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Moving on: Scots are the New Trendy Ones


For my first HNT (Half-Nekkid Thursday) photo, I decided to wear what is the hottest new rage in menswear, Scottish-wear.   I had so much fun modeling this for a fashion-designer friend of mine,  Aiden Donnachaidh, that I just had to show you the results.

Those Scots are brilliant!

Forget John Stewart, Sarah Silverman, Krukoff, Spielberg, Citizen of the Month, and all those other trendy Jews.  

The Scots are up next!  

Enjoy my photo!   I’m a little shy doing this, so be gentle with the comments.

(thanks JJ)

Today on Blogebrity:  The Religious Hate Dave  (let the non-Jews get a little tsuris for once, sorry Dave at Blogography)


  1. why do Scottish golfers play with red balls in the winter?…cause it’s bluedy cold, mate

  2. ewww! what’s the matter with your stomach, neil? it’s all scarred up and shit. my sympathies on the man boobs, btw

  3. Well, according to stereotype, Jews and Scots are both considered chea…um…frugal.

  4. Where’re you hidin’ those darn bagpipes?

  5. right and my unkle is Dr. Yorke from Hindustan…. very funny Neil, very funny indeed… lol… ok then. Have a nice weekend. Cheers! 🙂

  6. Oh, yey! or should I say Yay, Laddie! I’m finally in – and yes, I was named after my great-great-grandmother, Sanora Olgilvie and f-n-ay…I’m finally in!

  7. but by the way, I’ll not be payin’ ya’ anythin’ fer yer mentionin’ of me namesake… just another way we scots will stay on top (by not payin’ ya fer yer troubles…)

  8. it’s a blue ribbon winner if Aye eve’r saw one!

  9. Wow, Neil, with your body, you’ll look good in anything!! lol

    I’ll fantasize about you tonight without your Scottish-wear….

  10. Wow…very hot, Neil.

  11. *whistle* You should celebrate HNT in days that end in Y, not just Thursdays.

  12. Uh, I don’t want to rain on anyone’s fantasies but you are smart enough to know that, uh, oh screw it — enjoy “my” photo —

  13. Not that I object to your cultural choice but you may be interested to know that the great writer Isaac Bashevis Singer mentioned on several occasions, and I paraphrase, “My only regret in life is that I was not born of Roman Catholic Irish extraction in Canada. Yes, I would have been hung like a mouse and forced to wear longjohns to sleep, but I would have been one with nature! And the hockey teams are better. And I hear they have real maple syrup. Yum!”

    I believe that was from his Nobel speech.

    On the other hand, Leonard Cohen left Montreal and became a Zen Buddhist monk in California. So I guess I guess it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.

    But Scotland? What’s with that?

  14. Mmmm, Scottish accents – don’t get me started. I want a real photo Neil.

  15. What the heck happened here? I go away for a couple of days and now here are the four horses of the Apocalypse?

  16. You that??!!! Hot!


  17. I went to a college with a strong Scottish heritage. I’ve never seen so many bare asses exposed due to kilts upwind. They needed this, obviously.

  18. Hmm, besides Sean Connery, Robbie Coltrane, Ewan McGregor, and Star Trek’s recently departed James Doohan (okay, he was really Canadian), the only Scot I can think of his Miss Jean Brodie, whose famous line could be adapted as the slogan for this blog: “Give me a girl at an impressionable age and she is mine for life!”

  19. That might be close to the traditional Scots dress, but let me assure you that is by no means the traditional male Scots figure. It’s the lager, whisky, and deep fried Mars bars.

  20. Jon Stewart’s Scottish, right? Right? Stewart? Sure, he is.

  21. Wow – ultra white teeth and a body to go with them! You’ve got it all Neil…

  22. Righteous–now I’m exactly 1/8 trendy!

    Sadly, this is trendier than I’ve ever been before.

  23. Hey, Neil, you hot thing you. Want to come over for some single-malt and haggis?

    Bet no woman has asked you that before.

  24. Ashbloem — I would think you’d be more into balkenbrij, which I learned about while trying to remind myself exactly what Haggis is —

    And some say gefilte fish is disgusting!

