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“Thank Your First Commenter Day”


Many years ago the Pilgrims came to these Shores, and couldn’t figure out what the hell to eat.  They were unfamiliar with the weird-looking animals and crops of this New World, the winter was coming, and frankly, these future Mayflower WASPS just weren’t that bright. 

(This was years before the Africans, the Chinese, the Germans, the Irish, the Jews, and the Italians came and actually built this country for them.)

But, back to the story of Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims were saved by the kind Native Americans, who showed them how to eat corn, potatoes, wild turkey, and canned Ocean Spray cranberry sauce.   Because of these kind Indians, today we celebrate Thanksgiving.

(The fact that we later killed these Native Americans, took their land, and forced them to run casino operations is something we can deal with on another day.)

Today, it is all about GIVING THANKS.

How can we thank our fellow BLOGGERS? 

We read each other, we help each other with our designs and templates, and we cry on each other’s shoulder when a “blog crush” goes sour.

On Thanskgiving, we should THANK our fellow bloggers.

When I first started blogging, I was like a Pilgrim who just landed on Plymouth Rock.  I was isolated and alone.   For weeks, I wrote this blog without any direction or confidence in my ability.  And then he appeared — like the Native American with his corn — my first commenter!

Although I appreciate all of my lovely readers, today I want to give a special shout-out to TERRY FINLEY.   He wrote the first comment on “Citizen of the Month” back in April:

Nice blog. Thank you.

Our health is really important.

Check out my blog.

Terry Finley

It may not be poetry, but it touched my heart.   Afterwards, I commented on his site, and then we lost touch, which so frequently happens in our busy blogging lives.  I tried to click on his link today, but he seems to have stopped blogging.  I sincerely hope my comment wasn’t the cause of him losing interest in blogging.

Terry, if you’re out there, I’d like to thank you and say hello.  I hope that you are happy, healthy, and having a lot of sex! 

If YOU would like to participate in this first ever “THANKSGIVING DAY THANK YOUR FIRST COMMENTER DAY,” it is simple:


Go into your archives and find the first person who ever commented on your blog. 


Copy the URL and a special thank-you message — and post it either in my comments OR on your own site.


If you don’t have any comments yet, don’t feel like a loser.  Did the Pilgrims give up?  Of course not.  They just stole from the Indians.   Just write a comment here at “Citizen of the Month” about how much of a loser you are and pretty soon, everyone will come to you, showing pity.    In this competitive blogging world, you have to use whatever works.


Happy “Thank Your First Commenter Day!”


  1. Elvira Black

    Well…um…do I get any points for being the first commenter on your “Thank you First Commenter day?” But seriously, what a great idea. I think I’ll go check my archives now, though I think my first commenter was seriously disturbed. But it’s all good.

  2. -RM

    “A little offended at the East Coast comment, BUT, I’ll let it slide on account of you being as impressed that CAFTA actually passed before 2020, as I am.” – Da Buttah is her blog and I would like to thank her as she is a great girl and has brought me much laughter. I think she is great and one of personal favorite bloggers and people.

  3. HighMaintenanceHussy

    I think this is a great and festive idea. I want to take it a step further, though, and make him one of those construction paper headdresses.

  4. JoeC

    oh boy, my blog suffers from amnesia, all my earlier commentors got wiped out when i installed haloscan, dun remember them BUT i CAN thank all the spammers who dropped by approx 0.3 sec after my first post. cheers!

    ~nice art filler piece on the cranberry.

  5. Neil

    Curious, JoeC — can you even find cranberry sauce in Malaysia?

  6. Fitèna

    I know what you mean! I was so happy when I received my first comment and not only did Jenelle comment, but she also posted my link on her blog and told her readers about it. 90% of my readers are people who came to know me through her. I think this a great idea. Thanks Neil, always the greatest!


  7. Melissa

    My first commenter deleted her blog… *sniffle*

  8. Heidi

    Such a thoughtful guy. And I loved the post it all linked too. Do you realize at all that us women think EXACTLY the same things as you men except we wonder how our tits look while thinking it?

  9. AJ

    Neil! Your hands are divine! You should be a hand model.

