My mommyblogger parody was pretty funny a few days ago, wasn’t it? Sure put those mommybloggers in their place! I’m one funny guy.

OK, maybe not as funny as Dave at Blogography. He is terrific. And his illustrations are amazing. If you haven’t been to his blog, you need to check it out. I’m even wearing one of his cool t-shirts. So, I’m not surprised that his blog was ranked as the #1 humor blog by BlogLaughs, one of the best websites that reviews humor sites.

Hey, I’m in for a good laugh today. Since I already read Dave, let’s see who is at #2?


Hmmm. Some blog named Dooce. Dooce?! What?! The #2 funniest site on the blogosphere is the mommyblogger Dooce?!

Jesus Christ! Is there anything this woman can’t do? I thought I was joking about her running the internet! How much money IS she getting through advertising?

If she wins the Presidential Medal of Honor this year, I’m quitting blogging.

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