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Whatever Brings Them In

Los Angeles church looking to fill up their Sunday services.




  1. Melliferous Pants

    Wow. I can’t believe God has resorted to bribing the guilty masses with coffee from the evil Starbucks Corporation.

  2. M.A.

    Jesus and Starbucks? Eeek!

  3. modigli

    So what you’re saying is that everytime I order a double-tall-nonfat-sugarfree-hazelnut-latte at starbucks, I’m actually drinking the *real* “Jesus Juice”???? …. .Wow!

  4. a.m. griff

    What would Jesus think, that’s what I’m askin’ myself. Although he seems like a coffee drinker to me.

  5. jenny

    you’d have to buy me a lifetime supply of Starbucks to get me to attend any kind of fundamentalist gathering.

  6. Tatyana

    You think free-thinking bohemian poets are better? Just attended monthly reading of a small literary magasine; couldn’t stop spitting all the way home.

  7. Cactus Prick

    I would think Jesus Juice, no, wait, that’s Michael Jackson.

  8. Susan

    Wow, just…wow.

  9. danielle

    If he were residing in LA, I think Jesus would pick the Coffee Bean&Tea Leaf over Starbucks… I think he seems like a mocha blended sort of guy. And why don’t we have the Coffee Bean on the east coast?

  10. Megan

    I always consult Jesus when I do my grocery shopping, so why not inquire what he coffee he drinks too? That’s just good church business!

  11. anne arkham

    Jesus likes the Caramel Macchiatos.

  12. cannot be trusted

    We call them “coffee churches” here in Chicagoland…and they’re EVERYWHERE!

  13. amanda

    no way! too funny.

  14. Brooke

    I bet they use that Kabbalah water to make the coffee.

  15. introspectre

    Is that the sound of the bottom of the barrel being scraped?
    Why, yes. I believe it is.

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