  10. bella

    My first ever comment was a comment back from someone I posted to. “r.tillett said…thank you for the lovely comment! (I swear, I didn’t think anyone read me.) 😉 -b xoxo” -
    She is this photographer I’d stumbled across, and I liked her stuff.

    Then – several weeks later I got another one – “Neil said…
    How about some photos of the artwork?”

    Many thanks to you neil, for spurring on the artwork and the writing.

  11. Dave2

    And what about CURRENT commenters? Is it to much to ask that you wish US happiness, health, and LOTS OF SEX too?

    Oddly enough… my first comment was an ad for Viagra. I suppose I could be all thankful about that, but it’s hard to get excited about something YOU HAVE NO NEED FOR WHAT-SO-EVER!!

    Heh heh… HARD to get excited! Get it?!? HA HA HAAAHH! I kill me!

  12. He's Dead, Jim!

    Well. First four comments were anonymous. The first tagged one was from Salena at:
    Thanks, chica!


  13. anne

    The first comment that really mattered was from you, Neil. Merci.
    (just how many brownie points do I get for that, huh?)

  14. Roy

    Gah! when I moved to Haloscan it removed all my lovely comments. My first one while on Haloscan was “What is the point of haloscan, seems a bit crap to me!” from ‘ahffhi’, who sadly doesn’t have a blog. Thank goodness.

  15. Kelly

    What a terrific idea! I had fun scanning through old entries, and shaking my head at the days I would get only one or two comments. Now I’m up to three, four, sometimes even five… It’s awesome. My first comment was from my best friend Lorraine, who refuses to comment on my blog anymore. I still love her, though, and because of you – today I’m going to tell her.

  16. Pearl

    The first comment I received was a pure compliment and included the words “lucky us” {for the fact that I’d started a blog}. That was pretty touching.
    I’m about 3 weeks shy of my first blogiversary and will probably give my thanksgiving shpiel on the actual date.

  17. New York Moments

    Wow. I’ll never thank my first commenter. He turned out to be a complete an total Asshat, and last month I wrote about what a wankstain he is.

  18. JJ

    Interestingly enough, I didn’t get a comment for two weeks and it was only when I stopped writing about writing and baseball that I even began to get hits. But my first comment was writing related:

    Answer Girl

    And I’ll always love her for it.

  19. Leesa

    Cool idea, Neil. I posted about my first commenter today 🙂

  20. M.A.

    What an excellent idea. I’ll have to do that post.

  21. deb

    Hilarious idea. haven’t read this woman in ages! And her site still looks good! She left me a comment on 8/7/03 about creepy guys. I think it was a week before I had another comment.

  22. brando

    My very first comment was on my old blog, my first attempt at joining all this utter coolness. It read, ‘Jesus. That was really good. You, my friend, are an awesome writer. Journey rocks.’

    It was from myself. I’m going to go shoot myself now. Thanks for the reminder, Neil. Thanks. No. Thank YOU.

  23. Laura

    Um…thanks Mom for the first comment. She does not have a blog…darn her.

    And I just love how they ~garnish~ that congealed monstrosity in the photos of this post. As though a little sprig of mint and some poisonous berries will make it that much more appealing.

    Mmmm..I love anything that makes that sucking sound as it oozes out of the can. Dig in!

  24. TWM

    Damn your creativity, Neil. You must be destroyed and I know just the guy to do it.

    Karl Rove!!

  25. Heather B.

    Ooh you’re about to get a shout out on blog for giving me something to post about, because in reality I have nothing. Thanks again Neil!

  26. modigli

    Well, thank GOD the Indians taught the Pilgrims about the canned Ocean Spray cranberry sauce! hahha… 🙂

    My first comment was from August Lioness. We continued to read each other and comment on each other’s blogs til about a month ago. She hasn’t posted since then, and I guess she’s either taking a break or checking out of the blog world.


    Thanks, August, for being my first commenter! I hope she’s doing well! I remember how elated I was to get a comment, and it was on my first post, too! 🙂

  27. Hope

    I’m too lazy to actually go back and look, but I think my first comment was from the one and only Paul Davidson. Lucky me. It couldn’t have been better than if it was from Neil!

