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Four Reasons I Haven’t Posted Today


1)  A blogger named Frida linked to me, saying she liked my blog’s humor, and I have been reading her archives all morning. 

After I saw Frida’s link, I went to her site and was very surprised to learn that she is a human rights officer in Afghanistan.  Maybe I am dealing with stereotypes, but I wouldn’t expect someone with this very serious job to be reading Citizen of the Month.  I’m now reading through all her archives, and this is such fascinating reading — that I postponed writing a post.   You should check out her blog, Frida’s Notebook.  Frida’s humanitarian work in dangerous places makes me ashamed of my blog posts about eating dinner at El Torito.   I bet you anything that this woman does NOT need therapy!   While I can already see that I have a difference of opinion with Frida over Israel, like I do with my blogging friend, Paris Parfait,  one CANNOT be unimpressed with how this woman lives her life.

2)  I’m getting blogged down with my blog reading, so I decided to read your blogs rather than write anything new. 

There are so many cool blogs out there and so many nice people.   How do people handle all this interaction without going crazy or appearing rude?  Here is blogging big-wig (and former Microsoft evangelist) Robert Scoble explaining how he skims through 600 blogs a day.  This video is supposed to impress you with his amazing skill in filtering through information.  Sorry, Robert, but skimming through 600 blogs a day makes you a jerk.

3)  My washing machine overflowed and Sophia wants me to fix it.

For some reason, the water from my washing machine won’t go down.  I called the “service guy” and he came over, but then honestly told me that to fix it, he would have to charge me MORE money than the machine was actually worth.  When he saw my long face, he took me aside and whispered, “You can fix it yourself.”  He explained to me how I just need to unscrew some thingamajig and take off something else, and most likely the problem is a coin stuck in the whatever part of some tube.  He said this all in a heavy Spanish accent, and even though I hardly understood a word, I thought it was impolite to ask him to repeat it.  I’m taking bets.  How many of you think the machine will be fixed by the time Sophia shows up?

4)  The two flight attendents  from the house next door are sunbathing topless.

Need I say more?


  1. sputnik

    Fully agree on item #2. #4: Unless there’s a miracle, the machine won’t be fixed.

  2. L.A. Daddy

    Okay. I’m coming over to fix your washing machine (but that’s not my real reason for coming over… if you know what I mean… by the way, are they still sunbathing? 🙂

  3. Neil

    LA Daddy… Yes. This is one advantage of Redondo Beach over the Valley!

  4. plain jane

    Come on. You can fix the washing machine, there are online sites that help you figure it out and they have easy to follow diagrams. Start with this. Not to make you feel too bad but even I can fix my own appliances (usually).

    Are there really stewardesses nude sunbathing next door?

    Funny or earnest…what a toss up.

  5. sizzle

    all very valid reasons!

    i don’t think the machine is going to be fixed by the time sophia returns. am i crazy?

  6. Isko

    The #4 reason is like a “get out of jail” card for anything..

  7. Neil

    Plain Jane — Today’s post is 100% true. (well, Sophia told me they were flight attendants. I never asked, so I can’t say for sure)

  8. Dagny

    I hope you checked out the link from Plain Jane. If not, I don’t think there is any hope of the machine getting fixed. And it needs to get fixed because I can only imagine what shopping for a new washer would be like. Yes, I am picturing the trip to shop for a toilet seat. (I only have about 50 or so blogs in my reader but see how good I am at remembering little details?)

  9. Noel

    You post a picture of two sky blue uniforms with no girls in them rather than photographic evidence of 4)?

    There are days I wonder why I bother…

  10. kapgar

    #4 definitely excuses you. Go gawk, my friend!

  11. deannie

    Aww! You judge Robert Scoble hastily. His wife is 8 months pregnant, he dares not look at naked neighbors. I believe he really does skim all those blogs. Don’t forget they are all technical blogs!

  12. Neil

    Deannie — I know this guy is an icon in the tech field, and people are afraid of him, so I figured I could call him a jerk without even knowing him, just because I can without any consequence. Of course, you would never hear me say that about Dooce or any popular mommyblogger. They can DESTROY me in a second.

    Noel — Imagination my theater friend. Imagination.

    Dagny — I found an even better site, telling me exactly what to do —

    But Sophia is now home, and I failed my mission, and I’ve eaten a turkey sandwich and well… it might not get done tonight…

  13. Frida

    Well, I have a difference of opinion over Israel with some of my cousins and some ex-boyfriends and it hasn’t hurt our relationships too much. Of course I tend not to give them the “let it all hang out” emotional version of my time in Gaza that I sometimes let sneak out on my blog, but that’s by the by.

    Sorry you failed to fix the washing machine. Mine is broken too and since there is no one in this wee town who has ever seen an automatic washing machine before (and since I can’t fix it myself) they are sending me a new one from Kabul. Maybe I’ll check out that link just in case I surprise myself and figure out how to do something myself after all.

  14. Neil

    Frida, don’t give up on my yet. I gave it one more try and unfastened one of the tubes and water came out all over the place. My garage may now be 1/5 flooded, but I’m hoping I loosened whatever was in there and saved us from buying a new washing machine. Now — like in Humpty Dumpty — if I can just remember how to put it all back together again.

  15. Neil

    And Frida — You do know that you share the same name as the hot brunette from ABBA, don’t you?

  16. plain jane

    Dagny: Don’t you think the first stop Neil would go to shop for a washer would be Pier 1? 😉

  17. Two Roads

    Just wondering – when you move out who’s going to fix the washer, redesign the closet, cook those wonderful meals from all those receipes everyone sent you or just plain amuse with your attempts at being Mr. Fixit?

  18. Whit

    I thought you said the two flight attendants next door were men.

  19. Neil

    Whit — I deserve that for being political correct and not calling them stewardesses, like I originally wanted to.

  20. Artful Kisser

    Envious of your prolific bloggery, Neil. You’re even entertaining when you post to say you’re too busy to post.

  21. NSC

    I visited Frida’s blog after I read a comment from her on one of your posts. It’s obvious she believes in her work and is trying to do good things, but her stance on Israel is sadly typical of human rights workers worldwide. That’s unfortunate, but like most blogs there is usually something good one can find even if you disagree with the blogger on some things. I mean you read my blog, right? LOL

  22. helen

    The last comment..

    Can I assume there’ll be a penis post soon?

  23. Anne Glamore

    I’ve never been to LA and would love to come. Plus, one of my twins is very handy! We could fly out, and if you keep me stocked in gin and tonics and him full of sushi, we’d (ok, HE’D) have that washer working in no time, and then we could all go sightseeing.

  24. Lisa

    All much better reasons than I have for not blogging.

  25. Dagny

    Plain Jane — That’s exactly what I was thinking. Or perhaps Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  26. Bec

    Only being able to get ‘properly’ online (i.e. when not at library having alloted time counted down by green timer in corner of screen) whenever I visit my Mum; and then only getting to do the important blog reading at the time when I should be sleeping gives me a really good excuse for not posting but I’m going to do it some time before I have to be up (in 3 hours) to go to a flower show.

    I have spent the last four hours catching up on emails; hunting for a job;looking for a cheaper place to live… and loving every single post in my blog reader.

    Thank you for posting the things that make me smile.

  27. Jennifer

    I find that visiting Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store breaks my blogger’s block. I can always spot a freak or something in Wal-Mart!

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