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Too Skinny

Jeez, this skinny model/actress thing is getting out of hand.   Here are Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan.

(photo via D*iana’s Dirt)

Here is Valerie Lefkowitz, a plus-size model. 

(photo via Judgement of Paris)

Now, honestly, which of these women looks best?


  1. Nonsensical_Flounderings

    The plus size babe, the other two look sickly, each one looks like two pimples on a gate post as my Dad would say.


  2. Kristen

    They’re all beautiful, but skinny is better. Everyone thought/said Lindsay and Nicole were fat before, now they’re saying they’re too skinny? Get a life people! I think they look fantastic now, and they probably feel great too.

  3. Laurin

    omg to the people who are saying they look “great” now lay off the crack pipe……hello they are crack addicts!they don’t look great they look nasty!

  4. Jim

    I wouldn’t want to make out with a girl whose ribs can poke my eye out. Sometimes more is more.

  5. patti

    Lindsay looked fantastic before, with curves and full of life and healthy. Now she looks as thought she’ll break just by looking at her. Go back to the way you were Lindsay.

  6. babygirl

    Nicole and Lindsay look disgustingly SICK!!! Lindsay looked really beautiful before. Is everyone gonna turn into an anorexic, skeletal zombie???Hope not!!!

  7. Rocky

    Oh come on! Nicole and Lindsay are both quite beautiful. Sickly, ribs that can poke eyes out, she’ll break by looking at her, anorexic, skeltal zombie…. pretty nasty ways to describe Nicole and Lindsay. Valerie is merely “plus size”…. hmmm. We can describe thin in anyway we see fit, but if we said Valerie is so much as fat can you imagine the backlash? Personally, I would prefer Nicole or Lindsay, but I would never resort to such negative descriptions of Valerie even though she is overweight. Sorry, I meant “plus size”.

    • David Chris Castillo

      Overweight? Many have a misconception that just because any 1 is overweight that they are not fit. What about muscular individuals who are mostly overweight, but yet they are fit with smaller waists?

  8. jim

    If the shoe fits…

    rocky said:
    “Sickly, ribs that can poke eyes out, she’ll break by looking at her, anorexic, skeltal zombie…. pretty nasty ways to describe Nicole and Lindsay”

  9. Itsgettingscary

    Nicole and Lindsay are both girls who used to look healthy-and now look too thin. The “plus-sized” model looks a naturally curvy, healthy woman. FYI:If you can see the bones between breasts that are supposed to be covered with muscle and breasts, a woman is too thin. Both Nicole and Lindsay have that. Valerie looks great.

  10. Hil

    I think that lindsay and nocole are a bit too skinny…but i prefer thin to fat. Plus the one of the big girl is all airbrushed probably and its posed whereas the other is some photo the paperazzi shot of them not looking their best. I think that lindsay thin with red hair is hot and nicole is looking gorgeos lately. this is just a bad shot and it seems that every sit is using the pictures of them in those dresses when there are lots of recent photos of them. THe only thing is that these particular ones mak them look thin a ugly whereas other pics of them look nicer. Its not a fair comparison at all.

  11. Hil

    Also Im sick of everyone saying oooo big is great. How is big great honestly. I understand skelatings is ugly, im not pro ana or like “omg bones are beautiful” ( nothing against pro anas just not my choice) however fat is also gros. Cant we just say “slim” is prettier. Why judge a bad thing pic against a big one. Big is not nice either. I like healthily thin. mmm like angelina joli. She is thin and gorgeous.

  12. Mary Jane

    Lindsay and Nicole smoke crystal meth and that’s all there is to it. A woman with bones pretruding through her skin is not healthy. And why does the ‘plus size’ model have to be ‘over weight’. Believe it or not people are genetically given their body size. Just because you don’t weigh 105 doesn’t mean your over weight you dumb ass.

  13. sac

    Could it be that after Disney decided to CGI her gorgeous, healthy breasts away in that Herbie movie, she go it into her 18-year old head that, hmm, maybe I won’t be getting anymore jobs if I’m voluptuous?

  14. Neil

    SAC, forget Lindsay. My favorite Disney breasts by far are “The Little Mermaid”‘s. And that seashell bikini!

  15. KT

    Uhm, not to be a bitch but I’d definitely rather look at Nicole & Lindsay than that fatty in some underwear.. and she doesn’t even have a pretty face. She looks like Kerri Russell 4 kids deep.

  16. anonymous city girl

    Love your post.. even if most of the people who commented are asshats.

  17. urbanangel

    u no wot…hu gives a toss hu looks betta in da picz…every1 is bound 2 hav different opinions….most ppl shud take a luk at themselves b4 they judge other ppl

  18. introspectre

    I like a woman (or man) that looks like they could run the length of a football field (for instance) without collapsing. Too thin or too fat can’t do it. Just a nice inbetween healthy for me, thanks.

  19. kristine

    “u no wot…hu gives a toss hu looks betta in da picz…every1 is bound 2 hav different opinions….most ppl shud take a luk at themselves b4 they judge other ppl”

    i think i just threw up in my mouth a little.

  20. Kendra

    Honestly, I think it’s pretty superficial to claim that in order to be viewed as beautiful, we have to resort to starvation. Lindsay and Nicole do not look healthy and that should be pretty obvious. The average woman in the US is a size 14. As a society we are trained to believe that in order to fit in, we have to be a size 4 or less. Hell I even have self image problems because of this. I’d rather be 140 pounds than 98 pounds any day. I mean take a walk down a busy street somewhere, how many people honestly look that thin? Keep in mind, the camera does add about ten pounds. Celebrities look skinny as hell in person. It’s often quite sickly, yet that is my opinion. Lindsay and Nicole are just succombing to the pressue of Hollywood to be living barbies. I miss the curvier Lindsay, because to me, it was when she was the happiest and healthiest.

  21. kristine

    happiest? come on. pretending to know that detail is just as pretentious as labeling either of these groups based on sight alone.

  22. leesepea

    They both look like they could fit in between the holes of the grates they are walking across.


    I like Valerie. She looks like she wouldn’t snap at you for offering her a bread roll at the dinner table!

  23. Griffles

    The average American woman is a size 14 because American women live off of fast food, soap operas, and sitting on the couch.

    Just because something is average doesn’t make it healthy.

  24. Delirium

    You are comparing 2 different types of photograph. Skinny girls = quick snap from a pap and no airbrushing, bad angles and bad light; fat girl = hours in makeup, good light, professional studio portrait and a few sweeps of the airbrush.
    Get a model shot of Lynsey or Nicole and ask again, I’d rather be skinny any day of the week.

  25. Lindsay is beautiful

    They look amazing, especially Nicole, though that picture of Lindsay is taken at a horrible angle. The plus sized woman looks nice, but only because all of the physical flaws caused by being overweight have been airbrushed out.
    Get a life you piece of sh*t. They look amazing and you’re just jealous because they’re rich, famous, AND thin.

  26. Jessica

    I had the pelasure of meeting Lindsay a few weeks ago at one of her publicity events and that picture is wholly innaccurate. The direction the photographer took the picture from makes her look like a starving ethiopean. In real life she looks very healthy and simply thin. She was in jeans and (an adorable) off the shoulder shirt and she looked gorgeous. I think it’s rediculous how everyone is obsesssing because she lost a but of weight. Pictures are aiurbrushed and until you see someone in person it is impossible to tell what they look like so stop ragging on the poor girl. For god’s sake, she’s only 19.

  27. leigh

    um, hello……..a plus size girl with NO CELLULITE…and no FAT ROLLS……thats crazy if you don’t realize that photo was “AIRBRUSHED”

  28. maria

    Yuck. Lohan looks good, the plus size model looks awful. I’ll take the thin ones

  29. Bullshit

    Fat is gross. She’s not plus size. She’s fat. She’s a cow and needs to loose weight no matter what size she is. Maybe if morons like you didn’t encourage FATNESS then we all wouldn’t weigh so much. And I’m not giving you fucking fatasses sympathy. It’s your own fault. Genetics or not. But anorexic is disgusting as well. Why dont we all just stop with the junkfood and mature up a little. Sticks and cows aren’t sexy.

  30. Mei-Lei

    I agree with um… “Bullsh*t”. They have a point. Valarie isn’t healthy. She’s fat. And the two stars don’t look good either. They’re too skinny. How about we get to pick something in between? Have to pick between the stick or the blimp? Not sure anyone would want either one.

  31. wow@this

    I agree with both bullsh*t and mei-lei..
    Being too skinny is unhealthy but being too fat isn’t either!

    I know… because I was fat too.. I can’t imagine fat people being comfortable with themselves.
    If your pants get too tight, don’t buy a bigger size but drop the weight!

    A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips..

  32. Kristen Dobbs

    I don’t understand that fact that people seem to be angry at them for being so skinny. I think it looks horrible but they obviously don’t. Isn’t that whats really wrong here? Girls/women thinking that this is hot? I used to look like this (due to an illness) ribs and bones, dull skin and stringy hair. I didn’t get checked out, I got looks of disgust. I got better, gained a few pounds and now I’m fighting them off. Lol, just kidding….but seriously who in their lives are telling them that this is beautiful?

  33. Jennifer

    Both bitches look pretty damn gross to me! I belive being healthy is the best thing for everyone. Even if it means being meaty. Why would anyone want someone so skinny they could light a fire rubbing their legs together. I just dont understand america. Any other country sees everyone as beautiful. No matter what size or form.


    If you are 300 lbs and wearing shit thats too much for the world to see…..then you are probably CRAZY,unhealthy and of course overwieght! Now that is not beautiful no matter what “monique” and other fat women say. Now skinny people are no better. They need to stop throwing shit up and get healthy. I was actually skinny in high school and got fat after. I never used an excuse for it, it was my fault. I found out by being both sizes you dont really feel any better with yourself. I didnt want to be skinny again I wanted to be healthy and lean. Now guys what kind of girl would you want….Skinny bones,Fat or healthy? So I agree, a little, with jennifer and bullshit……but mostly jennifer

  35. Scotch

    Um, my general rule is if I could hurt myself while fucking a girl then she’s probably not for me. That includes getting crushed by a pelvis…or stabbed by one.

  36. emily

    i used to be anorexic and at the time would have idolized nicole and lindsay/and i can’t say that i like the plus size one is really healthy either long as your happy and not ready to pass out from starvation or from not being able to walk 1/4mile w/o getting out of breathe then your fine the way you are..people get so caught up in celebrity’s so crazy…focus on yourself!

  37. annie

    why can people discriminate against skinny people but not agains fat, sorry plus size. i think the plus size model needs to take a few tips from lindsey and nicole – she is discusting

  38. El

    I think it’s slack how everyone just judges celebrities let them be! i think that plus size model looks great and so do nicole and lindsay! don’t focus on them focus on yourself! Be what ever weight you want 2 be! it’s ur body!

  39. UGH

    I think Nicole looks great, I HATE lindsay Lohan, but still she looks fine, The plus size model would look like 300 times prittier if she lost 50 lbs, because honestly, that pic doesn’t look real, no rolls :-s ??? and no cellulite, impossible.

  40. Jeanna

    Wow! I have never ran across so many ignorant comments in my life! My personal opinnion is that being too skinny or to heavy isnt healthy, but to call the heavier model fat and disgusting, I gaurentee that person has never had a weight problem. Some people can work out constantly and still not have a small figure, I happen to be one of them. The average size of a woman being 14 has nothing to do with fast food, it has to do with bone structure. And I may not personally like the look of the stick, boney, skinny but if that makes them happy who cares. People are just too quick to judge others.

  41. yayis

    both sozes are wrong ok??, overweight can be as dangerous as anorexic or ultra slim people…both need to be on a diet to know how to feed themselves…cause both are wrong…

    obviously even if they are rich beautifull and famous, they are not happy with themselves…


  42. He's Dead, Jim!

    What is scary here is that Valerie wears, in all likelihood, a size 10, maybe 12. That is the about same size that Stephanie Klein states she wears. Valerie is gorgeous. She has done extensive work for the Alliance for treatment of Eating Disorders. She is well-proportioned. In real life, she would look like any attractive woman walking around on the street.

    Whereas, Nicole and Lindsay, if strippped of their couture, would look as if they belong on the pages of National Geographic or on a pamphlet from UNICEF, urging us to assist starving people somewhere. My bet is that they have serious drug problems, serious self-esteem problems, or both.


