Edwards chose a profession partly based on looks. She’s 62, nearing the usual retirement age, and it’s not unreasonable for TPTB to want to train a replacement for her. On the other hand, it’s outrageous that society so values youth over experience. (Try to find a job in any field if you are over 50. It’s hard as hell.)

    I hope she will take comfort in the fact that HDTV is coming and it will make even her hot young replacement will look like crap.

  15. Spirit Of Owl

    We all get our breaks, good and bad, and we all get old, or die trying. It’s not fair in any sense, any of it, and damn it I like a cleavage on a younger woman more than I like it on an older woman. Man, have you seen Joan Rivers? Holy cow. I’ll take my entertainers easy on the eye, thanks.

    Let’s not forget we’re talking about “presenters” here. Nobody builds a home and says, “Y’know, let’s make the hall and front door really decrepid to show how completely unconcerned with appearances we are.” Huh? Everybody cares about appearances, and “new” is attractive. No hypocrites allowed.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wish I’d stayed how I looked 10 years ago myself, and believe me I never was much of a portrait. But then, in 100 years time we’ll all look more or less the same. By then even the TV might not put any pounds on us. The crow’s feet will certainly have gone.

  16. leesepea

    I was secretly sick with glee that the damned thing got rained on. I’ve hated that parade since I was a kid. It is so damned boring. I don’t understand the appeal of sleeping on the street so you can have a front row view of marching bands and floats made out of flowers. I’ve never understood what all the fuss was about.

    And the Edwards replacement?

    Just reeks of the “Regis & Kathie Lee” turned “Regis & Kelly Lee” syndrome. Don’t worry, when Regis is 1,000 and is still on the air after his 35th face lift, there will be someone younger and hotter than Kelly Rippa there to bat her eyelashes and say, “Oh, REEG!” while trying to play the straight man to the geezer’s antics. I’ll betcha if they weren’t based in NY, the WB would have asked her to be Eubank’s new co-host!

  17. Neil

    Actually, Spirit of Owl, even with all her plastic surgery, I like Joan Rivers, and I’d much prefer her doing the commentary for the Rose Bowl parade. At least she’s funny, which goes a long way in my book. And if you look at Stephanie Edwards, she’s far from an old hag. She’s a former model who still looks pretty good. Without meaning any disrespect to this classy family woman, I’d do her.

    I’m actually surprised that I’m the one making this an issue here and not more women in town. The way societal standards are, I’m going to be as sexy when I’m seventy as I am today. I actually think women over thirty are more interesting and better looking. But all you see in Playboy and Maxim are basically girls who are 22. There’s no doubt that men find value in a woman’s youth for all the obvious reasons — procreation, etc. But do women buy into the same value with their own gender? Do they just mimic men’s values? Why would a young woman prefer a young woman hostess like I heard these two women say? Regis and Kathy Lee (Kelly Ripa) is bascially a woman’s show. The network must have done research that showed that their female viewers actually preferred a younger female host — so you can’t blame that on solely on men. It doesn’t bother men to watch David Letterman or Ted Koppel. Are men more supportive of each other, despite age differences, than women are of each other?

  18. Denise

    I didn’t watch the parade this year because I had to work but I’m appalled that they’ve replaced Stephanie Edwards. As you said, Neil, she and old Bob are the “voices” of the parade for me. It’s not as though they were on camera all that much and, um, I just don’t think about looks when it comes to my parade commentators. Heck, put the bimbo out there doing “man on the street” interviews – you know they’d rather be talking to the hottie anyway!

  19. TWM

    This has been happening since the begining of time. It could have been worse I guess, the King of England beheaded two of his six wives for younger models.

    I don’t think the Regis-Kathie Lee analogy holds up though. Regis is, and always has been, the draw for that show and Kathie Lee got nuttier as every year passed. Her looks where about the only thing good left about her.

    Men are lucky as they usually look more attractive as they grow older. I was recently on a school trip with my son and had to ride with three of the moms. During the early morning ride we discussed stopping for donuts for breakfast and I made the comment that I didn’t need any because I needed to lose a few pounds. One of them said, “Oh, you’re a man, you can gain weight and still look good” and the other two agreed quickly.

    Maybe they were just being nice, but damn that was fun to hear.

  20. Neil

    TWM — Rather than comment on “men get more attractive as they get older,” which insinuates the opposite for women, I’ll just let one of my female readers take a shot at you. In fact, let me call Sophia right now to see if she’s home and wants first dibs.

    You’re in trouble, my friend!

  21. Leesa

    Neil, that jumped right out at me too, but I’m going to leave it alone:)

  22. erin

    I am sooooo worried about my crows feet now! aaargh!

