Do you sometimes feel that there is a black cloud over your head for a week or so, and everything just seems to be…OFF.

I had a great weekend where I met some terrific bloggers.  On Friday, I went to see Wicked with Wendy.  On Saturday, I had dinner with Heather B, Nabbalicious, LeahPeah, Joe, and Abigail.  (I’ll write more about all this tomorrrow)

Despite the great time with all these bloggers, there were growing signs that the gods were against me.  During dinner with Wendy, I spilled tomato sauce on my shirt, and then tried to clean it with iced tea, just making it worse  I’m sure I really impressed her with my sophistication. 

The next night, I ordered a Cape Cod as a drink.  I thought it sounded urbane and witty, like my blog.  Halfway through my drink, I saw Abigail looking my way.

Abigail:  “Neil, you know that they keep a little bit of the paper on the top of the straw to be sanitary.  You’re drinking through the paper.”

Neil:  “Uh, yes…yes, I know that.  It is a… Jewish tradition thing to do this.  Like being kosher.”

I’m not sure she bought that.

Sunday was the bra incident at the movie theater.

Today, the black cloud truly darkened and it poured.  Something broke inside our frost-free freezer, creating icicles everywhere and ruining everything inside our freezer, including our precious Trader Joe’s burritos.   Sophia and I tried to salvage some of our frozen food by cooking twenty veggie burgers, 50 egg rolls, and 7 frozen soups all at once before the food defrosted completely.

As if this bad luck wasn’t enough, I just sat down for a five minute break with a Diet Coke, and as I opened it, the can exploded soda all over the living room, including on the couch, not making Sophia very happy.

I fear that if I continue on with this post, something bad will happen, like the blogosphere blowing up.

Keep away from me until things are safe.

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(And happy birthday, Mom, traveling somewhere on a cruise in Nova Scotia!  Be glad I’m not on the boat with you.)