  43. Think Before You Type

    All I have to say is this: He’s Dead, Jim is the only person to post here that said much of anything worthwhile. There were a few others who contributed, but in all honesty, it was a lonely effort. Valerie is not a fat cow. If you saw a picture of her walking down the street, without previous knowledge of her “Plus-Size” career, you’d think she was perfectly fine. The truth of the matter, regardless of your thoughts, is that both Nicole and Lindsay are not exactly healthy. Nicole, especially, is underweight, which is never a good thing. Also, don’t label Nicole or Lindsay “cocaine snorters”, “crystal meth addicts” or anything else. You have no idea what goes on in either of their personal lives, and it is foolish to make assumptions about someone you don’t know, especially based on tabloids and “E!” Entertainment specials. Thank you to everyone who made a competent statement, and all those who stood up for any of the girls, I’m glad you can see it both ways.


  44. Marc

    Nicole and Linsay are looking absolutely fantastic and supersexy!
    No ugly fat and great skinny dreambodys!

  45. I love Mark Darcy

    i pick the 2nd photo.

  46. meg

    It’s a little sad that anyone has opted for the first picture. What’s even sadder is that both of the girls in that picture are succumbing to whatever pressures are on them and living what would seem to be an unhealthy lifestyle.

  47. viviana

    well I dont know why she did that she was very pretty now she is too skinny photo number 2 is alot better not to skinny.

  48. sarah

    omg. lindsay needs to suck in a little or wear a girdle. i mean, she sort of has a gut. i would NEVER wear a dress like that with a gut like lindsay’s.

    um, okay.


  49. Dave Greten

    Anorexia has been demonized even though it is a problem which affects .01% of the American population. The real problem is 60% of Americans are now obese.

    Take a good look at the people on the beach or at your local Wal-Mart. Is the problem you are seeing widespread anorexia or a plague of morbid obesity?

  50. Me

    To Rocky and Maria: HELLO!!! people like you are the reason we have freakin anorexic people! it’s called peer pressure! I think that Valerie is beautiful in her own way, Linsday and Nikole aren’t anymore. and if she (or anyone who isn’t a freaking toothpick)is comfortable with how she looks then she shouldn’t be called “disgusting” or “fat”. it’s called healthy.

  51. Me

    I think that the reason Lindsay has a gut is because she’s starving. I know you have all seen pictures of the starving children if Africa with the potbellies. Lindsay, you were beautiful before! You don’t have to be a toothpick!!!

  52. tash

    hey guys
    ummm i think that lindsay and nicole look great i mean before they even lost loads of weight they were beautiful, people like allegra versace are who we should be worrying about look at nicole she is glowing in health and sure they may have bones protruding but so do a lot of other celebrity icons. i have had anorexia and bulimia and neither nicole or lindsay look like i did or any of the other girls from my theropy group, so long as they are happy then leave them alone if they arnt they will (fingers crossed) change that.

  53. Ana

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is healthy?.. What is overweight?.. We are defining people through the lenses of our societies norms. To be thin or not to be thin? To be big or not to be big?.. The norms if this society is that you have to be thin to be healthy right? “healthy” is the mainstream, to help ‘enculturate’ the others (big people) to become acceptable in todays society. If you think obesity is a problem, maybe you should look at Lindsay and Nicole both very beautiful girls no doubt, but even being “healthy” you must be a certain weight in comparison to your height right?.. These ‘idols’ are probably going through a fashion crisis, as dresses and jewelry are accessory so are their bodies, to fit into that “NORM” in the celebrity world.. Perhaps?..

  54. [Miss Hag] Tune in Tomorrow

    […] Citizen of the Month, Neil, featured a particularly controversial post several months ago about the alarming trend of emaciated celebrities.[…]

  55. jooohoiini

    Lindsay & Richy looks awfull!! They’re too skinny!!!

  56. anon


  57. Blaire

    Nicole and Lindsay look much better than they did before, and much better than the plus size model.

  58. Melissa

    Holy shit… you people are hateful. I may never leave the house again… I feel battered just reading this.

  59. meg

    wow, I totally agree with melissa. I’m surprised that everyone is so…hateful.

  60. akaky

    My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that I couldn’t care less one way or the other. If this makes them happy then more power to them, but I am not going to slay any more of my precious neurons worrying about whether or not two grossly overpaid reciters are too thin, too fat, too this, that, or the other thing. Remember, people, there are more important issues in the world today, like terrorism, Iraq, and whether or not putting mayonnaise on a French fry is a sign of the imminent coming of the Anti-Christ. Let’s get real, huh?!

  61. Michelle

    Lindsay and Nicole are a bit underweight. The the other lady is not “plus size”…she’s FAT with a whole lotta a make up and touch ups!

  62. Tovahtica

    Neil I hope it is ok that I linked this post to my current one

  63. Neil

    I’m glad. Maybe all the crazy “ana” people will now go to your blog instead of mine.

  64. Tovahtica

    Oh don’t you DARE wish that curse on me.. Take it back….

  65. Vanessa

    Body image is set by the media. We just play into it. If everyone thought they were perfect, there would be a plummet in make up sales, diet pills and health club memberships. As long as a woman is comfortable in her own skin and not so underweight or overweight that they become a danger to themselves. I say more power to them! All women are beautiful in their own right. Loving who you are is far more important than what other people think.

  66. Silvia

    The plus size babe is much more beautiful that 2 sick girls!

  67. Cory Frounfelter

    found this thread on google, and would like to say that big girls needlovin too. It’s not fat it’s more to love. But Lohan doesn’t look that thin from that picture, IDK maybe its jsut the dress

  68. Jocelynn

    Look here you STUPIDS. you must be boney too if you think that lindsey and nicole is cute.that is a beautiful plus-sized wish you were a model.that is all natural. if she needed an airbrush or had rolls she wouldn’t be a model.i bet some of you are fat chubby or skinny so don’t talk about someone if for me i am a model brittny from america’s next top it is not cool to say that plus-sized women are fat.

  69. Cass

    I think both Lindsay and Nicole are FAT PIGS that should drop a few pounds. I am 5ft 6in and weigh a horrible 80lbs (I know, I am a discusting FAT piece of shit that doesnt deserve the LARGE space I seem to occupy). Anyways got to go throw up and run on my tredmill:)

  70. Amanda

    ok.. people that think valerie is fat, are stupid. she is more beautiful then lindsay and nicole put together. um.. the people who say that its just a bad picture of the two girls.. let me ask you. what are the chances of both of them looking like starving toothpicks? i can understand if one looked bad, but they both look awful! people who are calling valerie fat, are jealous they dont look that good. im thinking of putting on a few pounds myself. she is georgeous, and those other two are discusting!

  71. Jaime

    I used to have a Picasso poster with a slighly voluptuous woman standing up bathing. I remember in college looking at it and thinking how heavy this woman looked. 15 years later, I look at the painting and think, wow, I wish I looked like that. How could I have ever thought she was fat.

  72. Leesa

    Wow, Neil. This is the first time I’ve read this. I am really amazed and disappointed by so many of the answers. To call Nicole & Linsday “healthy” looking, or Valerie “fat” and “obese” is just sad. Valerie may be overweight, but she is not obese or disgusting. Nicole and Lindsay are way too thin and I see nothing attractive with how they look. I thought Lindsay was beautiful when she was curvy. I’m just blown away.

  73. Neil

    I’m totally surprised by this also. I think many of these women are from “ana” sites — forums for women who advocate skinnyness as a lifestyle. Scary!

  74. anonymous city girl

    I think many of these women are from “ana” sites — forums for women who advocate skinnyness as a lifestyle.

    They are not advocating just skinnyness, they teach and promote an unhealthy and life threating way to weight loss.

  75. Tanisha

    “I think both Lindsay and Nicole are FAT PIGS that should drop a few pounds. I am 5ft 6in and weigh a horrible 80lbs (I know, I am a discusting FAT piece of shit that doesnt deserve the LARGE space I seem to occupy). Anyways got to go throw up and run on my tredmill:)”

    Who is this chick? Is she serious?

  76. Lisa

    i cant believe how these two girls look. they are so skinny, its sick looking. valarie may have a few extra pounds on her, but i would way rather look like her than either one of the other girls!

  77. Heather

    Thankyou! Sir Mix a lot had it right, Lindsay and Poor Nicole need a heaping serving of spaghetti and real women got some back and don’t look like coat hangers…which, by the way the fashion industry WANTS women to look like coat hangers, that, or 14 year old boys, but its just all backwards. I think even men by and large have been brainwashed into thinking women are supposed to look starved.

  78. Fitèna

    The picture is damn scary! can anyone possibly think that these girls are beautiful? They look SICK. That’s my very objective/neutral point of view. I actually think they look like …. nothing comes to mind. Objects mainly,: coathangers, a friend of mine said you could play xylophone on their ribs! Beautiful? No really, YOU must have a problem!
    Now, Valerie looks HUMAN! She looks like the woman she IS!

  79. anon

    I’ll agree Nicole looks awful in that photo, but the dress is hardly a flattering cut is it? I think Lindsay looks fine. The plus size model is ok if that’s your kind of thing but you have to admit it’s airbrushed. As to the poster who said that she wouldn’t be a model if she needed to be airbrushed – I’m a model, US size 0 and my photos are airbrushed; we all have imperfections, be it cellulite or a blemish, or whatever. People should stop being so negative about slender women. If that’s their choice, who are we to judge, much as we dont judge the plus size girl for choosing not to diet.

  80. Neil

    Translation of last comment into English: “Hey fatsos, shut up and eat another donut!”

  81. Nate

    Air brushed or not, Valerie looks much better then the other two girls. Give them some cake!

  82. Nickie

    OK, for one people need to stop writing articles like these. The three women seen here are all beautiful. It’s this constant battle to be perfect that is ruining everyone. So you are on the thin side or on the thick side, its no ones right to pass judgement on people you don’t know. This message is especially for women and the people who wrote this article,just stop ! Our foremothers were fighting for equal rights and sticking together trying to not just be seen but heard. As women we need to stick together and use our brains and beautiful bodies whatever they look like to fight this catty bullshit. Its just sick how we as a society have turned into a people who value vanity over all else. Instead of argueing over three beautiful women, why don’t you put sometime into fighting against the sterotypes which hold us back, and in many times can destroy a person.

  83. Neil

    First, of all, the “people” who wrote this article is a man. Not that I wouldn’t mind being a woman for a while. I am quite thin, although I do occasionally have an In-N-Out burger when the need arises. And I love bright colors, like orange and yellow, but it would just be too ‘gay” of me to wear that in public.

    Unfortunately, this anorexia issue has gone beyond a “vanity” issue into one of health. The model female image should be one of health, and whether that is bigger or smaller shouldn’t matter. Morbid obesity is a health risk. as is the excessive need to be so skinny that your bones are sticking out. As a freelancer who pays $500 bucks a month on health insurance, health issues are a concern for me whatever my gender.

  84. Janett

    Valarie is airbrushed. duh.. she also wasnt caught off gaurd. Nicole and Linsday were. So stop talking shit about people you dont even know and get on with your lives!

  85. Helen

    Lindsay and Nicole look like crack addicts. Plain and simple. They don’t look like real women. Now, I admit I’d rather be thin than fat but I also know that being too thin is really unhealthy. Besides, in this society we place far too much attention on how we look. The inside is far more important. My grandma has been overweight and a smoker for over 70 years now, and has outlived all of her thin “healthy” sisters. I think the reason is that she has a good attitude, and is truly beautiful on the inside.

  86. Taylor

    Hey u guys i think they look great they have never looked better actually myself i got jealous and went anorexic and im staring to loose weight im at 95 pounds now and hoping to be at 70 one day LOVE YA LINDSY && NICOLE staystrong girls

  87. Anutza

    nicole and lindsay at this point look way too scrawny but i’ll take that any day over the fat chick. honestly, it looks as if she could knock someone out with a thigh. The only reason people praise fat women nowadays is because they find it easier to make fat ‘be in’ than go work out and lose weight so they can look great. Anyone can be fat, not many people have the will power to become ‘fit’.

