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Whatever Brings Them In, Part 2



  1. The Moviequill

    next they’ll have Hooters girls leering into the camera ‘hi, I’m Becky and I have a PHD in alternative medicines’ ‘helloooo, I am Susie and I have a degree in chemical biology’…’enroll now and you too can be rubbing shoulders with these students’

  2. Josia

    What’s the required reading material … Playboy?

  3. Jef

    I’ll tutor her.


  4. Tatyana

    What, a stinky $100 for a Libertarian Looker? 3 hrs at a day spa cost me more!

  5. ashbloem


  6. JJ MacMillan

    I don’t get it. Stanford University is using hookers who are afraid to question their own government to lure unsuspecting teens into to forking over their parents’ money for an expensive education that won’t help them get a job? I’m outraged! Why didn’t they do this when I was choosing a school?

  7. a.m. griff

    Well I know the rich don’t eat babies, duh, but can my girlfriend still apply if she thinks they eat fetuses?

  8. cannot be trusted

    Continuing Education continues it’s decline. I blame the right, I don’t know about you.

  9. JJ MacMillan

    I would love to sit down with that girl (post coital, of course) and quiz her on her conservative beliefs. I’m betting her every response ends with “or, you know, whatever…”

  10. Sophia

    Neil, I think you might have gotten your liberal ass suckered. I really don’t think this ad is real… But it’s funny anyway.

  11. jenny

    Sure, she’s hot. But what if your in the middle of “it” and she starts talking about how she supports the war in Iraq…oh maybe that’s only a lesbian issue… 🙂

  12. Edgy Mama

    Hmmm, yeah, Sophia, the eating babies comment kind of pushes the envelope. Although Bush is Hitler, isn’t he?

  13. M.A.

    I think that Sophia is right. This ad is a bit weird…is the model Ann Coulter vers. 2.0?

  14. Sophia

    We’re both sort of right, Neil. This ad was indeed published by the conservative Stanford Review, but it was supposed to be “half-serious, half-joke” by the editor-in-chief’s own admission.

    “It’s half-serious, half-joke — the reward is real, but the funny part is, conservatives don’t actually use terms like ‘marginalized minority,’” Cohen said. “It’s a serious contest, though — I’m not spending three hundred dollars on nothing.”

    Of course, many liberals jumped on it, calling it sexist and in poor taste.

    Here’s the link:

  15. introspectre

    You have got to be fucking kidding me.

    As an intelligent and sexy bitch, I am offended. Why exactly I’m not sure, but dammit, I am.

    Maybe because it says she’s conservative….

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