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Next Week’s Guest Posts

Good morning,  guest posters.   Here are your topics for next week.   Do us proud!   Email your work to me when it is done.   Like hell I trust you with my blog’s password.


“How I Would Explain the Internet to John Adams (And What I Would Cook Him For Dinner)”
by Rhea of The Boomer Chronicles


“I Woke Up Today with a Penis!  Can my Marriage Survive?”  
by Marinka of Motherhood in NYC


“If I Could Only Bring One Carry-On Luggage to Heaven — What Will Be Inside?” 
by CharmingDriver of Charming Bitch


“What I Can Teach Neil abut Making a Women Really Really Happy” 
by Linsey of Uncouth Heathen


“My First Day as the Chicago Cubs New Mascot To Attract More Gay Men to the Park– the Chicago Red Hot”  
by Fort Knocks of Impatiens

Need a Week Off the Internet

Since I seem to be having a mild nervous breakdown online ranting about everything under the sun, there is only one solution: get offline for a week!

I have never had any guest posters before on my blog. But you are in luck. I have arranged for FIVE of the finest and most popular bloggers to take my place on Citizen of the Month next week, all of them extremely well-respected and well-loved for their wit and wisdom. I am truly honored to have them replace me here at my home.

Starting at 1PM EST (10AM PST) today – THIS MEANS #1 WILL BE  THE FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT AT 1PM, NOT THE FIRST COMMENT IN THE MORNING — July 31st, the first five people FROM THAT POINT — new readers included — who write this comment — “I want to guest post on Citizen of the Month” will have the opportunity to write guest posts here next week.

But beware: I will be choosing your topic.

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