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Hamlet Drinks Corona

Product placement is now all over television, especially in reality television.  Am I the only one to find all the Travelocity references in this season’s "The Amazing Race" annoying?  Let’s not even talk about "The Apprentice," which has become one big infomercial for Trump and other companies. 

The trend now continues in the Broadway theater:

As part of a product placement campaign in Broadway’s Sweet Charity, playwright Neil Simon approved a script change to promote Gran Centenario tequila, according to the deal makers.

The playwright replaced a line, “I’ll have a double scotch on the rocks” with a mention of Gran Centenario tequila. 

In addition to having the Gran Centenario mention written into the script, the tequila’s logos are integrated into the show’s set in one scene, and the product has been the drink of choice at Gran Centenario-sponsored parties thrown during the pre-Broadway shows as well as its New York opening.

In Hollywood news, a new release of Orson Welle’s classic, Citizen Kane, comes out today where "Rosebud" is a Tony Hawk skateboard.

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  1. Aurorealis

    You’re absolutely right. I used to work for a well-known consumer packaged goods company in the 90s and even back then they had people on staff that were hired to push product placements on popular TV shows and in movies.

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