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Exciting World Series Publicity Stunt

(IM conversation)

Neil:  I have this fun idea we can do for our blogs.  You realize the Phillies and the Yankees are in the World Series.  You live in Philadelphia.  I live in New York. So, we can do one of those publicity stunts like the mayors of the competing cities do — where if the Yankees win, you are forced to eat a bagel and lox, and if the Phillies win, I will have to eat a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.  And the loser has to post a photo on the blog as punishment.

Philly Girl:  Doesn’t seem like much of a punishment.  I like bagels and lox.

Neil:  That’s true.  And I like a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.

Philly Girl:  If anything, I don’t like Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.

Neil:  OK, so maybe YOU should eat one if you lose… wait, that doesn’t make much sense.   Besides, I like both of bagels and lox and Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.  What would I eat?

Philly Girl:  Isn’t there some sort of New York food that you don’t like?  Hot dogs?

Neil:  Like them.

Philly Girl:  What else is there?

Neil:  I can’t think of one right now.

Philly Girl:  I don’t really hate Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.  I just don’t eat them.  They are high in fat.

Neil:  But you eat bagels and lox?  That is high in fat with the cream cheese, no?.

Philly Girl:  I use low-fat cream cheese.

Neil:  Philadelphia brand cream cheese!  Isn’t that ironic?  Everyone in New York also uses Philadelphia brand cream cheese!

Philly Girl:  Never thought about it.   Do they make Philadelphia brand cream cheese in Philadelphia?

Neil:   I have no idea.   I think we are striking out with the food gimmick.  Maybe the loser should be forced to sing a song on his blog.  Like you would have to sing “New York, New York.”

Philly Girl:  And you?

Neil:  I got it.  Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom.”

Philly Girl:  My microphone on my laptop is broken.

Neil:  Damn.  I’m not sure mine works either.

Philly Girl:  Are you really into this baseball game?

Neil:  I don’t even like the Yankees.

Philly Girl:  I can’t even name one player on the Phillies.  Until you mentioned it, I didn’t know that they were in the World Series.

Neil:  I think they are.  I think they beat the Dodgers in the National League.  Let me go on Google and check.  (after checking) Yes.

Philly Girl:  So?

Neil:  You ever been to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia?

Philly Girl:  I have been!

Neil:  That is such a cool museum!  You should come to New York some day.   We can go to the Met.

Philly Girl:  I think I’ll be there at Christmas time.

Neil:  Cool.  We should get together.

Philly Girl:  Sure.  OK, gotta go.  Good luck with the Yankees.

Neil:  Good luck with the Phillies!  May the best team win!


  1. amanda

    As an unimportant aside, the dairy used in Philadephia cream cheese is produced in New York State. 🙂

  2. kimberlee

    now that was cute.

  3. Neil

    Amanda — I did a search. Now it is actually made in BRAZIL!!!! —

    The US food company Kraft Foods already invested US$120mil in its Curitiba-based complex (Parana state) to produce Philadelphia cream cheese. The company will also invest in marketing and plans to hold the leadership, surpassing the current leader Nestle. It keeps undisclosed some of complex figures as production capacity and investments in equipment, but the plant was projected to be the leader in productivity among the brand’ eleven plants worldwide. It is also studying to bring other brands of its Cheese & Groceries division to Brazil as Kraft (cheeses), Jacobs and Maxwell House (coffee), Post (cereals) and Oscar Mayer (meat products).

  4. Juli Ryan

    Yeah, I didn’t buy that other IM post, with the knitting blogger and your mother. All along, I suspected that this is what you were really talking about on IM.

  5. Middle-Aged-Woman

    Thta’s some heated rivalry you have going there, Neil.

  6. Deidre

    your team spirit certainly can’t be rivalled.

  7. MammaLoves

    You’re so competitive!

  8. Jennifer H

    Can’t we get some sort of rivalry going between the Yankees and the Redskins. Oh. Never mind.

  9. kelly

    I see a heated museum challenge coming on. Winner is required to purchase the most expensive coffee table book in the losing museum.

  10. Danny

    You lost me at low-fat cream cheese. Have you ever tasted that stuff?

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