  23. Hope

    It’s not just age that men can get away with and women can’t, it’s weight, it’s looks, it’s everything. Not since Roseanne have we seen overweight women with their own sitcoms, yet Kevin James can star. You also don’t see any ugly women with sitcoms, but we don’t mind Ray Ramano? It’s a double-standard that goes far beyond agism, but you can’t deny that Stephanie Edwards had to know this going into her profession.

  24. Mathematician

    I should keep my mouth shut. I’ve been reading Maureen Dowd’s book (yes, it’s hit or miss), and got so angry I called My Future Ex-Husband and started spewing at him. Now don’t get me wrong, I love men, esp. Neilochka, of course…but she does point out some interesting things about the male preference for younger and less-threatening women. I believe the quote she had from a man was something like, “We get older, but our tastes don’t change.”

    Happy New Year, Neil.

  25. networkchic

    Great…I just had a birthday so it appears I have a lot to look forward too, I’ve never really liked grazing.

  26. cruisin-mom

    Neil, I fear your proposed thesis is correct…I think women are as much a part of setting the standard as men. And as Hope said, it crosses over to weight as well. Sex and the City would not have been watched with Roseanne in the lead, and yet Jim Belushi can get the likes of Courtney Thorne-Smith to marry him. (does anyone actually watch that show, by the way?)Most women don’t want to face aging, and turn to t.v. and movies for escape…I personally will never have plastic surgery, every line, crack, and wrinkle means I’m older, wiser, more experienced and probably a whole lot smarter!

  27. Neil

    Again, I’m not going to let my women readers off easy. I didn’t mean this post to be a “men suck” post. I’m curious why it seems like WOMEN also prefer the young cleavaged one rather than the older experienced professional. It seems like if there is going to be any societal changes on how we view women as they age, women should be at the forefront of this…

  28. Jo

    Neil… you said that you’re suprised that not more women are making an issue of this? I’m thinking that’s because we know there’s no point. We’ve been getting tossed aside for younger versions since time began and it’ll most likely never end. And if we do happen to state how “unfair” it all is, we’re labeled bitter and angry and such. Cuz men SUCK, eh? 😉

  29. Neil

    I’m not suggesting anyone fool themselves. Youth always has something special going for it. Most people, myself, included don’t really like getting older. Boy, I remember back in my twenties, I was able to bed four women a night (well, at least in my fantasies. Now, after work and blogging, I don’t even have enough energy to fantasize about two women a night).

    I just think that it’s smart to open up the standards of what is beautiful and attractive to those who are older, because inevitably we’re all going to be there. Corporations want us to always think young so they can sell us things, but they basically discard us after a certain age.

    I remember once getting free tickets to a movie preview at Paramount. And when I got there, they said that I couldn’t go in because they didn’t really need my demographics. I was 25 at the time.

  30. Melissa

    All of the above are valid points, and frankly, it angers me that women hold so little value after their “expiration” date. But what happens if we bring it to a different level.

    This is going to piss some people off, but I think there is truth in it. The reason behind men going for younger/hotter/whatever is a primal urge. Look at it like animals. My family has cattle and breeds them. After so long you don’t use the older females, they don’t hold up as well during gestation, birth, nursing – it’s too much work. When you purchase females for breeding you go for young and healthy. If the purpose of an animal (using animal loosely and including humans in the mix) is to breed and insure continuation of their “herd” the younger females are used, the older females take on a different role.

    By the same token – a whole herd of breeding females really only needs one man, his value to the entire herd is pretty limited, it doesn’t really go beyond that of sperm donor.

  31. Armaedes

    My name is Eubanks and I endorse this message.

  32. Neil

    Melissa, are you saying that I’m an animal and women are only interested in me for sex?

  33. Trix

    Hey, as long as my decolletage stays perky, I’m going to use it to my advantage, so why shouldn’t the new chick? When they start sagging down to our knees, we know it’s time to get out. Just the nature of the beast.

    (hehe…just kidding)

  34. HighMaintenanceHussy

    Wow…yet another hot button topic. I really enjoy how you present these kinds of things in entertaining ways, Neil.

  35. annie

    Asking women why other women prefer the young cleavaged one is like asking men why other men emulate the guy with the bigger, ummm, bank account. It’s Social Darwinism hijacked by the OC.

    And, I should know, being a resident of the OC.

    When I first started watching BBCAmerica with my English ex-pat husband, I couldn’t figure out why the middle-aged women on their TV shows looked so different to me. And, it wasn’t just because their teeth weren’t so blindingly white (or were just really bad…).