  28. akaky

    Haloscan wipes my comments clean every few months, so I dont even remember who my first commenter was. And I hate cranberries.

  29. Neil

    Hope — lazy? You weren’t too lazy when you took that HNT photo of yourself.

    Anyway, as a stickler for detail, I double-checked your references, and yes indeed, it was Paul. He will always be your “first.”

    And Akaky — why does everyone use this Haloscan if it is always wiping out comments?

  30. LisaBinDaCity

    Great idea you sexy Pilgrim!

    I will do it on Thanksgiving, (or somewhere around there as I have already posted today.)

  31. Margo

    My first real comment, Thank you Karla!! And thank you Neil for pointing out what’s really important.

    I see the two commenters before me are spammers–I hate those jackasses! If you want to avoid them, you can turn on the Verification option in Blogger, so that your commenters have to type a word they see on the screen after typing their comment–to verify that they are an actual person, not a spam-bot. You can find that option in the Blogger Dashboard (where you go to create a new post), under Settings, then under Comments, then under Verification.

    And while I know I’ve been very helpful in this comment, the surprising things is I’m actually not even a lesbian. 🙂

  32. subgirl

    excellent idea! i actually found out this second-hand from heather B.

  33. Anocsanamun

    I would like to thank the academy for the honor of this nomination! – Wait! I am not up for anything – (o, sorry)..
    I would like to thank my first commenter “Anonymous” who spewed my first racist post. You stoked the flames of my mind to continue.

    PS. I would like to ask that someone send that Thankful blessing on my behalf – the sex would be much appreciated right now.

  34. Celina

    My Aunt, Gramma, and Mother (in laws) were my first commenters. All welcoming ME to the Blogging World! Check out aunt Kim’s blog–CUTE pics of the twins today!

  35. ms. sizzle

    i like this idea. it is very “pay it forward” of you. 😉

  36. Networkchic

    I still remember the first time someone noticed me. My face got hot and red and I was so excited I peed my pants and then I got embarrased because the people I work with started staring at me and then I cried and then I felt even more stupid. I was scarred for life, thanks Violet

  37. Jamie Dawn

    My first commenter was my beautiful daughter who got me into blogging in the first place.

    That cranberry relish is making me very hungry!

  38. Neil

    Jamie —

    That is so cool that your whole family is into blogging. You and your daughter can IM each other to “pass the stuffing” at the dinner table.

  39. bettyonthebeach

    Sadly, my first commenter was a spammer, but I was so clueless it took me until the third one to figure out the gig. Sharp as a tack, aren’t I?

  40. akaky

    because back in the day haloscan was what was available at no charge to your average computer illiterate blogrookie.

  41. Marisa

    I actually got two comments on my very first post. It then took a month and a half to get another one. My first commenter was Kris at, which is kind of strange to me, because its kind of a religious blog, mostly about home schooling. Not exactly my thing.

  42. Brooke

    My first commenter not only left a nice compliment, but then said something nice about me on his blog. He forgot my blog site name and asked his friends to track it down for him.

    So thank you Josh!

  43. Suleyman

    My first comment was from J* over at Thanks, J.

    Let us not forget the white trash indentured servants who helped build this country as well – of which I am a descendant.


  44. james manning

    Great Idea. I was thinking of doing something similar. It’s already written, I’ll post it tomorrow.

  45. jaimie

    This goes without saying, but that was the funniest thing I’ve heard/read all day. So, to my first commentator (which is my boyfriend): Thank you! Love you!
    And thanks for supporting the Native Americans!

  46. helen

    This is a great thought!! (The 1st comment I got was actually from those stupid spam comments… ) Anyway, this guy who actually commented (and not a spam..)I now go to his blog

  47. La Dauphine

    That’s such a great idea! What suckz is some of my first commenters either I’m on their shit lists or they’re on mine, now. Oh, you know how damn clique-y this whole blogosphere is!

  48. JoeC

    Yo Neil, yup, you can find cranberry, the turkey and all the thanksgiving trimmings to boot.