  88. bAby gUrl Ix

    I totally agree with all the people who have said that it is unfair to say that its okay to call a skinny girl ugly but if you make a single comment about a fat- and lets be real, the second woman is a fatty- then you get condemmed to hell!!! You never get people slagging off the fatties because “you can’t hurt their feelings- its not their fault their fat”, while its perfectly acceptable to call a skinny girl names.
    Personally, I think Lindsey and Nicole have taking the dieting a little too far, but they look 100 times better than Valerie! That gurl is such a skeg, she makes me feel ill. And as a skiny-ish girl, it really hurts me to read how people are calling thin girls ugly. Some of us can’t help it. I was born 2 months early and therefore am always going to be a bit smaller than other girls. NOT ALL SKINNIES ARE CRACK ADDICTS!!!!
    Oh and Helen? If you honestly think that your grandma has outlived all her sisters because of her attitude, then you are so wrong, and you will realise that when she is told that she has heart disease for being so FAT!

  89. Anonymous

    I think there both gorgeous photos, in linsey and nicoles deffence i think they look beautiful, very thin but who doesnt what to be thin? The plus size woman isnt fat for all of those people who are calling him a cow. If you saw her anywhere you wouldnt be like “eww look at that cow” I love lindsey and nicole and they are alot thinner but great they lost some weight! I dont think there ana.

  90. Dakota

    Eww Lindsay you looked way better lastime you just made yourself look gross,you are pretty but you dont have to be too skinny and if you like it that way then whatever you look sick………..And nicole looks really gross to but she is prettier that lindsay and they are just way too skinny

  91. Dakota

    FUcking quit trying to be soo damn sexxy ok cuz your not no more what the fuck do you guys have to show off now hahaha you guyz are absolutley fucked up and you need to gain alittle bit of weight

  92. Jacqui

    I don’t consider myself fat, but I also wish I were thinner. I’m 5’6″ and 135 pounds, I’m curvy, but I also enjoy my curves. In my opinion, none of these women look healthy. It doesn’t matter how airbrushed the pictures are, we aren’t talking about perfection of skin, we’re talking about body size. And had these girls not been caught of guard, they would STILL be rediculously skinny. I’m not saying Valerie is healthy, because she could definately stand to go to a gym. I’m just saying, they both could stand to improve their bodies, not for media’s sake, but for the sake of being healthy.



  94. Emmaleigh

    wow.. “NICOLE & LINDAYS LOVER”, do you know these girl personaly? i highly doubt it. how do you know that they are not on crack? becuase thats what you heard in a magazine, or on the internet? weird how you can talk about valarie, but you cant stand that people are talking about lindsay and nicole. it sounds like YOU need to get a life. oh, and valarie looks much better. she looks healthy, while the other two look sick.

  95. Mel

    Lindsay and Nicole look awesome! Before everyone said they looked “thick” and “chubby”. Now everyone says they’re too skinny. No they arent! People are just making a big deal about nothing just they arent exactly the same as they were before. Things change and people change…..Get over it! P.S. The plus size model is pretty, but if she lost like 50 lbs she would be hot. – Why settle for pretty when you can be hot???

  96. emit

    okay, i will make this quick

    you guys are fucking sad. stop labeling women as cows or sticks or drug addicts. your perceptions are skewed and youre all brainwashed.

    i agree with everyone here who said that being healthy is of the most importance, the only problem for example is that say the plus-sized model could be healthy and you still wouldn’t accept it.

    at least in older times the ideal body image was attainable. now the media has women brainwashed into thinking that women need to be STICKS to be pretty.

    notice I didn’t say slender. but I will tell you that I would rather be a little overweight than be a stick any day. not everyone is built the same, and taller girls tend to wear larger sizes than smaller ones due to bone structure…and that doesn’t change even if your weight does.

    there is nothing wrong with being skinny, and there is nothing wrong with being thick. there is only something wrong if you are jeopardizing your health. when will you people learn?

    also, i personally think that lohan and richie looked better before the drastic weight loss (whatever the reason). you guys mean to tell me that curcy richie and lohan didn’t look good in their stuff, maxim and fhm spreads!?

    the plus size model is just probably a shock to you all since you’re not going to see someone of that body size and type in print as often….but she like richie and lohan a while back at least looked like they had some life to them.

  97. Jacinta

    wtf r use on….valerie isnt even that fat! plus lindsay and nicole look disguistinlgly sick in that photo! plz pap stick to takin photos of just their heads….they look revolting when u include their bodies…YUCK!!!

  98. alex-luvs-lee-ryan

    How can u say that valerie isn’t fat? That minger mustw weigh, like 20 tonnes or sumfing. I would musch rather look like nic or linds.At least if they felt they needed to put on the weight, they could do it in a short-ish amount of time. Valerie would have to diet for the rest of her life to lose that fat. Eugh….


  99. Finn

    I think Lindsay and Nicole are a bit too thin maybe. But still I´d rather look like them than that +size model. She has a pretty face but I wouldnt be comfortable being that big.

  100. Aubree

    Where do I even start?

    The question was, who looks better. Richie and Lohan, or Valarie. Valarie by a long shot. Now this question branched off into many other conversations. Health wise, again… Valarie. Do I think that the two girls are on drugs? Who really knows? They may look like they are, but not eating messes you up in many, many, many, differect ways. Who would I rather look like? Valarie. The other two look like little popsicle sticks.

    “The average American woman is a size 14 because American women live off of fast food, soap operas, and sitting on the couch.

    Just because something is average doesn’t make it healthy. ”

    This for me was the comment that made me mad. Size 14, is not unhealthy. Yes, this is an average size, but unhealty? Maybe this person shound consult a doctor before they start throwing out numbers and accusations. FYI: Being a size 14 does not mean you sit around doing nothing, eating, and watching TV. Is also does not mean you are unhealthy.

  101. Jenny

    Lindsey and Nicole both look utterly disguisting i think those “skinny looks” and wanting to be skinny is very stupid. What is the reason of being skinny when you can look healthy and well like Valerie dont say she is fat and plus size ether she is a woman that has beautiful curves and nice boobs. I rather be like her healthy. Instead of looking like a stick. People who say you rather look like nicole and lindsey that is soooo sad.

  102. the _look

    i am an Australian model – we get taught to “celebrate everyone’s uniqueness” also has it ever come to anyone’s attention that dress sizes differ in other states?? also the people saying have you ever got to know them, wake up 2 yourself there hollywood starts not many lucky people meet them, and get to know them so well, like some peole have said if your happy with your self so be it , even if your going to have health issuses, but lindsay has announced she has a disorder so good for her noticing she has a problem.

  103. the _look

    and who the hell wears blue shoes with a red dress???

  104. James

    i noticed that most of the comments were left by girls. so i thought that i would throw in a guys opinion. nicole and lindsay look like shit. and thats the truth. some of you might be thinking “oh he would give anything to be with them” all i have to say is hell freakin no. not only are they sick looking and look like little toothpicks, it makes them ugly. -james

  105. casey

    honestly, everyone- this is why we have such extremes in the american society. it’s either “fat” or “stick-thin.” no one even knows what “healthy” is anymore because of the kinds of comments that have been made on here. have any of you been to the lunchtables of a high school lately? you have a tubby girl in one corner, shoveling food into her mouth while her friend says that “Oh, you look fine! You’re healthy! Screw those models!” and in the other corner you have thin girls discussing how they will never be as thin as so-and-so and they want to lose however many pounds. america is an obese nation as well as an anorexic one. i used to be very overweight, then lost a lot and became underweight. and i still battle with these things- every day. both pictures look fine (depending on which view of the american society you’re talking to) and both pictures are also gross (also depending on who you’re talking to.) but, to answer the question at hand here, i will be honest and say that i would much rather be thin like lindsay and nicole than “plus-size” like Valerie. i’m growing up in a world where “thin is in” and “nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” anywho, i will end by stating: both are unhealthy. period.

  106. hayliee

    It’s not realy anyones buissness of how skinny they are. yes they are skinny but manny people used to say Nicole’s heavey,It’s there descion.Now lindsay gained more weight and she looks fantastic.

  107. Leigh

    You know what you guys if you want to be skinny look beautiful and be like a model or celeb go for it if thats what you want just keep in mind whats healthy and whats not i mean ok both pictures none of the girls look healthy but Val looks betetr but do keep in mind that it was taken in a studio with lights and professionals while Lindsay is on the red carpet with less lights to enhance how she looks yeah its debateable what looks pretty and whats beautiful and whats healthy i mean yeah sure i would love to be skinnier and look pretty but i don;t want to look sick but some people might just want to look like that so its their choise because don;t we live in the land of the free? or is that only the freedom of speech and are some decisions unabled to be made freely basically what i am trying to say is if someone wants to be that skinny its their choice ok maybe people don’t like it but its the same as people commiting suicide they have the freedom to choose to kill themselves so why can’t girls and guys at that matter choose how they want to look without being condemned by people who don’t share the same ideas of ideal beauty

  108. Kirsty

    nicole and lindsy are perfect…i could only dream to look and be as thin as they are.

  109. su

    the ‘plus’ size model might actually exercise and keep herself toned therefore would not have ‘unslightly flab’ i think they call it a healthy lifestyle?? also the knickers arent really all that flattering…as for the bones/curves debate, being a size 12/14 myself (and regualar gym-goer) ive never met a guy who compained about my ample ass or boobs! who would want to go to bed with a skeleton? whats there to grab hold of? they are just walking coat hangers for designer clothes…my final message – enjoy eating good food and enjoyu life – its wonderful!!!

  110. Melissa

    Perfect? Would that be why Lindsy came out in a recent Vanity Fair interview talking about her bulimia and drug abuse?

    “I knew I had a problem and I couldn’t admit it.”

    “I saw that ‘SNL’ after I did it,” she adds. “My arms were disgusting. I had no arms.”

    You can find more excerpts of the interview at

  111. Jetta

    Umm I guess theres never been love for us big girls , i guess my junk in the truck an’t much use then , but i an’t worried about high class hoes with noses in the air they don’t pay my bills so..if they wanna look cracked out its there money…but i think i see some porn openings for these chicklets…bright future…God i guess we all going to hell uh?

  112. sarah

    k if any body who says lindsay lohan and nicole richie look good u r just as cracked out as they r first of all lindsay lohan just addmited to bulimia and drug use ok now u tell me whos going to die of a heart attack firt the fat chick or the cracked out bulimic ???but if u r bulimic i geuss u would pick the cracked out bulimic but heys its ur call go and eat a fucking healthy meal fuck and exercise u lazy bitches

  113. Belenen

    it’s amazing how the media has warped so many minds about what is unhealthily overweight. Valerie is perfectly healthy, couldn’t possibly be more than a size 12 or 14, and she’s perfectly proportioned, yet people think that she ‘needs’ to lose weight? That’s even more warped than thinking that Lindsey and Nicole are healthy. And people thinking that she’s 300 pounds??? She can’t possibly be more than 170 at the most.

    There is nothing extreme or unhealthy about Valerie. Read some medical articles on weight and learn that:
    1.) people CAN be technically overweight and be completely healthy, as muscle weighs more than fat and everyone has a different bone structure (some are just built to weigh more). In fact, those who are slightly overweight (by the chart) are often more healthy than those who are slightly underweight.
    2.) The height-to-weight ratio is not a good determiner of health. Studies have shown that a far more accurate method is the hip-to-waist ratio. And Valerie has a phenominal hip-to-waist ratio.

    I’d link, but if you won’t bother to look it up, you certainly won’t be openminded enough to believe it if I took the trouble to link some articles.

  114. Sarah09

    OMG!..what the crap? NO…ok, nobody take this pffensively, but that valerie know what..ill come back to that later…yes, nicole is starting to look a little thin…but Lindsay is perfect!…ok..and the valerie girl…well, she’s gotten to be a model and all, so good for here, but EWWW!, im sorry, that picture makes me want to throw up…although, i wouldnt do that…but…nicole, a LITTLE thin, lindsay, great!, and valerie…OMG! EWW!…sorry

  115. christina

    okat now in all fairness i would perfer to be nicole and lindsays size than vals but they do look a bit sickly! maybe if they put on a lil bit more weight they would be grand! and valerie well she just needs to lose weight im slim myself but i have got quite big boobs and a lil bit of hips i just have a toned stomach and legs as i go to the gym i love britney spears size.

