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Life Goes On Around the Blogosphere

Life is all around you, all the time. My own head is spinning, trying to put together the pieces to my own puzzle. My desk is a mess. My work, my writing, and my relationship with Sophia pull me to the north, west, and south — and I want to go east. I want to reach out to you, but you live on your own rollercoaster. I appreciate that you share with me a little part of your life each day. It gives me insights into my own.

Some random posts that caught my eye, for no other reason that I know you lived it, which in itself, makes it special.

Caitlin married Billy!

A new baby at Turn of the Sue!

Sarah has not smoked for ONE WEEK! Yeah!

Karen Sugarpants is running for charity.

Blogography is in the middle of his yearly blowout blogiversary party.

Mocha Momma is proud of her daughter’s big Senior Project.

Elisabeth‘s daughter, Claire, is graduating from Pitt with a BA in English Writing (Oh, no!!!!)

Kyran lived it up in NYC.

Blackbird‘s son is in the top three finalists of the Cloverfield video competition.

Los Angelista announces the winners of her Earth Day Contest.

Leahpeah has moved to a new house.

Carly officially launches her new book, Sexography, tomorrow night.

Mamarosa is having a fight with her thyroid, but she is going to win because she has faith!

Danny’s work was stolen from his car! Boo!

Feel free to add your own link in the comments if there is something exciting going on in your life.

Note: It’s probably time to wrap up the Great Inteview Experiment. It had it’s three month run, much longer than I thought it would. Maybe I’ll mention it on the BlogHer site since I never really promoted it. Other than that, add your name if you are still interested. But it is time to move on to bigger and better things!


  1. Karen Sugarpants

    Awww thanks for mentioning the run! We’ve already raised $375 in our first day of online donations! Every little bit helps. 🙂

  2. 180/360

    Does this mean I should give up the hope of getting to interview you?

  3. Neil

    Oh yeah, I guess we can’t finish until I get interviewed! That closes the circle.

  4. sizzle

    And Sizzle shoved after dinner mints in her bra!

    (Yeah, like THAT is newsworthy.)

  5. Neil

    Sizzle, I read that, but wasn’t sure you wanted that advertised.

  6. DaveX

    I said goodbye to my twenties…

  7. littlepurplecow

    Oh, just making up more projects for myself so I can spend even MORE time at the computer:

  8. Iron Fist

    Looking over this list makes me realize that I need to start doing something interesting with my life. Ugh.

  9. ingrid

    wonderful post. thank you for introducing these fabulous people 🙂

  10. Dave2

    Sizzle is sharing her minty nipples with the world!

  11. better safe than sorry

    i’m getting new windows today and my dog is going in for grooming, but i seem to have forgotten my password (excuse, excuse) so i won’t be blogging about it.
    have a happy life today!

  12. Caron

    I just this week secured high traffic gallery space for my war memorial art project, and…. I am about 90% certain of a venue for it at the Republican National Convention. With more help, the first phase of this obviously ongoing project might be done by Sept and the RNC.

  13. Eileen

    I’m getting married in 5 weeks! GULP!

  14. blackbird

    Thanks for the mention!
    I’m trying to network network NETWORK for votes for Middle and I appreciate your attention.

  15. Dingo

    Thanks for the Great Interview Experiment. Not only did I feel like a blog star for a while but I found so many new blogs to read.

  16. Middle

    Thanks so much for mentioning my contest!! Workin on getting it wherever I can, and it was a nice surprise to see it mentioned here, thanks again!

  17. Los Angelista

    My Earth Day contest was a lot of fun! You should’ve entered! Oh well, next year! And now I’ve written my first-ever post about penises.

  18. lfar

    I can’t decide if you’re being sarcastically banal or not… but this post was cute anyway

  19. Neil

    Lfar — No, actually I’m quite earnest in real life. My biggest fear of writing a post like this if leaving somewhat out.

  20. ali

    what…the timely passover plague that hit my house this week didn’t make the list??? for shame! ahahaha

  21. bookfraud

    my baby just turned one. i failed to get a full night’s sleep for the 356th day in a row. my wife and i didn’t fight for 4 straight hours. we got rid of bed bugs. my schlong shrunk an inch. i had a dream about obama and clinton.

    not much to report here.

  22. dee

    hey neil,
    you should maybe do an “Announcements” post in your blog every month and highlight all the important stuff that happened!

  23. Neil

    Dee — that’s a good idea, but how do you judge “important?” One person’s important is not another one’s. But I guess the biggies are: graduation, marriage, birth, buying a house, getting or changing a job, illness, death in the family, and possibly for some of us — getting laid.

    Bookfraud — are you sure you measuring it correctly? I try to use the metric system because it always confuses American women when I tell them the size.

  24. sarah g

    my good news? is that I’m with an amazing guy now. not too long, but long enough to know that i’d be very happy to have him always stay around : ) he is in the service and just got promoted, and now we wait to see if he moves near me or not. so, big things in little ole’ pa : )

  25. Neil

    Happy birthday, DaveX!

    Stephanie — Really cool idea!

    Better Safe — Does you dog like to be groomed?

    Caron — You are truly an artsy rabblerouser!

    Eileen — Are you interested in one last fling before marriage?

    Ali — The haggadah does say we should act as if WE were actually slaves in Egypt, so your plague was very timely.

    Sarah G — Always good to hear romantic love stories.

  26. Pete Dunn

    I’m into my second week on anti-depressants. Kind of a big deal for me.

  27. Neil

    Pete — I’m glad to see it is Zoloft and not Prozac. That one can cause havoc to your sex life!

  28. AnnieH

    I’m working hard for The Man, but left the website(and picture) that gives a recipe for an
    Anatomically Correct Brain Cake. Your long and desperate wait for it is over.

  29. cruisin-mom

    I got laid

  30. HeyJoe

    YEA baby – Good for you Cruisin-mom. That’s always worth a mention.

  31. piglet

    this was a great idea, you have a lot of those. go YOU!

    perhaps you could use this format in a “alltop” presentation kind of way.

  32. savia

    Savia is being stalked by German orthodontic fetishists…

  33. just the three of us ladies

    nothing new. absolutely nothing damn new.

  34. Black Belt Mama

    Hey! I’m an English Writing major from Pitt too!

    Oh, yeah, totally get the uh-oh.

  35. Rob O.

    We’ve got a little something exciting going on in our life… Our newly-adopted son turned 2 this week!

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