    It’s because those women look JUST LIKE me. That is, upclose and personal, more of them have middle-aged wrinkles, and laugh lines, and pores than their American actress counterparts.

    So, how about everyone today goes out and pays a compliment to a naturally attractive, real-looking, middle-aged woman?

  36. Nicole

    Ok when you take a job that is clearly based at least partially on how you look, in a society where young, thin and pretty are valued and old or fat or ugly are detested, then crying when you finally encounter the prejudices seems lame.
    Yes, it sucks that our society is that way. Yes, we should do something to change it, however futile it might be.
    I say get rid them all: the parade, Eubanks, Stephanie, the whole lot of them. I hate parades.

  37. zoozan

    It feels to me, as a 55 year old woman, that we are in a transition phase.

    Without any doubt – in the media; in the theatre; when dating – being a woman of a certain age is a distinct disadvantage.

    However…..I do feel as though the tide is just beginning to turn. As us baby boomers are starting to form the queue for our pensions, I am noticing more and more positive images of the older woman in magazine articles and in films.

    I was left by my ex for a younger woman and men haven’t exactly been beating a path to my door since but hey….I still get a bit of mild flirting and I don’t think I will be discrimated against because of my age when I look for a new job this year. So for me it feels ok to be an older woman at this time and I think it will get better.

  38. zoozan

    ..and as for that Eubanks ‘joke’ – it’s quite a feat being able to insult two groups within a two line joke, you’ve got to give the guy that.

  39. communicatrix

    Amen, Nicole. I started a comment which started to morph into a big, long rant about personal responsibility for this mess we’ve found ourselves in, but you were succinct and perfect.

    When it comes to this crap, don’t get mad: get off the grid.

    Great thread, Neil & co. I love what gets me to thinking…

  40. Kellyim

    Wow, that is unreal! As a 29 year-old woman I am incensed that Stephanie Edwards got sent out in the rain while Bob got to stay in the booth. But maybe I’m not young enough to think it doesn’t matter.

  41. Melissa

    I can’t speak for everyone, Neil, I only know what I want…

  42. Tanisha

    Great post Neil.

    I do have a problem with the double standard in our society. When women get older they are considered old and not attractive and as men get older they are hot, sexy and debonair. WTF.. Yiou know f them. I will still be this bloody hot at 70. I think it is sad that we don’t appreciate the wisdom and knowledge of older women. We’d whether see some young chick with her boobs popping out or an older woman like Joan Rivers who look like death warmed over and someone pulled her skin back so far i can see her brain–that woman is scarey. Thanks for the info and the dedication of your post to your female readers.. Love you loads!!

  43. Nance

    No one is harder on women than other women. You should know that, Neil. Ask any of us who are honest and we’ll tell you: we dress for each other, we get our hair cut for each other, we make up for the critical review of each other. We know we only have to pass the most basic of criterium for men: being female. The rest is to pass muster for our own kind. And there it is. Sometimes we are just vicious to ourselves. Stephanie knows it; she’s just experiencing it as a corporate policy rather than in the wild.

  44. Sanora

    I, too, was dismayed by the obvious demotion. Not that I’m a big Stephanie fan but you’re right, Neil, that Bob & Stephanie are the equivalent of Dick on NYE. I also hated the patronizing comments from the new chick about what a great job Stephanie was doing out on the street. I also was annoyed at 68 year old Bob’s constant references to his 2 year old. Oh, and by the way, Michaela did an equally horrendous job on the Hollywood Christmas parade with some young guy sidekick…

  45. jamy

    I’ve never cared who was presenting the news–I don’t need it to be read by “younger” women. I’d like it to be read by good voices. At no age do I recall prefering young and pretty female faces over their older and more experienced counterparts.

    I heard/read something that said that it is possible to write interesting roles for “older” women. The example was The Shield, which has two complicated, interesting female characters played by women over 50 (CCH Pounder & Glenn Close). If that crazy violent action series can figure out how to write interesting parts for women, then the rest of Hollywood can too. (I love the show, btw.)

  46. Lizzie

    I’m sorry if someone already asked this in an earlier comment, but is that a recent photo of her? If so, all I can say is wow! I didn’t know 62 could look so good.

    Of course it bothers me. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is blatant sexual discrimination. I bet even that younger, prettier new cohost could figure it out, given enough time.

  47. Edgy Mama


  48. Tanya

    Hey, after you see your dad do it to your mom, what’s the big deal about a television host? Women know the deal. Save your money.

  49. Megan

    Such a great post, Neil. I’m even happier I didn’t watch the damn parade now.