  116. amanda

    Thank you veryveryvery much for this. People need to realize how disgusting women are being portrayed these days. i would absolutely,100%,without a second thought,choose valerie over nicole/lindsay,any time,any place. women used to be curvy,voluptious, now they’re all,literally,skin and bones. i can’t handle how women think they’re beautiful by being boney. someone needs to stop this before it gets out of hand. at least someone has started.
    “no one likes a bone but a dog.”

  117. Joe Doe

    They are both way to skinny if you ask me the need to gain about 10 to 15 pounds to look good.

  118. Izzy

    Personally, being a girl who herself wouldnt be considered “skinny” but not overweight, I think Valerie looks better. I’m tired of skinny chicks, especially Nicole and Lindsay. Lindsay has recently admitted to drug usage and bulimia. That is not the answer to looking beautiful, which is obviously proven by that picture of Valerie. Come on people, Lindsay and Nicole would die if you touched them too hard.

  119. alexandra

    well lindsay and nicole look better.. anyway who wants to use plus size? euuu
    that plus size model is fat.!!

  120. dave

    the skinny ones cause the fat oneis really ugly!! haha and nicole and lindsay are hott!!

  121. Kat

    uhh.. the last couple people who left comments must be blind. those skinny tweaks look nasty, while valarie looks human; how a human should look.. take another swig of that ipecac syrup girls!

  122. Rosie

    well lindsay and nicole look better.. anyway who wants to use plus size? euuu
    that plus size model is fat.!!

    By alexandra on 01.12.06 10:28 pm

    ok bitch.. your probably ugly and fat. stupid whore. real nice that you talk about other people!

  123. kish

    ewwwwwww plus size is nasty…. nicole is utter perfection

  124. Amanda

    That plus sized girl looks nasty.

    Nicole looks adorable!

  125. Linda

    personaly i wouldent want to be any of em.. but if i had to say who looked better.. valarie. she can at least lose weight, those other girls have eating disorders and will probably die.

  126. Linda

    oh… and whoever the person is who leaves a comment a day about how great nicole and lindsay look.. get a life cause you should be sooo sooo sooo sooooooo embaressed. hahahaha.. buh byye

  127. hannah

    im glad they got better. i think im really skinny.too skinny

  128. shauna

    ok..all you people who are looking at the plus size girl and saying she is nasty need to know what healthy and unhealthy is.. healthy is being at a good weight range and at least 85% of your expected bosy weight.. looking at nicole and lindsay i would guess they are at least 15 pounds underweight.. they have a problem and probably won’t get over it because of the pressure from their jobs and could eventually die because of it.. if you think they look good then i guess you think death looks good.. the plus size girl may not be the every-day model size but someone wanted her to take the picture and if she was “nasty” they wouldn’t have taken it. you may not think it looks good but she is healthy and the other two are not. grow a brain

  129. liv

    i think the plus-size model is more attractive.

  130. Jasmine

    Well. Honestly I think that Valarie looks better. But you have to feel sorry for Lindsay and Nicole. They have a problem that many women now a days have! Eating disorders are serious and should be taken as such.

  131. Tim

    lindsay and nicole look gross. valarie is hott!! thats all there is to it.

  132. Amy Lee Ann


    Fat is gross. She’s not plus size. She’s fat. She’s a cow and needs to loose weight no matter what size she is. Maybe if morons like you didn’t encourage FATNESS then we all wouldn’t weigh so much. And I’m not giving you fucking fatasses sympathy. It’s your own fault. Genetics or not. But anorexic is disgusting as well. Why dont we all just stop with the junkfood and mature up a little. Sticks and cows aren’t sexy.


  133. Crissy

    i cant believe this “debate” has been going on for almost a year. this is not a debate, its a dead subject.

  134. Dinah

    persunaly i juste wishe peple culd spel befor they atemptid to coment. valary luks beter. lisday and nicule luk ok.

  135. persanil

    persunaly i juste wishe peple culd spel befor they atemptid to coment. valary luks beter. lisday and nicule luk ok.

  136. Elizabeth

    Only in America would I see anyone respond with “the skinny one is more beautiful.” Sick. Americans’ idea of beauty is so warped by the media and need for power, it is disgusting. When there are issues so large and important in this world (war/hunger/death/hatred) we continue to concern ourselves with issues revolving around appearance and weight. Most definitely the plus-size model more closely defines beauty – she appears healthy, lovely, rosy and full of life.

  137. Heather

    wow! i cant even image looking like nicole or lindsay! they are gross looking. sorry girls! its already been said, but eat some cake!!! yuk. anyway. valarie looks great. she (already been said as well) is full of life, and looks beautiful.

  138. alex

    i think that nicole needs to gain more weight, so does lindsey, but if they like how they r, leave them alone! the plus model is gorgous too. its wrong to call athletic or large boned girls fat, and to call naturally thin girls anorexic.fuck society, way to much pressure to be thin. and 2 all u assholes, stop calling people u dont even know fat, ugly or anorexic!

  139. Katie

    Okay. I had a slight problem with food… On and off again.I’m sorry but I don’t think it is right to call them too fat or too skinny. I dont know. I can see “my ideal” But we all have our own bodies, shapes,and sizes and no matter how we slice it, no one is going to look as good or as bad or whatever… as they do. I don’t think people should even voice your oppinion one over the other…. It seems very juvenile and “which one would you pick to be the best!?” sort of thing. And also I wouldn’t put the whole “eating disorder = you are retarded” thing. Because that doesn’t work out… You can’t up and one day just DECIDE … “Man, I don’t think I’ll eat for 14 days.” or “Everything I eat I’ll throw up from now until Christmas!… wait this month is February …sooo?” thing. You CAN NOT help Bulimia or Anorexia Nervousa. when someone is anorectic something in them just stops working and food is your enemy, and you are in this dream world… and if you eat you lose and slip back into the pounding head rush of reality. I wouldn’t judge eating disorders. That is my only advice.
    I would like to apoligize if I have offended anyone… I certainly did not mean to.
    You all are beautiful

  140. Lindsay.. not lohan

    if u ppl have seen lindsayon Punk’d. she looks LOVELY there..

    she’s got no arm on this pic.. btw.. i think valerie doesn’t look overwaight.. you dont see and fat dripping from her..

    Lindsay: Get some skin..

    Nicole: Die, die, die!

    nah.. jk

  141. Neil

    Ah, youth of today! Can someone please translate the last comment for me?

  142. juju

    oh my gosh think they look nice now? what sort of message is that sening to teenage girls and girls my age (20) who have eating disorders in attempts to look like that?????

  143. DAISY


  144. Jen

    My opinion….A happy in between would be perfect. Lindsey and Nicole are trying very hard to look hot. I think they are trying too hard. I think just to add afew ponds…not too much…they obviously want to be thin. Also, I know real men love a woman the way she was made to be…cuvey..not fat, but, yes…curvey!

  145. my opinion

    really…. nicole and lindsay look way better then the fat model… think about it lindsay and nicole and really gorgeous and that fat one … well i dont want to be mean so ill just leave it at that i dont think lindsay and nicole are to skinny i think the other chick is to fat though

  146. LAY

    WELL .. maybe there is a better example of a plus sized model out there coz this one looks a bit too big and not that pretty.

    Society has defined what is beautiful and thin is the winner…

    Lindsey looked better before… but i think nicole looks better now.

    Lindsey and nicole to work out a lot too so have muscle as well as bones!

    I think they look better and id much rather be them than the plus sized model/

  147. Lara


  148. LAY

    I agree with you that its all the media…. but i guess it warps a lot of our ideals of what is beautiful… like if i met lindsey and nicole in real life or a freind of mine was that size id probably be mortified and tell them they look ill and help them

  149. nikki

    the camera puts 10 pounds on by the way, so take that off the too skinnies and theyd be even skinnier. the plus sized woman is probably like 100 feet tall heheh, that is why she looks bigger i guess. she looks healthier i reckon, but thats just be. id rather be healthy and happy than any thing else

  150. Fat girl

    Can’t we all just agree to disagree?
    Some people will like the skinny girls and some will like the fat girls. Wouldn’t it be a boring world if we all liked the same thing?

  151. emaciation is hot

    Emaciation is hot-
    everyone else are just jealous that they can’t b like thses adorable girls.

  152. Michelle

    i thought lindsay lohen was so pretty but now she looks really emesciated! or how ever you spell it! all the stars hgave gone through a time like linday if you noticed!

  153. i AM COOL

    i thinks its just crazy both of them they are WAYYYYYY too skinny…its just scarry

  154. louise

    Hello. I am a 15 year old girl and I think Nicole and Lindsay look a little better than the model. I weigh 6 and a half stone and Im a size six but seeing pictures of celebrities who look like this make me want to be thinner. When people on this say that Nicole and Lindsay are gorgeous being so thin that makes me want to be thin. After reading this a few weeks ago, I haven’t ate more than 100 calories in about 2 weeks and I just can’t help it. When people say that these girls are gorgeous, I want to be gorgeous so I want to be like them.
    Sorry but I think I have to agree with these people, u can never be too thin. I know I cant.

  155. stephanie

    i think that it is not good to be so skinny or fat. i’m a girl that has always had an obsession with weight and image and i’m sick tired of the “skinny culture” nowadays. if you are not like paris hilton or any other super star, you are not fashion because ypu dont look like everyone does. i think that that just makes life harder for the girls who have eating disorders like me, so maybe that’s what made them fall into that, i justo hope that bothe of them will find out that they are going to die if they don’t change that life style, bye

  156. Ty'Lene

    Hey guys,

    I didn’t read all the comments but from what I did read, I can tell we’re never going to come to an agreement.
    I’m not what you would say “fat” or “skinny”, my dad likes to call me “petite”. I’m not sure if he’s trying to just comfort me, but I’ve been called anorexic before, I don’t know if any of you have, but maybe you should think about how it would feel to be call anorexic when you weren’t. One of you earlier said that if you could run a football field w/out running out of breath then you’d call it heathy? Well I can, I may be small and “skinny in your eyes, but I think that maybe I’m just a little “petite”. I’ve learned not to judge people by the way that they look, but Lohan, she was SO beautiful the way she was before. Then she couldn’t stand the presure of being a celebrity anymore and got all skinny. Maybe she’s not anorexic, but I don’t think that she’s healthy. The model looked just fine. Maybe they did airbrush it, but she was still heatly. I don’t think she was over weight. My advise would be to put yourselves in their positions before you judge them.

    And one last thing to all you guys out there, why should it matter what your woman looked like? I mean…it’s a plus but really. Do you want some skinny thing that would suck to make out with? Or a healthy woman who would be great, but might have a bad attitude because she knows she’s beautiful. Or a little chunkier woman you wouldnt be that bad, and would probably love you because you loved her? Maybe I’m just making a fool of myself, but I would want a healthy guy, who would love me for who I was, not my body.

    America’s image is a blond tall skinny model. And half of it’s teenagers are going to grow up wanting to be just that.


  157. fat people suck

    Of course lindsay and nicole look horrible in this picture. they werent in make-up for hours or airburshed. they’re at a party. people always look like crap after being at a party for a while. and who the hell would like a fat chick? she’d freakin crush you just trying to hug you. but of course, the freakishly skinny girls would feel like theyre gonna break. so, the point is, fat people freakin suck and need professional help. while, freakishly skinny chicks just need a few donuts shoved down there throat, and to be kept in a room until it digests to make sure they dont throw it up. no harm in either one =)

  158. Angelle

    Damn. You people are effing idiots. Valerie isn’t “fat”. She’s thick. And if you’d rather screw a toothpick over a good coosh toosh, ya’ll are smoking some crack, along with Nicole and Lindsay. Go smoke some crack and die. You don’t have a chance with any of those 3.

  159. OnlyNow

    Emaciated is emaciated, and obese is obese. Somewhere in the middle is beautiful. The only thing about these thin celebrities that really bothers me is the fact that everyone keeps going on and on about how they stay so thin. It’s the big deal made about eating disorders in the media that worries me about the perceptions of teenagers.

  160. becca

    i’d just like to say this:
    some people cam be bigger and still be healthy, it all depends on bone structure.
    and women are SUPPOSED to have some fat on then, not a tremendous amount, but the curves are what make women sexy. and the people who chose the first pecture are great examples of why girls turn anorexic.

