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Online Dating 2005

Despite all the complaints I hear about it, online dating is an amazing phenomenon.    If you’re looking for someone Jewish, you can click onto Jdate.   If that perfect someone is Christian, you can go to Christian Cafe.  If your interest is in an African-American brother or sister, there’s Afro Connections.  Asians can find each other at Asian Singles Connection.  Latinos can become better amigos at Amigos.   Indians can flirt about their  Kama Sutra techniques at Mehndi

There’s one group that’s always left out — until now.   At Loving Links, married men and women can search online for the ideal partner for an extramarital affair. 

Although currently focused on Europeans, this concept will surely catch on in the States as young American couples find love at places like and, get married in an elaborate wedding ceremony, buy a house in a nice neighborhood, produce a beautiful baby, get bored with each other three years later, and secretly blame the other for ruining their life.  Broken and frustrated, they will decide to have an torrid affair the only way they know how  — through online dating services like Loving Links.


  1. Hilary

    Sadly, Jdate also has its fair share of married/engaged guys (I met one!) as well as non-Jews. And, maybe even married-non-Jews.

  2. My Life is God's Comic Strip

    On-Line dating sucks hairy moose balls, I know, I’ve been on JHell and Match.Hell. If it helps anyone, married or not, I’ll be floored. And then become a lesbian.

  3. Neil

    Great news! If you become lesbian, there’s always

  4. Personal Loan

    Personal Loans

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