  49. Yvy

    awwww…i think that’s the sweetest thing i ever heard a blogger say or DO. good fer you… 😉

  50. ms.sizzle

    on second thought…i went back and looked and it would be a very bad idea for me to do this. i can’t pay it forward. 🙁

  51. Neil

    Message to new bloggers — learn Ms. Sizzle’s lesson: Never have a boyfriend or girlfriend (who could soon be an ex) be the first commenter on your blog.

  52. Shirazi

    Thanks to you for bringing up such a nice idea.

  53. miss marisol

    My first commenter knows that I love him. He’s one of my best friends, so he’s forced to read my blog.
    Nevertheless, I will certainly promote Mister g8s. And, of course Citizen of the Month for consistently keeping me glad I am a blogger.

  54. Fabe

    my first comment was from none other than Pauly D over at Words For My Enjoyment. check him out at:

    he’s also the reason i got into anal bleaching, gut-punching, and midget porn. just FYI…

  55. Bill

    My first commenter was Darcey, at Dust My Broom, who said, “Good stuff! I look forward to reading more – best regards!”

    He’s more political than I am and doesn’t appear to support the right hockey team so I almost never go back there. Still it was nice he took the time to comment.

  56. g8s

    Miss Marisol is the one who deflowered me. It was late one night, behind the counter at work, when she raised her eyebrows and said, “Did I tell you I started a blog?” Mine followed shortly, and for the first few months, we were convinced that we were the only ones reading each others blogs; now, she’s got quite the following.

  57. Janett

    This is a great idea, and I love the cranberry sauce visual as well. The only problem I have is that I don’t know who was the first commenter ever on my blog. I switched commenting since then and now I have Haloscan and those are only archived for so long. Perhaps if I did around in my own personal archives I can figure it out, if they are still blogging that is.

    At any rate, I can still say thanks to you for coming by and commenting on my blog today. Swing by anytime!:)

  58. Kestrel

    What a fantastic idea! I wish my first commenter was still on the internet, her site is 404. 😮

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  59. cannot be trusted

    My first comment was some freaky porn spam. I deleted it, then shortly received my first legit comment from Gabe, who is still blogging, but we never spoke again. It was a blogger one night stand of sorts. I have thanked him on my blog and revisited his blog to thank him in person. Neil, you are an inspiration to all of us thankless bloggers who take commenters for granted like so much spam. Thanks for keeping us real.

  60. Nelumbo

    Thank you for recogizing all those amazing and “weird-looking” plants native to the Americas. We should be thankful today also for our native plants. So go be like Squanto and fertilize your garden.

  61. […] Thank Your First Commenter Day (bedank je eerste reageerder dag) is een initiatief van de Amerikaanse weblog Citizen of the Month, naar aanleiding van de Amerikaanse feestdag Thanksgiving. […]

  62. [about:blank] Thank Your First Commenter Day

    Thanksgiving Day wordt Thank Your First Commenter Day. Dat zal bij mij niet gaan. Die persoon is, door verhuizingen en crashes, allang digitaal vernietigd. En mijn geheugen is ook al niet al te best.

  63. […] In honor of Thank Your First Customer Day, I’d like to thank Darren R. Sussman, who was the first commenter on Consumerism Commentary (out of 1,127 comments), and he commented on the entry entitled, Owning a Home, Owing Money. […]

  64. Merujo

    My first comment was from my dearest friend. I started my blog to encourage him to keep writing in his own. Now, he posts maybe 2-3 posts a month, and I’m a babbling maniac.

    I’ve been meaning to write and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I wish I could maintain the same consistent level of Quality Reading Material that you post. And, to show my Turkey Day gratitude, I’m finally going to get around to adding you to my blogroll thingy. (I’m slow. You should have been there ages ago.)



  65. […] I was inspired by this post from Neilochka’s Blog, so I decided to wade back through my blog and find my first commenter… I had lots of comments from all of my friends, but my first comment from a fellow blogger came from Stephanie Klein, my blogger role model, if you will. […]

  66. […] The lovely Neil, in a way to bring together Thanksgiving and Blogging, has thought of Thank Your First Commenter Day, as a way to give thanks to the first person who commented on your blog. How many of us really think about the first person who noticed us and said “hey”? Do you even still acknowledge your first commenter’s presence? Or have they since long gone and left the blogosphere, never to return again? […]

  67. anne arkham

    My first comment was from a creepy-stalker type.

