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Changing the Subject

Just so I can move on from the uncomfortable comments I was getting about my relationship with Sophia, here’s a picture of a cute kitten to distract you.



  1. cruisin-mom

    Gee, Neil, I certainly hope it’s just a coincidence that Kermit the Kitty went up after my comment…

  2. Neil

    Of course it is, Cruisin’. Just a coincidence. Doen’t that kitten just liven up you day? She’s so funny — putting on that frog hat, thinking we’d mistake her for a frog. Ribbit ribbit meow meow! I can just look at this post all day without ever looking at any of the other posts directly under it.

  3. anonymous city girl

    It’s the elusive frog-kitty!

    Someone sent me this link today

  4. talialevy

    I hate cat blogs!

  5. Ted

    Looks like someone blacked her eyes in with a Sharpie.

    Cat cruelty to distract us hey Neil?


  6. Neil

    Ted, you’re right. There is something freaky about that cat. Are we sure that this is a real cat and not a stuffed one?

  7. anonymous city girl

    I wish I could find Anonymous Fat Cat’s Hanukkah bow tie, just to post the picture.

    Just for the record… I did NOT buy him the bow tie. It was a gift.

  8. jamy

    It was tempting to comment on the previous post, but now it’s lost far down the page. What was it about anyway?

    That kitty looks much like the kitty who lives with me. My kitty should try on that hat. So cute!

  9. Pearl

    Neil, absolutely adorable kitten.
    What kind of bizarro position is it sitting in, though?

  10. Neil

    OH, no, what kind of Frankenstein monster have I created! Pearl, I didn’t think anyone would actually write about how cute that kitten is! I don’t like cats AT ALL. Look at her — she’s a zombie cat — with a frog hat — she’s a freak of nature!

  11. big penis

    this blog fucking blows

  12. Pearl

    Neil, Neil, Neil. You’re mistaken; she really is “the cat’s meow”, uh, I mean “ribbit”.
    Give her a one-way ticket to Toronto and we’ll show her a good time. My daughter will dress her up in little T-shirts and my sons will play Foozball with her or GameCube. Kitty certainly looked capable of moving out of/off of your “pad” and into/onto ours!

  13. Kidsis

    Consider me distracted!

  14. cruisin-mom

    Big Penis…you must be the guy from

  15. Neil

    Neil (scolding his penis): “How many times have I told you before to ask me before you write a comment on my blog?!”

  16. anonymous city girl

    damn, your penis types better than I do.

  17. Melliferous

    cute kitten = satan

  18. Megarita

    I think this is an excellent rebound back from the deep dark place of advice columnry that happened in the last post!! And the cat looks deeply medicated and very hilarious. Dilated pupils are perfect. Nicely done!

  19. meme

    animals dressed up in costume REALLY freak me out…i don’t think i can read your blog anymore, risk of those reoccuring nighmares coming back, must take medication

  20. Bill

    The Stepford Cats? If you look at the back of the DVD cover of the original Stepford Wives movie you’ll see a picture of Katharine Ross … with eyes that look just like kitty!!! Coincidence? Or an evil plot to tame North America’s felines?

  21. ashbloem

    This is my favourite post thus far!

  22. Ted

    Zombie cats aside I added your Blog to my Blogroll.

    If I start dreaming of mad eyed cats i know where to come!


  23. maribeth

    I hate cats*, but I have to admit this one is super cute.

    * I don’t hate any *given* cat until he figures out that I’m not really a cat person and then decides to plant himself in my lap just to piss me off. Cats that leave me alone are great. Cats I will never meet that look cute in pictures are the best kind.

  24. mary

    LOL! Why do I love pictures of cats so? All my friends know not to send me forwards unless they’re funny cat pics. AHAHAHAHAHA I need help.

  25. Kristy

    OK…Loved the picture! hahah! Thanks for the smile! 🙂

  26. Heather

    Did that come from It looks familiar…

  27. Helena

    Sorry, I’m not too easily distracted. Looks like I screwed up your mojo!

  28. Amy

    Awwwww, what an adorable kitty cat!

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