  161. lydia

    Nicole an dLindsay did NOT look fat before… they looked NORMAL. Now one strand of my hair is bigger than their stomachs. NOT normal. The plus-size model is beautiful. She looks healthy, even if she is a little overweight. I mean, come on, at least she’s not a twig!!!!

  162. lacey

    i think they’re beautiful. i love this picture and i love the skinny skinny look. SHOW YOUR BONES GIRLS

  163. who cares?

    okay well i weigh 90 lbs and someone said that weighing less than 105 is unhealthy. well your an idiot because i eat every day and im 5’5 and i look perfectly healthy. just thin.

    who cares if they are thin, too thin, or too fat?

  164. sick of ed society

    Pics like these PLUS the fact that our whole society is eating disordered and/or has a very eating disordered view made me anorexic…now Iäm in bloody recovery and guess what? looking like Lohan and Richie IS anorexic. u think all anas are 30 kilos? gosh…

    btw: stop buying gossip magazines that write how “worried” they are about skinny celebrities….if it weren’t for the dollars they make selling that, Nicole Richie would not be famous today.

  165. Bekah

    I just don’t understand..I don’t even think that model is plus sized. Plus sized is over 14, isn’t it? Her stomach is flat, and you can even see a little collar bone. What if this is her weight with healthy diet and excersize? Some people are made big, some tiny. Their make does not make them healthy or unhealthy. I am afraid of being a girl sized 10 in this strange society. I feel fat for being something I always thought was an “average” size..and its the fault of media, and moreso, the girls who have been brainwashed by it, and spread their crazy ideals of “beauty.”

  166. Hil

    Right on, Bekah. In many places YOU would be considered skinny. Don’t you ever feel fat at a size 10! Look at the young black girls, a lot of this generation proudly wears tight clothes, no matter what size. That is so refreshing to see. Hope it spills out to the general public one day.

  167. Jaelle

    I know this is old news, but I still think it’s sick how being near-anorexia is the “in” thing to do.

    Whatever happened to being healthy and beautiful?

    I’m only 20 and according to Hollywood’s standards, I am fat. But I weigh what I’m supposed to weight at my height. So does that make me fat? Do I need to be under-weight to be skinny? That’s just ridiculous!

    We’re here on this planet to live, not to die from starvation or drugs.

    I wish the entertainment industry could see what kind of effect it is having on the young-people of the world…

  168. Kelly

    You know what? Just hearing supportive comments about a plus-size model makes my day. Knowing that there is at least one man who isn’t grossed out by a size 14 woman is enough, regardless of asshole comments to the contrary.

  169. er,katie,kris,don & mimi

    they look really gross!
    that bitch really needs to go to the tanning salon. (lindsay)!
    someone needs to give them a big mac..with mad mayo! stop at some mickey d’s before going on ur shoppin spree! but other than that..thats it!

  170. Nixie

    I don’t believe anyone should be upset, or feel as if they should be anorexic, just because of the unintelligent comments some people have made. Anyone that incapable of making a coherent, grammatically sound response shouldn’t ever be taken seriously.

    I don’t see why people have to repeatedly harp on “fat” people. Do you think we don’t realize we’re fat? We know. And as much as I know some of you hate it, a lot of us don’t care. A good majority of us also eat healthy and exercise, but we’re still fat. If we can accept it, then I think it should be ever so easy for those of you who are thin to get over it. And don’t even start on the “but being fat isn’t healthy” thing. You aren’t in the least bit concerned about the fat person walking down the street’s health, you just don’t like that they’re fat. Period.

    Hate has never solved anything and it certainly has never been done in the name of health.

  171. ABT

    It’s never considered “nice” to say to someone who is “heavier” that they are heavy. Yet many think NOTHING of telling a thin girl something she already knows about her body. I get comments about how skinny I am all the time! It drives me bonkers as I am not anorexic nor am I purposely trying to be this thin. This is a result of my hectic life at this point and partly genetic…just as obesity might be the result of a hectic life and genetics. People feel it’s okay to make nasty comments about one extreme to their face…and behind the backs of the those at the other extreme. Let’s stop the double standard please.

    Healthy body comes from good nutrition and physical activity–regardless of size. Yet there are extremes where size usually indicates one of those two factors is OFF! A person with a BMI of 15 (healthy range is 18-25) should be concerned about what is causing their low weight just as someone with a BMI of 30 should be concerned about what is causing their HIGH weight. BUT neither needs to be judged or poked fun at.

  172. ABT

    Regarding why should a guy care what you look like? I’m not a guy…and I do care what my boyfriend looks like. OUR BODIES are part of who we are. To pretend like ONLY the mind is our true selves or only our “spirit” is our true self is ridiculous. We come in a package deal. There are ugly people who are wonderful and sweet and loving and there are gorgeous people who are mean and selfish. I prefer someone who I can be physically attracted to and emotionally connect with. BOTH are critical.

    That said, each man (and woman) is physically attracted to different things. WHO am I to say that Bob should like big boobs or small booobs? OR that Jane should like hairy chests or smooth chests? Don’t we all have a right to find different things attractive?

    I say YES. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, but we must allow the “beholders” the right to choose things we may not like.

  173. Dagny

    Thank you ABT for saying what has been going through my mind over the last week or so. I spent years being asked if I was anorexic. No, I am not. I eat but thank you for your concern. It never ceases to amaze me how people can say it’s wrong to say disparaging things about someone who they conceive as being heavier yet feel that it is OK to say the same kind of things about when the person is thin.

  174. kimi

    I think lindsay has always been ugly personally…I just adore nicole, i find it amazing how someone can transform themselves from transit trash, to actaully having fashion sense, and knowing how to do ones hair, to bad it took her 25 pounds to realize that.

  175. jess

    Lets be honest, i wouldnt say either of em look all that good! im skiny as fuk an hate it. alls i try an do is put waight on an it does me head in.obviously we’de all rather have a body like Kelly Brook so get a photy of her up.

  176. B.e.A.u.T.i.F.u.L

    umm deffinetly lindsey and nicole! who wants to be a fatty?! like seriously if i got tht fat i would become bulimic or something sorry tht sounds means but she could go on a diet or something…

  177. Naisa

    ok…this is crazy you people are horrible people…I’m only 16 and reading most of these comments…people saying stuff bad about fat people being disgusting…do you know what that does to our youth?…to girls like me? there are a lot of teen girls my age younger and older that are becoming anorexic or belimic just because they want to look a lil better…that causes them to go through so much pain and problems within themselves and physically…personally I dont really care what I look like..I have friends and they like me either way…but being that skinny is not healthy at all it can cause a lot of sicknesses and stuff just look this stuff up ask a doctor…seriously its crazy the plus size model is not disgusting so what if she is airbrushed or photoshoped or w/e it doesnt matter shes not fat at all and shes not disgusting at all there are a lot of peopl out there who are worse off than she is and I think the people who think she is disgusting just need to be shot or something you are all conceited and could care less about anyone you only care about yourself and your own image…thats what I have to say…I’m not that big myself but to the public they would say I was overweight but to me, my friends, and family would have it no other way…people who think that nicole and lindsey actually look great in that picture and think that they are healthy need to stick it becuase obviously you have no idea what the hell you are talking about…as mentioned earlier its causes a lot of physical and emotional pain…and the people who think they look great like that need to change their view on things…but thats all I have to say…

  178. Dagny

    In the latest issue of Vanity Fair, there is an article on Nicole. She thinks that she is too thin and is working with a nutritionist to gain some of that weight back.

  179. Brenda

    “The average woman in the US is a size 14. As a society we are trained to believe that in order to fit in, we have to be a size 4 or less.”

    Damn a size 14?? I could be described as a few pounds “over weight” and im a size 8. Everyone is built differently and you have to keep in mind height and age when it comes to weight also.

  180. kimberley sarah

    the media
    is the only one
    to blame for their wieght loss
    they are the ones
    that said these girls where to big
    the media is why body image is a huge part of teenage society
    the say these girls are to thin
    now and before they where to fat
    you cant win
    in my honest oppion they look fragile but the media has put this image in or head that this is the only size that is acepted
    you ahve doen this
    and these are the concequences

  181. NATASHA


  182. Roberta

    I kind of assumed the question you posed to be rhetorical, but apparently, your readers disagree.
    I started reading through the comments, and I was kind of laughing, until I realized it was nervous laughter, at which point I stopped reading them. It’s pretty upsetting. You see it every day, it’s a part of our world, but somehow I guess I’m still a bit sheltered; this is what a life surrounded by primarily amazing people will do for you.
    My favorite (as far as I got) was this:
    Uhm, not to be a bitch but I’d definitely rather look at Nicole & Uhm, not to be a bitch but I’d definitely rather look at Nicole & Lindsay than that fatty in some underwear.. and she doesn’t even have a pretty face. She looks like Kerri Russell 4 kids deep.
    I’m still trying to work out ‘not to be a bitch’ with ‘that fatty in some underwear’. Perhaps I am too literal.
    Oy. gimme a cookie and some airbrushing.

  183. Miss Syl

    Okay, I know this is an old post, but I came upon it in your comments list on your front page, and I’m shocked and kind of horrified at how long the debate has raged on, and kind of horrified at how angry, defensive, and mean-spirited people are around the whole topic, despite which side they’re coming from.

    To me, everyone has missed the point. The point is: Why are we asking and so ardently debating this question, “Which girl looks better?” in the first place?

    I understand the good intent behind your asking it, Neil, and I applaud your trying to stress that women shouldn’t need to starve themselves to look good.

    However, let’s be up front. No one ever posts pictures of the collarbone-jutting Leonardo DiCaprio and….I dunno, the more regularly-sized Benicio Del Toro, or the doughier Tom Hanks, for instance, and asks which of the two has a problem, is harming their body, or which looks best or “healthiest.” The question just wouldn’t come up. Nor, if it did, would you get the kinds of angry, defensive, hate-filled comments toward either individual that you’re seeing here–and I’m willing to place money you would fall FAR short of almost 190 responses.

    Let’s just be straightforward: The issue is not which woman looks better, but why are we asking if there is one “type” of woman who looks better than another. We don’t ask this question of men. So wouldn’t it stand to reason that maybe if we stopped looking at women with an eye to assessing which kind of female body type is “better” and just allowed that variety is the spice of life, there would be far less compulsive underating OR overeating overall?

    To wonder and discuss the relative merits of one female body type against another can only do one of two things: It either creates a heirarchy in which there is a better to be attained, and women hate themselves if they can’t attain it; or it creates a confusing environment where people argue which is better and come to no conclusion and therefore make women feel bad and “hated on” regardless of WHICH point on the scale they fall on. Obviously, neither of these outcomes is positive.

    If we stopped thinking of women as body types, the hatred and insecurity that is raging in these comments would have no basis for existing, and therefore the psychological dysfunctions that fuel the problems everyone is arguing about here would not exist.

    Put that in your dress size and smoke it, people.

  184. Kelly

    Valerie Lefkowitz is hotter

    those other twigs look shitty

  185. Dagny

    Miss Syl, I think you hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

  186. sara


  187. Stef

    i think that they both look fine so get over it.

  188. Laura

    I think most of you ladies need to rethink or read over what you have said..The body types are a person’s scientific classification of a person’s body shape, which is determined by physical characteristics. Genetics determine our body types and hence the body shape we develop from birth through to adulthood. We cannot change our body type we can only make the most of what mother nature gave us. Getting the most out of our body types depends on our diet and exercise regime. If you want to be skinny, you dont have to starve yourself. who has the right to say what is viewed as “prefect”?? NO ONE. I would love to be skinny like them, however I’m average size for a reason. My body is not meant to be like them… and I’m fine with that. I dont understand how a person can say you would rather be skin and bones, then healthy. I’d like to see you have kids being that size.. and I would love to see what your husbands and boyfriends say about it.. guys dont want skin and bones, ask around. If you wanna be that skinny, by all means.. but look into it and work on it, not jus stop eating all together. You’d be crazy. Seriously..

  189. Tonya

    Posting in response to Shauna who made the comment that Lindsey and Nicole are probably 15 pounds underweight, you need to keep in mind that neither of these girls are the average American. And by that, I mean height-wise. I am not sure of Linsey’s height, though it has to be close to Nicole’s, but Nicole is said to be just at 5 feet. At 5 foot, there is no need to be 150 pounds. In fact, it has been rumored that Nicole has only gotten down to 98 pounds, which is on the smaller side of the normal weight scale for her height, but it is still healthy. And in addition, people need to keep in mind that being under 105 lbs. if you are under a certain height, particularly those deemed petite, is still healthy. Everyone’s perception of beauty is just that– a perception.