    But the single-malt sounds good…

  25. Haggis is some nasty stuff!

    And Neil, you didn’t fool me, I KNEW that wasn’t you. Cause yours is a different plaid…

  26. JJ, oh thank you, thank you, you save my day (what’s with the damn strike and rain and general gloom – very Scottish)

  27. The hits never stop with you, MacKramer.

  28. You never fail to excite me.

  29. Oooo…

    I’d say something more creative but I’m having too much fun looking at your picture. I love plaid. Is that flannel?

  30. Kestrel, of course it’s flannel. It’s winter, silly. I have to keep warm.

  31. uuuhhhhh… that’s what I want for Christmas.

  32. Neil,

    I have the matching outfit…how random!

    🙂 SL

  33. What is your stance on half-Jews?

  34. Nice. Thanks for the morning peep show.

  35. i love the look of half naked scots in the morning.

    and the afternoon.

    and night.

    send half naked scots please.

  36. After your post the other day about Shmendricks and I told you it rhymed with my last name, my last name also just happens to be Scottish! That’s some coincidence! And I’m so glad to hear being Scottish will be the next new trend.

  37. well, that’s disappointing. I had pictured you as really hot.

  38. Uggh–gefilte fish is awful! Try that with a spoonful of horseradish! I think this should be your profile pic Neil.

  39. I think Neil is a Scottish name, ie. MacNeil, but Kramer…?

    What clan did you say you’re from, again? The McYids?

  40. Neil is Irish, but my middle name just happens to be Scott. And I do walk around home all the time wearing one of those things. Although, I have mine tailor-made to be a little longer, out of necessity.

    So, maybe I am part Scottish.

  41. Hmm … too bad you didn’t wear that to dinner last Saturday. We could’ve had quite the Highland Fling.

  42. I thought I’d left a comment here, but apparently I’ve been too busy drooling over this guy’s body. Oh sweet Jesus, I finally got my Christmas spirit back. Who knew you’d get me all perked up?

  43. Uh, Megan, I think you meant to say “Neilochka’s body” — there are certain rules on this blog that must be followed…

    I’m also noticing that a lot more women are stopping by today than men. Men, I hope you’re not jealous or anything. The life of a studly kilt model isn’t all fun and adoration. I have to do 400 situps twice a day. I have to make sure I’m always neatly waxed. And the worst thing is they have to scotch tape me in there like J-Lo and her dress.

    Well, as long as I give pleasure to people — that’s all that really counts…

  44. That scotch tape is going to hurt if you get all “perked up” like Megan!!

  45. Saucy. I know it’s cold out, Neil, but “you” could use a bit more tanning with the new outfit. ;]

  46. So I get an Instant Message first thing this morning…


    Dave2: Huh? What are you talking about?

    Sara: You were mentioned on “Citizen of the Month.” He put you on the Blogebrity blog!! Haven’t you seen it yet?

    Dave2: Uhhh… I was trapped in Seattle and haven’t caught up on my blogroll yet.

    Sara: Check it out! Just scroll past the penis kilt and there you are!

    Dave2: I’m mentioned after a penis kilt?!? Now this is all starting to making sense! Hmmm… maybe I should have emailed Neil and told him I was just joking about that Michael Jackson comment?

    Sara: Stop obsessing over the penis kilt and go check it out!

    Dave2: The more you keep saying “penis kilt”, the more afraid I am to look.

  47. I didn’t come here to Ewan your MacGregor!

  48. ever considered some reconstructive surgery on your nipples to move them further apart? they’re cross-eyed.

  49. Any man who can pull this off isn’t packing enough to be interesting.

  50. It looks like there could possibly be a vagina under that little skirt thing.

  51. I think that the Scots have more in common with us than you realize. They’re neighbors are always denigrating them for being good with money, and Braveheart reminds me a bit about Exodus.

  52. Did anyone say which half should be nekkid? Next time let’s see the other half.

  53. Ok…I have to say it…it looks like a kilt apron for a cock.

    An apron. Ok?

    Sheesh. Don’t want to get flour on it, or something…

  54. Be careful, there, Neil. You are liable to catch the flu wearing that thing…

  55. Отчаяно старался не засмеяться

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