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The Password

I sat in an upscale coffee bar on Fifth Avenue, drinking a cup of coffee, killing some time before my therapy appointment. I noticed on my iPhone that the establishment had wi-fi, but it required a password. I looked up … Continue reading

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Defense Mechanism

“Our last meeting was so impactful, that I wrote something about it on my blog,” I told Dr. Nesmith. “Really? What about?” “It was about my trip home from our last session. You see, when I was coming to you … Continue reading

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The Rusty Shit

The color scheme of the E train — baby blue seats and shiny chrome handles — has always seemed more appropriate for the monorail at Disneyland than for a gritty source of transportation between Queens and Manhattan. I was on … Continue reading

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Therapy, NYC: The First Two Contacts

Therapist’s Office Over Manhattan’s Only Hooters. First Contact “Hello,” I said as I answered my iPhone. “Hello. This is Steve Goldman. You left me a message.” “Oh hello. Thanks for calling. Yes. I was recommended to you and I was … Continue reading

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Speech Therapy

Thank you to everyone on Facebook who recommended a good therapist in New York. You’re nice people  (and apparently rather troubled).   I promise to look into it this week. Today I went to my family doctor for a check-up. … Continue reading

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Woman: “You really enjoy a woman’s body?” Neil: “Is there anything better in God’s world?” Woman: “How do my breasts taste to you?” Neil: “Like milk and honey. Like the Holy Land described in the Bible. I still remember that … Continue reading

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My Visit to the Bachmann’s Therapy Office

I’ve been feeling a little depressed lately, so last week, I decided to go see a therapist.  I read about a new therapy office that recently opened, and it was getting a lot of publicity, so I decided to take … Continue reading

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Friday Mind Montage

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Crowdsourcing Therapy #1

When you walk into a room — a party, a new office, an interview, a meeting, a dinner with friends — do you tend to (the majority of times): 1)  feel “better” than the others  (I’m smarter, saner, better-looking, richer, … Continue reading

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Monday Night Therapy

(actual magazines from therapist’s waiting room!) Last night, I went with Sophia to her therapist. It was the first time EVER that we sat in the same room with one therapist. (this part deleted) After the session, I thought I … Continue reading

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