  190. Eva Whitley

    What is it about being anorexic, or being in favor of it, that makes people lose their ability to spell? Or think that “prolly” and using “loose” for “lose” is acceptable usage?

  191. Elaine

    i think that nichole is pretty every way she looks and i think that its her choice if she wants to be skiny, she has taken it too far but i think she can pull it off i mean im that skinny so autumatically im ugly and disgusting and a crack addict??????? sterotyping ppl you are sterotypers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. Kelsey

    Um…Elaine? I think you could use some more time maybe learning how to spell and less time thinking about “nichole” Richie and how “skiny” she is. No offense meant. But it really bothers me (I seriously, 100% honestly have OCD and spelling really makes me bug out).

    Most of these comments are REALLY disturbing to me. I’ll list them in order of how much:

    1. The ones that say Lindsay and Nicole look beautiful, the ones from people who want to be more like them, the ones from people who think they look healthy, etc.
    →They are CLEARLY not healthy. I could tell that just by looking at them. But the evidence is in their reported height and weights:
    –> Nicole Richie’s height is 5 foot 2. This is not really debatable. Her weight is the part that is debatable – however, in order to give some amount of fairness, I have taken the average of the reports (obviously not counting the ones that say 1 lb or 25 lbs, etc.) and the average reported weight is 97 lbs. Using a standard BMI calculator, Nicole is considered underweight with a BMI of 17.7, and would need to gain six pounds in order to be healthy.

    I did the same thing for Lindsay, who I actually think looks frailer than her pal Nicole. At 5 foot 5, Lindsay’s average reported weight is 110 lbs. This would make her BMI 18.3 – still underweight, but Lindsay would only have to gain a few pounds to be healthy.

    As for Valerie Lefkowitz, the plus-size model, first of all “plus-size” does not necessarily mean fat. It means that person is larger than a size six. I’m not saying I think Valerie is necessarily the “better” picture, I’m just saying that people automatically associate the words plus-size with fat. I did a modelling job last year and I was considered “plus-size” even though I know I’m not fat, I’m a size 6 which I think is perfectly fine.

    Valerie’s height is 5’8″ and her average reported weight is 175 lbs. That would put her BMI in the overweight range at 26.6, and it just goes to show:

    NEITHER picture is HEALTHY. It’s not a matter of picking which you would like to be better, it’s a matter of choosing what you want your own body to look like (for most people it’s slim {not starving} or healthy) rather than looking at pictures and wishing you could look like an overrated “star”.

  193. Charlotte

    I’m doing an essay on celebrity anorexia and Nicole & Lyndsey are definatly in it! We all try to look slim but this is a little ‘of the scale’ dont you think?

    The other girl is much better and shows what real women look like, you go girl!

  194. Abbie

    kayy first off i ahve to say that i aggree with most of these ppl. neither pictures are healthy. nicole and lindsay are way to skinnk, they used to be so beautfiul wen they had some pounds on them and the plus size model is majorly airbrushed, she needs to start running or something newyas nicole and lindsay need to lay off of the crack and meth or w.e their smokin and come to their senses

    ”u no wot…hu gives a toss hu looks betta in da picz…every1 is bound 2 hav different opinions….most ppl shud take a luk at themselves b4 they judge other ppl”

    what is that…i think i just threw up in my mouth a lil.

  195. Margot

    Am I the only one here who thinks the plus size model doesn’t look plus sized? She looks, fit, healthy and beautiful, while the other two look deathly ill. What is America coming to? Either we’re 250 lbs and morbidly obese or 80 lbs and way underweight. Is there no happy medium? There is no one person or thing to blame, but the idea that beauty has a dictionary definition is tearing America apart. No one is perfect, no one is perfectly healthy, either one of those girls could die tomorrow. However it’s 2006 and there’s infomation out there to help people stay healthy,if you take in more than your burn off you will gain weight, simple physics. Throwing up your dinner isn’t healthy, either is eating McDonald’s for dinner every night. People need to learn to love and respect their bodies and that means excercising and eating properly, not throwing up or starving, not eating lots of junk food either.And people also need to learn to treat eachother with respect, especially girls and women. I have a dream that bone day people will not be defined by how much they weigh but by the content of his/her character.

  196. Deedee

    well linsay and nicole did look better before losing all that weight, being skinny is not a problem if your naturally like that, but we all know those girls are not naturally built that way… being too heavy is not a good thing either…

  197. Jason

    I think Valerie looks great! Picking the best goes way beyond these two photos. Yeah, Nicole and Lindsay DO NOT look healthy and YES, I think that Valerie does look healthy. I read a lot of these comments and agree with me or not, but doesn’t Val have the sexiest eyes!!!

  198. Melle Kam

    The nasty skinny women would be popular here in Tahoe. Every man here wants my bony flatchested friend, and not me, and I’m as voluptuous as the plus sized model, who looks better. My bony friend has the nerve to think she’s prettier than me. Hah! Anyways, screw skinny women and Tahoe, I’m outta here!

    • Stephanie F.

      I can’t believe your skinny friend would even think like that, let alone tell you that! Some men might not want a big woman but I know for sure that a LOT of men do not like rail-thin women. That’s interesting about the flat-chested part. I know most guys like boobs – fortunately for me, my hubby is a butt man! 🙂 I definitely have a butt, but no boobs LOL. He loves me just the way I am, but I’d love to lose a few lbs….I’m 5’4″ and weigh 140. So 125 or 130 would be good. Anyways, don’t let that get you down at all, (about the men liking your skinny flatchested friend)…..and really, we shouldn’t hate skinny girls and say they suck – but I’ll tell ya what I do hate: when a real thin chick says “I gained 2 lbs, I need to diet and get rid of it” – I want to slap them because they ARE ALREADY THIN and they have the nerve to say stuff like that! That irks me….
      Oh and I grew up in Reno – just down the mountain from Tahoe. Are you in the casino biz by chance?
      Have a nice day! Steph F.

  199. candy


  200. ^^ jaddey ^^

    i think that these girls are doing the same that any other teenager girl is doing its just the whole world knows about it and i feel that they should not be judged for makeing there own mistakes x

  201. lola

    they look sickly, like two great big bobbleheads on a popsickle stick. Paris is skinny too, but I think she is naturally built that way an doesnt look
    sick. i think nicole got jealoused of Paris Hilton.

  202. hal

    anyone who says the plus sized is better, is only trying to be nice. I hate to break it to everyone but Valerie is FAT. Lindsay and Nicole may be UNDERweight, but i would WAY rather be under than over. I prefer Lindsay and Nicole anyday. Theyre both hot. Valerie is not.

  203. lucy

    how cn ppl say valerie is healthy, wen she is overweight, whihc makes her the complete opposite! whether ppl think she looks good or not, no one cn say she is healthy when he bmi is probably way to high. every1 critised nicole and lindsey for being too fat, now they have lost it ppl are critising them agen. i believe its cos they r jealous. i wud love to lose some weight like nicole and lindsey, good for them, and well done to them.

  204. Lena

    First off.. someone throw a cheese burger at these girls, they’re dying!! Second, it’s not their fault… they live hectic lives… But what I will hold against them is that they have all this money, they should have a good NUTRITIONIST at hand.. especially if they live their lives this way. So yeah, they’re sick, that’s all and they need help.

    PS: For those ranting on the plus size model… believe it or not, this was the size Marilyn Monroe started off, a size 14.

  205. I understand *

    I actually know what nicole and lindsay are going through!i was once anorexic and it is a horrible thing to be. it all started when i was only 15 and i wasnt even chubby i really was slim but there was a VERY skinny girl in my class andf she called everyone fat and i took it bad . on average every day i would only eat 1 slice of ham and a gram cracker witha botlle of water………..i almost died. i am still very thin but now i actually SEE myself.i am not very beautiful when thin when i look at pictures from before my problem i look much better then i do now.But even still when i have endured anorexia and bulemia I think that SLIM is the most are healthy but still look good in jeans.i personally hate all this crap about “curvy” this is just what fat asses call themselves to make it sound less harsh!look all you need to do to be slim is exersise properly.dont eat fizzy healthily.dont eat sweets(well 2 treats a week is fine)

  206. anonymous

    obviously thats airbrushed..
    Ya know.. that fat one? yeahh
    i like nicole richie & lindsay

    WAYYYY better.

  207. Meegan

    The disgusting skinny ones are obviously disgusting drugies and depraved people. The larger model looks good more natural. Maybe lose 10 lbs but overall healthy and probably HAPPY!!!!

  208. Kuyami

    Unless you airbrushed Valerie’s picture yourself, no matter how “obvious” it seems, you don’t know how much or what was airbrushed.
    Not all “sticks” are drug users.
    Not all “cows” are disgusting slobs who do nothing but eat McDonalds’ all day, nor do they all have cellulite. Fat does not equal cellulite. Tyra Banks (who is not big at ALL) came out on her show and said that she’s had cellulite since she was little.
    The average American woman IS a size 14, but that doesn’t mean that all of them overeat and don’t exercise.
    In my opinion, the reason that Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie are that skinny is they’ve bought into what the media has brainwashed us into believing: You will only be desirable and successful if you fit into a size 4 or lower.
    In my opinion, the reason Valerie is plus-sized is because she took what nature gave her and didn’t change herself so a bunch of asswipes will accept her. Besides, she’s a model. I’m sure the company she works for requires her to exercise and eat right. Hmmm…exercises AND eats right? But she’s still plus size. How could be? (sarcasm)
    But why are we arguing about this anyway? Why do we care if a couple of celebrities might be underweight? Why do some people bitch and moan if they see someone who isn’t aesthetically pleasing to them? Has anyone ever heard of inner beauty? Does that matter anymore?

  209. Anna

    Who cares? Honestly? Valerie, although technically “overweight”, is not a disgusting slob. She’s attractive and can’t be more than 170 pounds or so.
    I personally think Nicole and Lindsay look awful – but then again, I feel sorry for them. It must be difficult to have your looks criticized all the time.

  210. Tracey

    Im 16, Live in Australia and am a size 12. I believe this is an unfair comparison, I also believe the statement that every other country sees everyone as beautiful is very false. Australian girls a subjected to the same bullshit, Too fat or Too thin theory every day, we have 12 year old girls starving themselves purely because what is in magazines and on tv, its drilled into their heads that it is ‘perfection’ to be size 8, with perfect breats and a flawless smile when 90% of the photos in magazines are airbrushed.
    When will we learn, stay healthy.. Dont starve yourself and dont live off take away. So many people give into the pressures of the media, who are getting paid for making the youth of today feel they arent, nor never will be ‘OK’.

  211. Chi-Chi

    I don’t think Lindsay or Nicole looks good. If I had to pick one body to have, I’d prolly pick Valeries, just because I wouldn’t blow away in the wind. But if I could pick any celeb bbody ever, I’d pick Beyonce’s. Not fat, but no skeletal either.

  212. Lil Miss guRly gurl!

    Bad comparison – thats a partciularly bad pic! nicole and lindsay r gorjus if ther skinny or curvy! i prefer skinny 2 “plus size”!!!

