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A Good Excuse for No Post Today

Nothing new today, but not because I’m lazy.    Like a network TV producer, Sophia wished that her post wasn’t stuck in the weekend timeslot.

Me:  "So what do you want me to do?"

Sophia:  "Keep it up through Monday."

Me:  "But they’ve seen it already.  I don’t want Brooke to get bored and move on to some other guy’s blog.  I have to keep on producing new material all the time."

Sophia:  "Just one more day.  I like meeting all your readers."

Me:  "Yeah, and what’s in it for me?"

Sophia:  "I’ll let you come over tonight to watch "Entourage."

Me:  "I don’t even like that show.  You do."

Sophia:  "I’ll let you see me naked for five minutes before the start of the show."

Here’s the link to the previous post.


  1. Anne

    It’s nice to see you’ve retained such a sweet relationship to each other.

  2. Pearl

    I think, like “I Love Lucy,” you two need your own long-running, go-down-in-history/herstory
    sitcom/drama/educational TV program on the Life Network. (maybe you don’t have Life Network in the U.S., so okay, it’ll just run on Canadian TV)

  3. JJ MacMillan

    We need an excuse not to post?

  4. Neil

    JJ – I once didn’t answer my phone all day because the battery went out and Sophia and my mother thought I was dead or sick. I didn’t want you to worry. I worry when you don’t post. Please call and leave a message if you’re not going to post one day. That goes for everyone.

  5. kris

    I can’t post every day. I am just not clever enough.

    However, should I not post for three days in a row, please send police to my house as it is likely that the cats have started to eat me.

  6. Ben O.

    Posting every single day can become it’s own monster sitting in the corner demanding more and more of your time and energy. I used to be a pretty well rounded guy, now I’m just round.

    Ben O.

  7. anonymous city girl

    Oh just give it up you two and move back in with each other… neither of you are any good to the real single folks *w*

  8. Melliferous

    If I had to wait until I had something clever to say I might not ever post.

  9. amanda

    ha! like meatloaf…you will do anything for love…

  10. justin

    I would watch so much more TV if my girlfriend did this for me. Congrats.

  11. introspectre

    Dear Neil,

    There are lots of days when I am not going to post. My reasons are as follows:

    1) feeling stupid
    2) having sex
    3) too busy wishing I were having sex to be able to come up with something to talk about OTHER then sex
    4) napping
    5) trying to have a life so I have something else to write about

    I am very sorry if I have frightened you in any way.


  12. M.A.

    Again, that Sophia is hilarious! When does she get her own spinoff?

  13. modigli

    excellent idea!!! … EXCELLENT! … *tapping fingers together in Mr. Burns fashion*

    Sophia needs a spin-off!!

    C’mon Sophia! We want you to have your own blog, too. 🙂

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