    I have so much to say about this topic, but I’ll need to get some rest before I attempt it. I will say, however, that we women can’t simply blame men for our disenfrancisement. The Feminist Movement’s pendulum has swung the other way, and many women are reverting back to pre-Feminist days. I’m certainly not saying either one is correct; that’s not my point. My point is, I suppose, that Hollywood isn’t entirely at fault with the subjugation of women: we do it to ourselves too. Those two young women you quoted at the end prove my point.

    Let me think about this for a while. Great topic, though. You and MA have my brain flowing. I love it!

  50. JJ

    Do broadcast programmers really believe we care what the woman reporting on the parade looks like? It’s the shallowness of the people in control of the networks that make the rest of us appear to be shallow.

  51. lizriz

    A little off topic, but… For what it’s worth, I don’t give ten craps about a man’s bank account, but I would NEVER EVER date an overweight man. I’m healthy, and I’m certainly not interested in dating someone who isn’t.

    Guys who still think they can let themselves go are quickly learning the world is changing.

    As for the parade, I caught a little bit of it during a rebroadcast, and I did actually think that Michaela Pereira was a little off. And I happened to catch the cut to Stephanie Edwards, and I thought in passing, why is that poor woman standing in the rain? It just seemed bad choices. But then, any talking heads just isn’t my thing, be it parades, or news.

  52. Nelumbo

    Maybe I should throw myself an “I’m not 30 yet party” this year. I take comfort in the warped fantasy that someday successful hot older women (like Demi Moore) will start dumping their loser husbands and start dating young boy toys.

  53. chantel

    A parade host was replaced by a younger woman? God I love parades but I hate parade hosts.
    Because its Los Angeles I’m not surprised. As long as we continue to live our lives through Cosmopolitan magazine and Vanity Fair advertising then we will continue to replace older women with younger, silicon friendly ones.

  54. Lynn

    You guys are missing the bigger issue… the “younger,cuter” woman is MEXICAN and the media is hungry for their dollars.

  55. Neil

    Lynn, I would buy that if local Spanish station KMEX didn’t already broadcast the parade in Spanish.

  56. Lynn

    Not all Hispanics watch KMEX. I was referring to the English speaking Mexican market base in LA.
    Those wanting to see themselves represented in something other than Sabado Gigante. The “new/younger” commentator does not align herself with the Spanish stations, she works for a main stream, English broadcasting, news channel. Obviously she was the station’s “token” Rose Parade commentator. Bob and Stephanie have had that gig for the last 25 years, it’s just a matter of time before one, if not both of them, retire. At that time the “token” will step in, along with another Mexican commentator, and they too will have the job for many years to come. Look around LA, the tide has changed. When people transfer jobs, retire, etc they’re frequently replaced by Mexicans. It’s just a fact of life in LA. Hence the corporate world’s whoring themselves for Mexican dollars.

  57. TWM


    My comment was only based on what I hear from women. They are always commenting on how so and so actor still looks good in his 50s or 60s or even 70s but that the same does not hold for women. Othewise why do they all still think Sean Connery is hot?

  58. Neil

    Lynn — good point. You’re right.

    TWM — We all know how much you love and respect women! As you said, women don’t have as much of a problem with older men, as men (and women) do with middle-aged women. I find it a little odd that the Hollywod solution is for women to “fight back” by dating young men, like I see in some films. Why is the simple solution for women to act as dumb as men? I was actually suggesting that there be more respect for the sensuality of women who are over 35 years old, just like there is for men like Sean Connery.

  59. TWM

    I am all for respecting the sensuality of women who are over 35 years old. Heck, most of em don’t even become spankable until they are in their 30s.

    Hmm, will that get me in trouble too?

  60. Modigli

    One thought that has been in the back of my head when I revisit this post is the fact that Stephanie ALLOWED herself to be demoted!!!

    I wonder what the conversation was like when they told her she’d be out in the rain, on the street? And why did she accept it, instead of leaving completely? If they told me they were gonna put me out on the street with an umbrella and a mic after 25 years, I’d have tell them to go f**k themselves.

    Or, is it possible that she REQUESTED a demotion?

    Neil, why not try to contact Stephanie for an interview to be featured on C of the M? It might be kinda cool.

  61. miriam

    Older women can be attractive if they make an effort and DO NOT wear tracksuits, sweats and sneakers as everyday garb. Or tight permanents. Or beehives left over from the seventies. Harlequin glasses studded with rhinestones.
    Sophia Loren, for instance,is dynamite. Whatever she does, plastic surgery or just clean living, it works for her.

  62. angie

    By the current ads on tv, it looks like Edwards is going to be in the booth this year. Thanks to more plastic surgery.

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