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The Lovely Sound of Dammit

I don’t like singling out specific bloggers on their birthday, because so many people have a special meaning for me, and I would feel obligated to write a post for every single person on his or her birthday, and then this blog would get pretty tedious, right?

But Dammit, it’s my blog. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Because someone has proven to be super extra special.


Happy birthday, Maggie of Okay, Fine, Dammit and Violence Unsilenced. You have single-handedly turned the word Dammit into a term of beauty and compassion!


  1. flutter

    Happy Birthday, my beautiful friend. Dammit!

  2. Laurie

    Beautiful, for a beautiful lady.

  3. threeboys1mommy

    Super extra special is right, Happy Birthday Maggie!

  4. Long Story Longer

    My birthday is March 19th. And my favorite word is “fuck. ” I’ll be waiting.

  5. Jennifer H

    I love that girl, dammit! Happy birthday, beautiful Maggie…

  6. tysdaddy

    Dammit is a special lady, and a very dear friend. And now I feel I must have a shot every time I think of her.


  7. maggie, dammit





    I just made my kids watch that video. The 4-year-old is especially horrified.

    Thank you for this, my friend. I’m so grateful to know you.

    I gotta go do a shot.

  8. Adventures In Babywearing

    What a sweet post for Maggie. Great photo, too! Happy Birthday, Maggie. Thanks, Neil!


  9. slouchy

    aww, neil. what a nice guy you are.

    and maggie? smooches.

  10. muskrat

    Agree…hooray for MD!

  11. teahouseblossom

    Hahahaha..totally funny. Happy Birthday to your friend!

    So my birthday is tomorrow..does that mean I can pretend that you were sort of wishing me a happy birthday as well? ;o)

  12. Jill

    What a great post for a great lady!

  13. amy

    i love her. I would eat her with a tiny baby spoon if it wasn’t gross or illegal.

  14. Di

    Oh how I needed this laugh today dammit!

  15. Ann's Rants

    What a great gift. You must be some gem, Neil.

  16. AscenderRisesAbove

    Happy Birthday Maggie; great photo!

  17. ilinap

    Dammit, Neil, you are such a good guy! Happy Birthday to the most amazing Maggie!

  18. Elisa

    A 24 Dammit game – that’s hilarious! Now, that could be a way for my husband to convince me to start watching again 🙂

    Happy Birthday Maggie!! Totally deserve to be singled out 🙂

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