  68. […]I’d like to follow in the tradition set by Citizen of the Month and thank my first commenter. I went back through the archives, back to April when I started this whole blog thing, and I am sorry to say that the first comment I ever got was spam. Okay, keep looking. I can’t show linky love to “anonymous,” but thank you Jan for appreciating my blather about CW reenacting.

    Junebee was my third commenter, and I’m expressing the love and appreciation for sticking around through all my rants and blah blah blah. Love, love, love!!

    Actually, thanks to all my commenters who have come and gone![…]

  69. Shantyl

    Ok, wow 73 comments. I think the most I’ve ever gotten in a single day in 3. I am not a loser, I am not a loser, I am not a loser. (Repeat)
    I will become famous (and repeat)

  70. Alice

    my first: Anonymous said…
    You’re too funny sweetie.

    i don’t actually remember which anonymous that was… none of my non-cyber friends actually have blogs.

  71. Heather

    My first comment was pitiful like yours Neil…

    Charlie Mc said…
    hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I was reading yours this morning…great stuff!

    I talk to Charlie on a daily basis. Just love him to pieces!!! I am VERY thankful for him. And I am also VERY thankful for you, Neil. You rock my socks!

  72. MKD

    I especially enjoy the easy to follow pictures. I never knew it could be so easy!

  73. Jacynth

    If only my blog tasted as good as cranberry sauce in a can. Yummers! Happy Turkey Day, Neil!

  74. jim

    This is a fantastic idea, I’ve thanked my first blogger commenter AND my first commenter period.


  75. Lizzie

    I never heard from my first commenter again, but I like to think we made a special connection that transcends the need to comment on each other’s blogs.

  76. [Tinkerty Tonk] Miscellany

    […] Thank you: Blogger Thanksgiving celebration. […]

  77. [Peace on That] Thanks Fellow Bloggers

    […] My very first comment came from privatedancer on a post I wrote about that fact that I think that Larry Elders is an idiot . She is no longer blogging but I do appreciate that. So a special thanks goes out to her for being the very first poster and a shot out to Neil for reminding me to thank my very first commentor. […]

  78. Edgy Mama

    First, you get too many comments, Neil. It’s nuts. I had to have been in your top ten commenters ever.

    My first commenter was the amazing Eddo of He is still commenting regularly. And had designed three sites for me! Finding him was hitting the jackpot. And he’s cute.

  79. […] I stole it from Neil over at He wrote about thanking the commenters, so I’m thanking my first commenter. She wrote in May of 2005. I started blogging in August of 2004. Whew, what a long wait.[…]

  80. Edgy Mama

    Neil, just so you don’t forget me in your fame, I first commented on 6/26/05. There were two other comments. There were none on your post the previous day.

    So happy that you’re such a chick magnet now. Kisses.

  81. [C'est la vie! Life!] Thank You

    […] Thank you Jenelle ! I started blogging on the 28th of June after I’d watched a special feature on blogs on Envoyé Spécial. On the 16th of August, i received my first comment. Here is what it said:

    “Hey–cool blog! I came here via Jenelle, who recommended you to me. I love the post a while back about the quotes from courts; the one where the witness asked the lawyer if he actually passed the bar exam cracked me up! J”

    Here is what cracked him up: “Am gonna be a dumber … oops lawyer! […]

  82. Neil

    Edgy Mama, I won’t forget you. You’ll get big props in two years for “Thank Your Third Commenter Day.”

  83. […] I love the idea of thanking your first commenter, so I’m glad I saw Jim mention it (who saw it on Flexo’s site, but since B comes before C in ye olde RSS reader I saw Jim’s first of course). I think everyone should join in the fun! […]

  84. […] From our favorite Citizen of the Month:

    I would like to thank my first commenter ever, Gabe, from way back in May, who said this:

    “We had Dusty here in SF for quite awhile. He’s a great coach for the season. But he will never win in the playoffs because he is too loyal to his minions. You guys just have too many injuries.