  213. ElizaF

    If you are plain with clearly visable womanly assets, you get hell of a lot more attention than being plain with pimples (and I don’t mean on your face) I have been 9st at my smallest (I looked like a boy!) and 12st at my ‘regularist’ I know which look people preferred 🙂 We big girls are better at keeping a partner warm at night *wink* 🙂

  214. Nichole

    It all depends on the structure of the body. Some girls are born with wider hip bones, fuller breasts, and bubble butts. Some girls are born with no shapes at all. Shapes give the appearance of carrying too much weight. When in all reality a lot of them are at their normal weight. Catherine Zeta Zones, Marilyn Monroe, and Mae West are considered plus size and hollywood has held them in high reguard. But on the contrary many thin actresses have reached just as high heights. Look at Ally McBeal, Nicole Kidman, and Audrey Hepburn. When my sister was in high school she would vist my mother who worked at a psychiatric hospital. My sister was thinner than the anorexic on the ward. But it was purely natural. She didn’t gain weight like normal people. She ate normally and wasn’t anymore active than any other girl her age. Instead her metabolism would burn it off before it would show. She was 95 pounds then and now that she’s older her metabolism has slowed down and she weighs 130 pounds now and looks average.
    As we know… every so many years the trend changes from Thin to Plus size. The 20’s were all about thin without any curves… any curves you did have were to be bound with gauze… and in the 50’s thick was back and curves were the rage.. and now thin is on top again. It’s a cycle that’s never ending. But so be it. Everyone has a different opinion… Some are envious.. some are sexually inclined.. or based on media or memories. Either way both can be healthy in moderation.. not too overweight and not too under weight. But really there is a wide range of weights that can be healthy depending on your height and curves. I’d say that the plus size model is healthy. You can be heavier and not have rolls.. I know this from personal expirience. Though I don’t know the model’s background. Maybe this isn’t her normal weight.. maybe she has been thinner… It’s really a doctor’s call on that one. As for Nicole and Lindsey… They were average weight before and I’m guessing it was natural because now they’re dieting and excercising (some say bulemia or anerexia) But they LOOKED healthier before. But who’s to say… we would really need a doctor’s opinion on that. But really… what is it any of our concern? Isn’t their acting suppose to be more important than their weight? Who are we to judge? If they’re doing it because of pressure.. isn’t it us.. the viewers who are tbe force? Maybe more people should find inner happiness instead of replying on the opinions of others to maintain a sense of self-worth. If your skinny or fat and your happy with yourself… your alright in my book. That’s the way it should be. My tastes are determined by talent and personality… not the size of your pants.

    Take Care, Nichole xoxo

  215. alex

    I think a lot of people need to stop and just realise that body image in today’s society is getting ridiculously out of hand. Yes, Lindsay used to be a little heavier, and some may say healthier looking, but who are we to say whether she is taking ‘crack’or has an eating disorder? Valerie looks good, and it is likely that is her naturel shape. What annoys me most are the people who claim that ‘women who have bones pointing out are unhealthy’! Too many people are forgetting that we all have completely different structures, and I myself happen to be just under 9 stone, 5ft 7″, and im perfectly heathly thankyou. And YES, my bones do show, so am I ugly? Please, stop caring about celebrities’ figures and take a look at your own and decide whether you are happy AND healthy before critising others’.

  216. Julie

    Ok. Someone should seriously put up some pictures worth comparing. Let’s put it this way: Airbrushed Skinny Model vs. Airbrushed fat model, and non-airbrushed skinny vs. non-airbrushed fat.

    There IS such thing as too fat, and too skinny. Basically, you need to have enough fat on your body to maintain if something happens to you (you get lost in the woods or sick), and you can’t have so much fat that it makes it difficult to move/breathe/exercise, or clog your arteries.

    Neither extreme is good. I personally am 5’5″ and weight about 145…I’m like a size 14 US. I feel fat as fuck right now, and to be honest, i DO want to be thinner (although, not really…My boobs aren’t that big anyway, and if i lost weight, I could say “bye bye” to them.)

    you know what? If people love me for being who I am, they don’t care if i am thin or fat, as long as my health is not at stake. I tend to think all my friends and people I like are beautiful, while people i dislike are ugly. However, I would tell my friend if i thought that she was to thin/fat…I want everybody to be happy and alive…

    I would still probably like the fat chick better if she weren’t airbrushed, just because Lindsay and Nicole have ADMITTED to being too skinny and are getting help.

    If THEY’RE not happy with their weight, and its them living it, why are you so happy with it?

    Leave people alone or at least give an equal standing for judgement… 🙁

  217. SUSAN

    Remember, or learn if you haven’t learned it yet, Martin Luther King Jr.’s statement “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
    Well I have a dream too, that one day humans will not judge each other by the shape or size of their bodies “but by the content of their character.”
    I am a VERY skinny woman. I have no figure of any type – and even when I am at my most fit and healthy, I can see the bones in my chest. My chest is just built that way. I can run several miles every other day, work out with weights, etc. (and I eat very well and am neither eating nor exercise disordered,) and never will I develop curves. I HATE being skinny, but even when pregnant and nursing I could not gain weight. Skinny women ARE NOT EVIL. Some of us are very passionate and sexual beings, but our culture treats us as if we are sexless freaks who could simply eat more and be “normal.” Both men and women feel free to insult us to our faces, when they would never insult (at least within hearing) the most obese person.
    And the situation is probably even worse for skinny men. SO LAY OFF!!! One way or the other, almost all of you who have posted favor one or the other cultural stereotype – and you don’t give a damn about the person within the body. Shame on you all.

  218. Melanie

    It’s possible to have thick thighs [without gobs of cellulite] and flat stomach. I know a girl who looks like that, and I’ve seen her naked. She is delicious. So yeah.

  219. ana

    any fellow ED girls, im with you. while personally i think nicole and lindsay(while she was this thin) look great, to each his own ya know? i mean the plus size chick isnt ugly, however i would kill myself if i were that big. thats just me. and this is just them. people should have the right to do with their bodies what they wish, regardless of health issues. it may be unhealthy to weigh 87 pounds and be 5’3″, but if it makes some one able to bare living with themselves(and im speaking from a personal view here), they should be able to do that. and if you want to be healthy, average, slender, overweight, obese, or whatever, DO IT. you all should stop telling people what is beautiful, and what is healthy, etc. because guess what, if some one is anorexic, they are most likely not doing it so YOU will approve of them. its a self satisfaction type thing. so just stop.

  220. ana

    and if you are trying to make a valid point can you people PLEASE stop using acronyms and things like “lil” “sumfin” and the number “2” to express a 2 letter word?

  221. Gren

    All this spew in the media machine about image; how to look, what to wear.

    Women who look outward instead of inward turn into clones. Work on improving your soul and you’ll never get dangerously obese or underweight.

  222. Another media affected girl

    Although Nicole and Lindsay DO look pretty unhealthy in that picture, not all skinny women are so sickly looking. I have an aunt who probably only weighs about 100 lbs but she looks very pretty and healthy.

    I don’t think Valerie looks unhealthy at all. She seems to be the weight that she should be. I am ‘plus sized’ myself and even though I know I am like this genetically, I still give myself crap about it. Although I know I am overweight and I am trying to lose it, I would not try to be as skinny as Lindsay and Nicole are. Not all bodies are made for that. I was built with bigger bones…I mean, I weigh 170 lbs at only 17 and my ribs still stick out! With all of the beautiful 95 pound models and actresses being idolized and everyone calling people my size fat, of course I’m going to feel bad about myself. People shouldn’t judge someone so harshly when genetically, they have no choice whether they are overweight or not. And you can’t just say “Eat more!” or “Diet and exercise!” because for some people it just doesn’t work.

    I don’t really know what kind of point I made so let me try this again. Skinny or fat isn’t really ‘bad’ if that is how you are naturally built. What’s bad is if you resort to starving yourself to become skinny, or allow yourself to become so sedate that you become fat.

  223. Another media affected girl

    I mean sedentary.

  224. supermodel

    i agree that lindsay and nicole look sickly. lindsay’s head is way out of proportion with the rest of her body. her skin looks dull, almost white. it’s really gross. but on the other hand, i’d prefer looking like nicole, rather than Valerie. AND, when you’re thin, you can always eat more and still be in the thin half.

  225. barbie

    ok ppl siriusly if this matteres to any1 i think that nicole is in proportion she has a very tiny bone structure and her body weight shows that off so shes in proportion she could do with a little weight but shes ok lindasay was soooo much better b4 she had beautiful tita beautiful curves good skin a strong fan following now shes just wreked her whole image as a role model physically and mentally shes an idiot i hate her either way n that pic just makes her look a billion times worse hail to whoever put it up lol … on the other hand the plus size model is a little too large 4 my likeings if i lookd like that i would cry 🙁 i like skinny but my body structure doesnt account for that! im a good old size 12 – 14 auzzie sizes and im quite happy the way i am im a pretty girl and yeah! i dont need to b fat or thin to make a point! add me b.a.r.b.i.3@hotmail

  226. emmy

    I like valerie

  227. yeah me!

    I dont see why this is such a BIG deal
    valerie is WAYYY more beautiful
    but that is just my opinion
    people can be whoever they want to be!
    and none of them asked us for our opinions!

  228. Juicy

    Ugh. I hate when people post two extremes and make us choose. It’s like that “What Would You Rather” game, where they give you two TERRIBLE choices and you have to pick the one that would be the slightest bit less vile even if the option sucks.

    No offence or anything, and this is just my opinion but ALL of these girls look very much un-attractive. Nicole and Lindsay look like skeletons. I honestly don’t see why ANYONE thinks that this is attractive. WHat girls these days don’t get is that the only people who think that emaciated look is the only way to look “beautiful” are other emaciated girls and girls with a messed up view on what looks good. I am SOOOOO glad that Lindsay put the weight back on, she looks even BETTER than she did when she became and a skeleton and even before that.

    I am also really happy that Nicole realizes that she is at an unhealthy weight. She said in an interview that she knows that she is at an unhealthy weight and that she wouldn’t want other girls to go to extremes to look like her. She has put back on some of the weight and I think she looks absolutely adorable now. But she could stand to gain like 3-5 more pounds and then she’d look great 😀

    Also, Valerie isn’t very attractive in my opinion. I think that being overweight is on the same level as being scarily skeletal. I know that some people are just born that way but it is just my opinion like I said.

    I think that the best body type is the in-between. I like the not too fat, not too skinny look. People like Adriana Lima, Emma Watson, Gisele Bundchen, even Paris Hilton.

  229. lulu

    I am naturally very skinny bony actually. Not in all places like my ass though, so I find it weird. Like, I can see my ribs if I stretch and my shoulder blades come out. It doesn’t sound attractive, I know. But seriously, I’ve ALWAYS been tiny. And YET I eat a lot. If I get started on Narchoes, I can’t stop until they’re gone, I can eat a whole block of chocolate to myself – and still look bony and yuck. And yet there are woman who can’t even eat a lot of chocolate otherwise they put the pounds on.
    It’s simply down to genes.
    And, because Lindsay started off as a heavier girl, skinnyness is not in her genes. Neigher in Nicole Ritches. She started off as rather chubby too. Now, she does look sickly thin. And, she once proclaimed that shes “naturally skinny”
    Yeah..the photos from when she was bigger tell a different story dont they.

    Arrgh, just eat when you’re hungry. And do not eat when you’re not hungry. Eat when you’re hungry and your eating healthily. Stupid Hollywood idiots.

    They put a bad name on slim people. Now people go around saying I’m too skinny. I get called “lil one” by two guys. When I was ten or so, this girl said I was Anorexic. Hmm an anorecix ten year old? As far as i’m aware, axorexia comes from refusal to eat, hence making your body sharply skeletal, and sooner of later your organs shut down.
    Six years onwards, and I’m still alive…duh. I do want to be bigger, that’s why I eat like a horse, but I guess “You can’t fatten a thougherbread”

    And about which pic looks better, obviously the second one of the plus-sized model. I don’t know why so many of you think she looks ugly. Her face is very pretty, and she has lots of beautiful hair, AND she’s a healthy size.

  230. amy

    In my opinion, neither. What happended to happy medium. What happened to size 6 or 8? It’s all 00 or 16!

    Models are out under pressure to be skinny, and are slagged off anyway. But really. just stay a size 6

  231. Katie

    The photo of the “plus-sized” model doesn’t look very realistic. It is obviously air-brushed because, even though she is a beautiful woman, women of her size unfortunatly come with cellulite and rolls. I don’t support being “plus-sized” only for health reasons. People need to realize that it is important to be a healthy weight, and not only for cosmetic reasons. The same goes for Nicole and Lindsey though. They are obviously below a healthy weight, and quite frankly they both look very sickly. Everyone who is fighting for Nicole and Lindsey saying that they look great sickens me. It sickens me that this is what society has become! They are NOT HEALTHY! I have been researching weight issues recently and in fact, they both fall below a healthy BMI. You know what, for everyone who thinks that they look great, fine, but understand that it is just as unhealthy for them to be too thin, as it is for a “plus-sized” model to be over weight. Plain and simple. If you’re not going to judge someone for being too thin, than at least do yourself a favor by not being a hypocrite and judging the “plus-sized” model.

