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90 Million Women Wear Wrong Size Bra


For years, men have wondered why women are so overly-emotional, crying if they don’t get a phone call right after a date or if they don’t get flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Now the answer is finally revealed — they wear the wrong bra size

According to a national fit study by Wacoal, a bra company, eight out of ten women in the U.S. — or nearly 90 million women over the age of 18 — are wearing the wrong size bra. The Wacoal study, conducted among 750 women, also reveals that the most common mistake made by women is wearing a bra in which the band is too big and the cups too small, with an estimated 35 million women making this mistake alone.

Liz Smith, director of retail service for Wacoal suggests a bra fitting. She notes that:

"A professional bra fitting done by a trained fitter can be a fun and informative experience."

Men, do the women in your life a favor.  Tell them today that their bra doesn’t fit right.  They’ll love you for it.


  1. Aurorealis

    Wow… so I might be a DOUBLE-D! 😉

  2. Neil

    Speaking for the men of the world, let’s hope so.

  3. Memphis Steve

    Not only that, but if you’re in the business of selling bras it’s a great way to sell women a whole lot more while getting them to throw out their old, perfectly good ones.

  4. Judi

    You are a HOOT! LOL!

  5. Helena

    I’m sorry, was this an ad put out by a dating service? Trying to capitalize on all the newly single men that will hit the market when dudes start telling their girl that she is wearing the wrong size bra? 😛

  6. psychotoddler

    Yes, but over 100% of men wear the wrong size or style of underwear. Or underwear with holes in it.

    But you don’t see any of us going to a salesman at Target asking for a personal brief fitting.

  7. introspectre

    “For years, men have wondered why women are so overly-emotional, crying if they don’t get a phone call right after a date or if they don’t get flowers on Valentine’s Day.

    Now the answer is finally revealed — they wear the wrong bra size.”

    Ok, maybe a new bra, but throw in a great vibrator and some batteries. The hysterics will drop considerably.

  8. boxen

    why is it that all the articles say “get it fitted by a professional fitter” & not – this is what to do. it’s unnatural.

  9. Pamsterdam

    This is actually true. Many women don’t know “the trick” to getting a great-fitting bra. You don’t need a professional fitting. Choose the smallest size around that feels comfortable (you shouldn’t have pinches or bulges) and the largest size cup that gives you support (avoid fits which have gaps – this is often the design’s fault than the sizing – remember not all same-sized chests also have the same shape).

  10. firefalluk

    This is so true – and I’ve found that insisting my wife have professional fittings has both improved her temper, and gotten rid of a variety of back pains she’s had since puberty.

  11. erin

    Dude, how you can you find a bra that always fits, when my boobs are never the same size? I mean, some days they are just bigger. Depends on how much junk food I’ve eaten that week or if I’m PMSing. I NEED ANSWERS DAMMIT!

  12. Jaime

    The wrong bra size…gee I just found out through Discover Magazine that “A pair of D cup breast weighs between 15-23lbs…the equivalent of carrying around two small turkeys.” No wonder we have so much trouble with our bras

  13. Bill

    I love boobs!!! I just say NO MORE BRAS!!!!!! To much hassel

  14. zoe

    “A pair of D cup breast weighs between 15-23lbs…the equivalent of carrying around two small turkeys.”
    B******s! A D-cup isn’t always the same size anyway! Do they mean a 32D? a 36D? a 40D? It makes a HUGE difference! I’m an E and mine probably weigh about a pound.

  15. brittany

    i know alot of women, including myself that dont buy bras that fit because there is no where to go buy them where i live, so if the people who have done the study tell me where to get a size 32 gg i would be greatful

  16. Jackie

    BRITTANY!!!! just read your comment and I’m in the same boat…why do the bra companies assume that if you have big breasts you have a big body???? Try Bravissimo online…they have a great selection. Happy hunting.

  17. Playtex

    How can you know what your breasts weigh unless you weigh them separately from the rest of your body? Just asking …

  18. chloe

    this is all baloney. why do people even care about wrong bra sizes?

  19. Dry Creek

    Women don’t listen to men. They think men just have some hidden and weird motive for expressing the fact that “the bra is the wrong size”. In reality, when I pay $75.00 or more for a bra for my wife, I expect it to fit. I just get the size she insists fits. I’ve wasted a bunch of money (around $1,000 up). Just go get a bra fitting and find the brand(s) that fit you correctly. What is so hard about that?

  20. Harmony

    Being a certified bra expert, I agree with you. I can’t even begin to express how many people in the wrong bra and/or size! At my store, we offer a wide range of bra styles but the sizes only range from a 36B to a 46H. I do wish our sizes started at a band size of 32 and went to a 48.

    Education is key, I strongly believe. The measurement is ONLY a guide. If I’m measuring a gal at a 40G, but I can tell just by looking at her she is only a DDD, I’m certainly not going to give G’s to begin with!

    I then find out exactly what shes wanting (support, coverage, lift, etc) and go from there. As she trying on the different styles, I’m looking for proper fit by: no bulging, no gaping, side boob coverage, front-middle of bra should lay flat against the breastbone, straps in the right place, band is in the correct place (between the shoulder and elbow), the band is the correct size (she should never, never leave with a bra that is any tighter than the clasps being in the middle hooks (I strive for the first hooks, always)).

    And the one thing I see more than I’d like is what I call shelf-boob. Ugh, come on people, your cups are obviously to big and more than likely you are in the wrong bra altogether!

    Those of us who do this for a living really needs the appropiate training and knowledge base of all of the bras in our stores and their pros/cons, the different types of breasts, all of the issues listed above and what the solutions are, that it isn’t uncommon for a woman to be in a 44D in a certain bra and a 44DD in another and most importantly, my store may not have a bra that will work! Oh, did I mention that if I put a woman in a bigger cup, same band size and it still isn’t fitting, stay with the bigger cup and go down a band size, if it still isn’t fitting, go back to the original cup size but increase the band size!

    No wonder the percentage keeps rising! Sorry for the rant, I’m just very passionate about this issue.

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