    Good luck!


  85. […] In the spirit of “Thank Your First Commenter Day” I am thrilled to have the opportunity to thank my first commenter, Jana, who for some suspicious reason decided to sign her comment “Warm Teacher.” […]

  86. He's Dead, Jim!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Neil, and to all of you out there in the blogosphere.

  87. [7 seconden] links for 2005-11-24

    […]Citizen of the Month » “Thank Your First Commenter Day” Vanavond eens een duik in het archief doen. […]

  88. [Edgy Mama] Thank Your First Commenter Week

    […] My dear friend, Neil, has started a heartfelt Thanksgiving tradition.

    Neil says:

    “On Thanskgiving, we should THANK our fellow bloggers. […]

  89. Melanie

    Thanks to Brittany, my first commenter. She writes:

    My last name is “Bouchette”, which is obviously french – but people try to pronounce it

    Bouchet (ay)

    One time when i told someone it was actually Bouchette (ETTE) they told me ” aw too bad your name isn’t french”


    Merci encore, Brittany!

  90. Pearl

    Neil, nearly 100 comments later and you still haven’t put up a new post! We’re waiting… (she types as she sits there, tapping her foot impatiently)

    In any case, wishing you and Sophia a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

  91. Neil

    Pearl, it’s not that often that I see 100 comments. I’m sitting here waiting with my party hat and noisemaker in my hand, hoping that the big moment will come before “Lost” begins.

  92. Pearl

    Neil, you just added one more comment, and now I’m adding one more comment.
    You’re almost there…

    I can just picture your faithful readers with sparklers in their hands, and confetti ready to be thrown into the air, and anticipating yelling at their computer screens: “Happy 100, Neil!”

  93. Neil

    Since this is my first comment 100, I’ll keep this one for myself then, just to thank Sophia for all the help she gives me on the blog (or shpritz as I call it now) and for letting me use her persona as my comic foil. See you tomorrow!

  94. Tatyana

    I was waiting to be the 100th to say: unbelievable propensity for collective actions! Neil, I think you should try Dr.Phil career; it’s a gift!

    I thanked my first reader immediately after the event; too much repetition and I’ll look Woody Allenish.

    Happy Turkey day to all of you!

  95. Brooke

    Dammit! I missed the 100 mark. Have a great Thanksgiving, Neil. 😉

  96. mernitman

    My first commentress was a sweet lady named Caroline who did one of these 🙂 right after she said hello and made me feel all warm and fuzzy, so thank you Caroline and bless your blogging heart.

    BTW, Neil, I believe the Pilgrims used real ocean spray in their cranberry sauce. (I also believe that Martians have been borrowing my jogging shorts.)
    Happy Turkey Day!

  97. Jack

    Anyone having Turducken?

  98. Prairie Girl

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Peace out, Prairie Girl

  99. Fun Joel

    WAY too many comments for me to read through. But Happy Thanksgiving! I took your lead on my blog, and thanked commenter #1!

  100. Danny

    Woo-hoo, I haven’t seen this many comments on a blog since Brad and Jen split up. You have touched a cultural nerve, Neil. You should have asked each of us to sign up on PayPal and submit $10.00 with our comments.

    My first comment was from my sister on Christmas Eve last year. She bemoaned the fact that she’d now have to tear herself away from the infertility blogs that she was addicted to in order to read my ramblings.

  101. [Fun Joel] Happy Thanksgiving

    […] Thanks to all of you who have commented on the blog, and/or asked me questions here or via email. Taking a page from Neil’s book, I’ll also thank my very first commenter. Back on my very first post: Tamara. I don’t believe she’s posted a comment since, and probably doesn’t even read the blog much. Which would make complete sense, since she has absolutely nothing to do with the screenwriting world. So I don’t blame her, and would actually be surprised if she were in fact reading […]

  102. […] By the way, Citizen of the Month (the only foreign blog I read nowadays) had come up with “Thank Your First Commenter Day!” In other words, to show appreciation to the very first commenter who left a comment on your blog.

