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From Now On, Call Me Elaine Kramer’s Son


The New Yorker interview“  of my mother  (well, I’m not sure it is really an interview, since they only used one line — but we’re still proud!)

(backstory here)

(They never used my mother’s best line:

Q:  What do you like best about your new office?

A:  It is closer to the bathroom!)

You’re the best, Mom!

Update: Gawker, of course, writes about the New Yorker article and name drops authors like Tom Wolfe, but never mentions my mother. Hey, what’s the matter with you guys?!


  1. melanie

    I LOVE IT!!!!

    thats the perfect response. thanks your mom for your existence Neilochka.

  2. Pants

    Your mother totally rules!

  3. Not Fainthearted

    Congratulations, Elaine!

  4. Roadchick

    Woo Hoo, Elaine Kramer!!!

    Your mom rocks, Neil!

  5. Loralee

    Your poor mom had almost 40 years of cold water in the ladies room at work?


    She totally deserves to be in the New York Times, too!

    P.S. They TOTALLY should have used her line.

  6. Eileen Dover

    Can you get me her autograph?

  7. Atomic Bombshell

    That’s so cool… GO MOM!

  8. TRO

    Gratz (online computer gaming spelling) to your Mommy.

  9. LVGurl

    Elaine Kramer’s Son,

    What a great lady, your mom. The New Yorker is a big deal.

  10. sassy

    Shite Neil, your darling mother is so stinking cosmopolitan !

  11. suburbancorrespondent

    I’m gasping – your mother met Isaac Bashevis Singer? Really?

  12. churlita

    Your mom is too cool.I’ll never be able to impress my two daughters by getting an interview in the New Yorker.

  13. Diane Mandy

    For a minute I thought you were claiming to be the product of Elaine and Kramer…

    Then, I read the article in New Yorker! Nice! Tell us, was your mother pleased?

  14. Akaky

    Your mother got the memo on how to survive a nuclear attack and the rest of us didnt? She’s definitely special.

  15. Annie

    Your mom is cool :-).

  16. teahouseblossom

    That’s AWESOME.

    It’s pretty amazing that your mom has worked at this place for over 50 years. So I’m guessing her resume hasn’t been updated in a while, eh? Pretty amazing.

  17. better safe than sorry

    she really is the talk of the town!!!

  18. Stacey

    Very cool! Is your mom enjoying being a celebrity?

  19. Artful Kisser

    Kudos to Mrs Kramer. What a fascinating place to have worked in for so long. The stories she could tell, hey?

  20. Fairly Odd Mother

    If I ever got my name in the New Yorker, I’d be sleeping with the issue, hugging it to my chest. Congrats and sweet dreams Mrs Kramer!

  21. Neil

    I actually owe a lot to Farrar Straus and Girous. Because publishing pays so little, they usually let people take home a free copy of each book published. So, you can imagine how many books we were surrounded by. At a certain point, my mother just stopped taking books home because there was no room. I got my love for reading and literature by skimming through all the novels she bought home for the dirty parts.

  22. V-Grrrl

    Neil, I used to read my big sister’s Cosmos for the same reason–the LITERARY value and the artistic photo of Burt Reynolds (first male centerfold, for those of you who are not ANCIENT like me).

    I’m glad your mom got her 15 minutes of fame, and working in accounts, I’m sure she’s so PROUD of her son, the coupon clipper. We are too. XO

  23. ekramer

    thank you,thank you,thank you. it really
    was nothing. but i dont give out autographs. You might try to sell it on E-Bay.

  24. Danny

    Your mom is the coolest. You should develop a sitcom script set at a New York publisher with your mom as the main character. Maybe Helen Mirren can play her.

  25. sweetney

    like i’m “truman’s mom”. welcome to my hell. 😉

  26. Catheroo

    If I send you my copy of the New Yorker, will you give me YOUR autograph? I mean, you’re Elaine Kramer’s son!

  27. TorontoPearl

    I really like Danny’s suggestion! Can I be written into the script as a copy editor or editor at that company? (I need a full-time, if imaginary, job!)

    Neil, you’ve got “yichus” (ask Mom what that means, if you don’t already know; it’s ’cause of her that you’ve got it.)

  28. Geeky Tai-Tai

    Your mom is quoted in “The New Yorker”. That is just so cool, Neil! Congratulations on having a famous mom!

  29. maitresse

    oh my god I totally read that article a few days ago, and had no idea that elaine kramer was mommylochka! her section even made it to gawker! 🙂

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