“The Great Mofo Delurk” Three for One Deal


Schmutzie, Jenandtonic, and Sweetney had this idea to make today “The Great Mofo Delurk.”   You’ve probably seen stuff like this before.  The idea is to coax bloggers from out of the virtual woodwork and have them say hello by delurking and commenting. 

This is a great idea.  I love hearing from readers, but I feel a little guilty asking readers to delurk for me.   I’m already blessed with the best commenters in the blogosphere.  I can hardly keep up with the blogging friends I already have.   I don’t even comment enough on THEIR blogs!   I’ve even lost touch with some bloggers because I haven’t been keeping up with them, which makes me a little sad.  Do I really need more virtual friends in my life?   What am I — blog selfish?

That said, I think it is important to keep adding new people to the mix.   The blogosphere is cliquish enough, without me adding to it.   We are supposed to be a community, and you are part of the community.  Yes, YOU, whether you like it or not.  Now, I know the feeling many of you have, especially when you are a new blogger:  everyone is in-groupy except for YOU.   Here’s my advice.  Take a deep breathe and repeat after me, “Blogging is Bullshit.”  Feel insecure in real life, but never in virtual life.  Even the writers at Techcrunch or Engadget write in their underwear.  I don’t care if you have 10,000 readers, or 10 — you will be treated the same crappy way here at “Citizen of the Month.”  Don’t be intimidated by me.  Don’t be afraid that your comment isn’t “clever” enough.   Very few people write clever comments, and the ones that seem good have usually been rewritten by me.

If you choose to delurk, don’t do it for me.   Do it for yourself.  It is the best way to interact with others.  And if we don’t become best buddies, maybe you’ll hit if off with someone else who visits this blog.  I met 99% of my blogging friends from reading the comments of other bloggers, and following the link.   You’re in luck here at “Citizen of the Month” —  the commenters here are particularly smart and sexy, even if they are somewhat eccentric. 

And in honor of “The Great Mofo Delurk,” anyone who comments today on this special day and says hello, whether you are an old or new reader, will get back three times the LOVE!   That’s right, if you comment today, I will promise to write a comment on your next three posts.   That’s right — THREE comments for just ONE comment.   You think Dooce is ever gonna offer you that?!  A deal like that doesn’t come too often! 

(small print — this special deal is valid only until 11:59PM October 3, 2007)

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104 Responses to “The Great Mofo Delurk” Three for One Deal

  1. bella says:

    Hellooo there.
    You don’t have to leave a comment at my place.. just wanted to delurk and say HI.

  2. Yeah. Dude. I’ve been feeling neglected by you.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m not de-lurking, exactly. Just using this post as a means to start commenting again without feeling ten kinds of guilty for my protracted silence. Think this de-lurking thing will work with the other 300 blogs I hold as beloved but have equally neglected?

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