    I think this is kinda nice because the first comment is always special…. like your first kiss. I am not getting hundreds and thousands of hits per day, but, I am somehow happy nowadays a few fellow bloggers do drop by occasionally and never fail to leave a word or two. […]

  103. […] It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. and the holiday provides some good blogging ideas:

    1) Neil Kramer over at Citizen of the Month encourages other bloggers to dedicate Thanksgiving as a Thank Your First Commenter Day. […]

  104. […] In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Citizen of the Month blog has called for a Thank Your First Commenter Day. Blogging without comments would be dull to say the least, so I would like to give a big shout out to both of the lovely ladies who commented on my first day: Pillowcase and Annieytown. Annie started her own blog, the fabulous Blogdorf Goodman, soon after. […]

  105. Tanisha

    I think this is a wonderful idea Neil and I will post a thank you to my first commentor here and at my site. I want to thank you to LisaB
    for being my first commentor. If it wasn’t for you I would have stopped blogging…

  106. Sanora

    Thank you Nicole for being my first comment and for your continued support.

    Neil, you weren’t far behind her so thank you too and also thank you for continuing to put out a stellar blog each and every day.

    Oh, and a special nod to Martin Brady as well since he was in my top 5 and writes a tres cool sports blog.

  107. La Dauphine

    OK – I did as I was told and thanked my 4 first commenters. Now do I get a cookie??

  108. bella

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Neil, and congrats on the links you got from this post. 🙂

  109. [Sztahanov] Harc a kommentekkel

    […] Közben Duncan Riley azt írja, hogy Hálaadása napján minden blogger mondjon köszönetet az elsÅ‘ kommentezÅ‘jének, haha. Ez eredeti poszt itt van, és most már értem is a dolgot, mert a Hálaadás az indiánoknak szól, akik megmentették az elsÅ‘ amerikába érkezÅ‘ zarándokok életét, és hogy ez milyen analóg a kommentezÅ‘kkel, akik meg a bloggerek lelkét mentik meg. (Az indiánok késÅ‘bb csúnyán jártak.)[…]

  110. Rabbit

    My first comment was “Oh man, that’s awesome!” which it would have been had the comment pertained to a witty and articulate post. Alas, it was not to be. My first comment was in response to the bad pick-up line of the day: “Hi. You’ll do.”

  111. Following a meme started by Neil (Citizen of the Month), and mentioned on Chantel’s blog, I am thanking officially today Q, a.k.a. Susan from Belfast, who was the first commenter on my blog. She commented on my third entry, written on the second day of its existence. Susan is a very special friend to me. She is the one student I have had who has become a true friend since her graduation from the school where I teach. Although she now lives near Belfast, we keep in touch, and I hope that she will be able to visit the U.S. (and me) sometime next summer.

  112. [Blogdorf Goodman] Happy Thanksgiving!

    Every morning I start my day with the blog Now Smell This. Robin is the person who encouraged me to start my own blog. Today she posted about Thank Your First Commenter day.

    I also would like to thank my first visitors dear Robin
    and my ytown buddy Patti aka Cavewoman on MUA.

  113. Megan

    Did you end up unbuttoning your pants after eating tonight? Yea, me neither.

    Happy Thanksgiving Neil!

  114. Neil

    Megan, are you propositioning me? Happy Thanksgiving.

  115. Needra

    EEEEeeewwwww canned cranberries

  116. zoozan

    Well I’ve only been around for a week and I’m slack jawed at the fact that you have 124 !!!! messages on here

    My first comment looks as though it comes from me because my friend wdky ( set up my page for me then didn’t log in again as himself

    enjoyable blog, thanks.

  117. Broker

    Still waiting for the comment, but can I thank the many lurkers?? Thank you lurkers. At least that’s a beginning.


  118. Karla

    DAMNIT! The last thing I need is one more blog to have to read on a semi-daily basis. I have a life. I have things to do. So stop being so goddamn funny. Now I have to add you to my blogroll. Asshole.

    But you can make it up to me by adding me to yours. If you choose not to, though, no biggie. But I will figure out where you live and come trim your shrubs into penis shapes, complete with those two dreadful big round thingies at the base of them.

    Up to you.

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