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Thank God for this Movie


I haven’t seen this movie yet.  I’m probably not going to see it for another two weeks.  But I’m so glad this 40-Year-Old Virgin movie came out. 

So now if someone actually finds out how old I was when I lost my virginity (other than the two people who do know),  I can always say, "Big deal.  This other guy was 40!"


  1. anonymous city girl

    well now you have to tell us.

  2. anonymous city girl

    or you could make it a blog contest. 🙂

  3. alleyrat

    yes! contest!

  4. Neil

    Sorry, that information is only available to very special women. Even I don’t write about everything on my blog. But let’s just say, I was such a “late bloomer,” that I still sometimes get confused about what goes where.

  5. Anne

    Well, contest or not, I’m going for 28. You’ve got my email address. I’ll understand if the only thing in the email is “Big deal. This other guy was 40!” And we don’t have to be friends afterwards. I forget if you want new friends or not from this. But you know, whatever suits you. Man, do I babble.

  6. anonymous city girl

    The holes mixed up, huh?
    Well that isn’t necessarily a…
    Umm.. never mind…
    I’m just going to stop there and go home.

  7. anonymous city girl

    I was thinking 25.

  8. Jason W.

    Neil’s being coy. I’m sure it was his preteen years.

  9. brando

    dude. we really need to start coordinating our blog posts. i feel like we showed up to the same party wearing the same dress. and for the record, I was 11. No, wait. 9.

  10. sunshine

    I think it’s refreshing to find someone who didn’t rush out and do it when they were like 15.

    I once dated a guy who confided that he was a late bloomer because he waited until he was 16 to lose his virginity. He was really serious. I always thought that was kind of a weird perspective.

  11. Neil

    Sunshine — don’t give me any special “cute” credit. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to lose my virginity at 15. I was just too much of a geek to have it happen at 15. Or 16. Or 17… or…

  12. Michael

    Doesn’t matter when you started… but it’s good to keep at it, ’cause that virginity thing does grow back.

  13. Megan

    Hmm…now you’ve got me curious too, I confess. Something makes me think that Sofia was your first, but I can’t imagine that would be true.

    But this post made me love you all over again, so I officially now have a blog crush on you AND Sofia.

  14. The Moviequill

    I just turned 40 last week..and I lost it, um, lets just say I could drive a car legally

  15. anonymous city girl

    Guys like Neil (or at least the way you comes thru in your writing) don’t get appreciated the way they should be until they are in their 30’s. It’s a shame when I look back at the guys I went to high school and college with who I never looked at as more than a good friend.
    I am glad I see clearer now.

  16. jenny

    I took a 23 year old’s virginity. It was entertaining.

  17. Jack

    When do we get a picture of Sophia. My curiosity is piqued.

  18. Melliferous Pants

    Oh lordie! The crazy picture of the 40-year-old virgin does my soul well! He is so goddamned chipper and bright!

  19. inky

    I saw this on Friday. Laughed my ass off for 2 hours. I will get this when it comes out on DVD…. and I did learn a lot too. Very educational 🙂

  20. amanda

    too funny…what is this badge of honor that people who lost it really young wear…i don’t get that.

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