  232. Aarti

    all i say is nobody is born perfect. Media doesn’t even help with that belief. All it does question your insecurites through commercials. It’s stupid!

    Ha, look at the pictures with lindsay and nicole, i wouldn’t surprised if it’s computer enhanced…look at lindsay’s head…isn’t it too big for the picture?

    Anyways, being a bag of bones doesn’t mean one is means there is a problem.

    I think curves look way better on us women. I mean why risk our lives to going extends of wanting to be so thin?

    My thing is hey, as long as you are active in some way or the other and you love yourself enough to take care of yourself…your already half way there!!

  233. unknown

    Valerie is hella sexy, she got ass,legs, places to hold on to

  234. robert

    from the 1st time i saw your pic in a kmart ad i said you’re the sexiest bbw in the world love ya babe

  235. Wow

    Wow…there’s a ton of disscussion here regarding something of non-substance…….

  236. Ali

    I know someone who is very tiny because she was born prematurely, and now has an abnormal thyroid. She gets crap all the time about being anorexic, and that’s not fair. She gets this shitty rap from girls who strive to be skin and bones while she is just like that. The girl eats. Not only that, I’m betting regardless of her thyroid, she would still probably be pretty small. Her build is very tiny. With or without her thyroid problem, she’d probably be smaller. The point is, healthy is different for everyone. Duh, Nicole and Lindsay look too thin. I’m not arguing that. I think a person’s weight should fit their body. I’m big-boned. If I was a rail, I’d still probably be a size 8, and according to our society, that’s not skinny. It’s almost not normal. Anyway, it’s not fair that naturally thin girls get tons of shit for being smaller. It’s not fair that we look at anorexia and bulimia as these absolutely repulsive and fucked up diseases when obesity is too. No one would dare go up to a fat person and say “Are you obese?”

  237. Sam

    Baby Gurl IX could possibly be funnier than Neil.

    Just unintentionally so.

    Man, do I want to read her blog!

  238. anastasia

    I think that Valerie looks better than Nicole and Lindsay. She looks healthy and happy. While the other two look like bobbleheads. They have no curves, which is what a woman needs to have. I will never ever want to look like Lindsay and Nicole. It is disgusting. How can anyone find that attractive. It makes me want to throw up. I can’t believe people Lindsay and Nicole as role models.

  239. unknown

    linds and nicole look ill, even though now lindsay has gained her curves back and nicole is trying. Nicole isn’t anorexic shes bulimic whitch means her stomach cnt handle to much food. The other one is not over over weight but i’d rather be her than them

  240. David

    Any man that can possibly find Lindsay and Nicole attractive at that weight, has to have serious issues. They are built like little boys. The “plus size” model looks like a woman!!

  241. Kim

    you all sit there complaining about how there stick thin yet you don’t stop to think why? …hmm maybe its because people are always comparing them to someone else. who’s thinner than them or fatter than them.
    Maybe if people weren’t so critical and kept there catty comments to there selves people wouldn’t be suffering with anorexia or bulimia would they? everyone would be happy with who they are, but no theres always someone telling them what they should and shouldn’t look like.
    Everyones so flipping obsessed with their weight! why can’t people just accept them as they are?
    Fair enough Lindsey and Nicole do look seriously ill but if it wasn’t for people like you/media they wouldn’t be like that in the first place would they?

  242. jen

    Valerie looks beautiful and healthy. Lindsey and Nicole are just two girls overwhelmed with fame and stress, which resulted in an eating disorder. Yes, they are too skinny but they have a disease which they cannot control.

  243. amber york

    i agree with all, well… most of your comments about lindsey and nicole and valerie but i have to say im thinking mabe the media pushes stars to A POINT WERE THEY feel like the have to go to extreme measures to look beautiful and thin so they dont eat even though they certianly afford food just to please papperrazi and and there “fan” sooo neways what im trying to say is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder there all beautiful! lindsey and nicole just need to work on there self esteem and quit trying to please everyone!besides id rather careless about what people think and be overweight than to try please everyone and die in the process!

  244. Lennie Nirro

    SO , do you have a boyfriend ? Cus if you don’t , please drop me a line . Full figured and healthy is always better than anarexic and fake .

  245. tarah

    What have we become as a society? Everyone who has left their opinion on these pictures has a valid point…. because it is their opinion. However, who are we to sit back, look at pictures of 3 fellow human beings and judge them? We don’t know their backgrounds, their life stories, their real struggles and triumphs… we know what is fed to us thru a tube by the bitch that has really raised us all: The Almighty Media. Each picture, headline, news story and internet exclusive is rapidly forming our opinions and views on complete strangers whom we seem to feel we know and can hate, love, critize and praise. Its very sad and is trickling down into the younger generations who are the keys to this countrys future. Self image problems don’t just affect the sufferer, its a life style. We need to quit being so critical about ourselves and everyone around us. Stop attacking people for the way they look… skinny, fat, athletic, on the soft side, ugly, beautiful, homely…. See the person, not what they look like.

  246. JoJo

    Listen, being medically healthy and listening to your doctor’s ideal weight for your height is what counts here. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but it doesn’t count when it comes to your health. I do not like it when men like me or any of my friends due to our weight, breast size, nor ass size. We are human beings, have brains, and individual personalities and morals and that is what people should judge anyone on if at all. My doctor asked me what my weight goal was and I said 110. He about had a heart attack. He said ideally I should weigh 130 pounds and no less than 125. I am 5’2 1/2 and have mixed medium and small bone structure. That is something to think about. Also haters and negative people need to put more evergy into improving their own personalities and morals and maybe self-esteem as well.

  247. popsugar

    this is just another bashing slim people.who are all of you to judje on what a women should be. this article is done to embrace obesity. anorixa and obesity are both unhealthy

  248. sweetcherry

    this article is insluting whoever posted this strongly urge you to kill yourself i almost pucked when i saw those pics no bones no rolls that my rule for beauty that plus size model is just feding the fat frenzy by forcing everyone to have massive folds like her but aneroxic is really bad to noone should have to starve themsleves to be hand healthy is beautiful fat rolls and visible bones are not. but they would not have eating disorders if it was’ent people like you so kill yourslefs for th greater good and if any of you butthut men are piss off about my rant because you favor obese ugly whores who diss pretty slim girls you will never have girls because your are to ugly then go kill yourselfs as well later

    • Stephanie F.

      First of all, that plus-sized model does NOT have fat rolls. She may be a little overweight but it is by far, not gross or disgusting at all. And it’s not feeding what you called “the fat frenzy”. I do realize that obesity is getting out of hand here in America, but there is also the problem of women practically killing themselves to get super skinny. It’s not only very unflattering (to have the skinny body of a little girl) but it’s very unhealthy too. I can’t believe that the ‘fashion world’ wants to put anorexic looking women on the runways.
      Women have been brain-washed by pop culture, the media, etc – to want to be ultra skinny – so people like that plus-size model are doing a great thing by showing that women can be beautiful without being rail-thin.
      And why in the world would you tell someone to go kill themselves? Someone just expressed their opinion which we all are entitled to, and because you don’t agree with what she said, you’re gonna tell them “you should go kill yourself”?
      You obviously need to get some kind of life and learn how to be a more compassionate person. You must have a lot of hate in you to say stuff like you did.
      And one last thing, if you’re going to reply to someone and say ugly things to them, or even to say anything at all, you should probably try and use your spell-check feature to edit any mistakes. And what happened to proper grammar? You used what…? 2 periods in that whole paragraph. WOW. That is not going to make you look intelligent at all.

  249. Um...

    I agree with a lot of the people who have posted before. They could have made it fairer by putting up a normal fat person instead of an airbrushed model. These aren’t very good choices, because neither are completely healthy. One picture is overweight and the other one has sickly-looking people.
    I also understand that not all skinny people are horrible becasue some people are born that way. My sister wasn’t even two pounds when she was born and i was almost nine. Some of us are too young to do any serious weightloss things and our genetics make diet and exercise even less useful. I know I’m fat. I weigh 150 pounds, and i have gone for days without eating or eating more than one meal a day because of the damned media, models, people like some of those on this post who are so against fat people. There’s a lot of pressure put on everyone to be the perfect size 4-8 where you won’t impale someone if you hug them or have them bounce off. I personally don’t have anything against skinny or fat people, but gorgeous people who starve themselves or turn themselves into cows.

    • Stephanie F.

      Wow….first, how old are you? And next, how tall are you? I’m 5’3″ (and a half, I’m almost 5’4″) and I’ve been told by my doctor that I’m supposed to weigh anywhere between 115 and 145. That’s a huge difference! I weigh 140 now and I’m not terribly overweight, but I could stand to lose about 15 lbs. I am very comfortable at 125.
      About 6 yrs ago I weighed 115, but that was too small for me. My butt disappeared. But that was too small…..
      What I wanted to tell you is you won’t lose weight by skipping meals. You have to eat. I would just eat about 5 small meals during the day. Small portions. But always have a good breakfast.
      That’s what I did, ate less, but still ate foods I liked – I just didn’t overdo it. And I used dumbbells in my living room for about 20-25 minutes a few times a week, and I lost weight – 17 lbs in about 2 1/2 months! Then I joined a gym to tone up and I couldn’t believe how fast I got toned! All I did was do about 15 minutes on the treadmill and then about 20 minutes w/ weights. Not heavy weights, just light weights with lots of reps. That will tone you up. Men are always lifting really heavy weights and not so many reps so they can bulk up. But light weights with a lot of reps is perfect for women. And I only went 3 days a week! So you can lose weight the right way – I promise. It sounds like you might be a teenager – so let me just tell you, that’s a GREAT time to get your body into shape. The younger you are, the easier it is! I’m 41 now and I really have to make an effort to lose weight. It’s hard for me to get motivated to actually exercise. But I know if I would just do it, it wouldn’t take long to lose my 10-15 lbs.
      Sorry I wrote a long novel – I just wanted to tell you to not skip meals and actually give you a little pep talk! 🙂 I hope I helped a little. Just remember if you’re in your teens or early 20’s – and you only weigh 150, losing weight should be pretty easy for you. 🙂
      Take care,
      Steph Fayard

  250. frank

    Mostt of these posts are by idiots. To say the plus size models has rolls is ridiculous. Someone said she is airbrushed, but what her skin? So what if she is? She represents more of a healthy beautiful ideal than those other skinny tarts. Its sad at how peoples perception of fat is and how messed up our perception of real womans body has become. I don’t know any straight man who would want those bony bitches!

  251. littlem

    Neilotchka, bb – I really enjoy your blog, but I’m looking over the grammarless rantings of some of your, um, frothier commenters here, and wondering if perhaps, by Your Bloggerness, some screening might well be in order? 😉

  252. skinny ginny

    Really guys? I am 20 years old, 5’2″ and 106 lbs. My doctor says I am healthy, despite my small frame. I eat normally, and I (truthfully) don’t exercise as much as I should, and I struggled with crippling self esteem issues throughout high school. Too skinny. I understand that the media is, in part, an aggravating force for young womens’ body images. But this is not just a size issue. If you don’t have clear skin, high cheekbones, pretty hair, you aren’t beautiful. If you don’t have big eyes, nice tits, long legs you aren’t beautiful.
    This photo
    Is meant to show off the reality of what the average woman is, what men want, and what women want. I am smaller than all three of these. When I first saw this image, I cried. I have had size A breasts and visible ribs my entire life. Every time an article like this would pop up, talking about how disgusting the thin models were, and how skeletal and unnatural their frames are, I would feel worse and worse with every word. Guys want a curvy girl. No one should look like this naturally. Please please, view every body with respect. Don’t find one type that you can trash on to make yourself feel better.

    • Carla

      Hie im also 5’2 and weight 105 yeah im skinny but ive always been like this i eat everything and anything and i have 2 kids and have not gain weight. This is how i am and how my body is. People might think im too skinny but i dont care if this is how god made me than its perfect. I dont think it matters as long as ur healthy n proud of ur self.

  253. O

    I love Valerie, she is so cute, her body has a very lovely shape, she doesn’t need pants, her fruit of the loom panties are too pretty to cover up, I love the way she lifts her shirt up and proudly shows that pretty tummy of hers, show that tummy girl! she is truly a beautiful woman with a beautiful bellybutton.

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