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As if She Doesn’t Have Enough Trouble


Just when we thought we were healing Schmutzie with photos of strong roosters beating up cancer,  the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has decided to mock us.  And we all know who is at fault here… the insecure feminists!  Talk about this at BlogHer!

From the New Zealand Herald:

RSPB Bans Cocks, Tits Allowed

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has banned the word for male birds from its website, drawing accusations of political correctness gone mad.

Visitors to the website found the word “cock” had been replaced by asterisks, while the species, tit, suffered no such indignity.

Forum user John D, of Yorkshire, told The Sun: “As bird lovers will know, a Parus Major is a great tit and while cocks do not get past the forum censor, tits do not cause offence. I’ve heard of PC but that is taking things too far.”

A worker claimed the word had been replaced because of software filters but an RSPB spokesman said it preferred to describe birds as either male or female.

Neil’s Penis:  “Fight the Power!”


  1. Leiselb

    Ooohhh geeeeez…..can’t they give you just a leeetle fun?? Sigh. Keep fighting…

  2. Eileen Dover

    I, for one, love cocks of all shapes and sizes.

    I’m an equal opportunity cocklover. I’m with you, Neil’s penis!

  3. V-Grrrl

    Shouldn’t that be “Neil’s Cock” fighting the power?

  4. Neil

    He’s pretty formal until he knows you better.

  5. princess extraordinaire

    Don’t we have better things to worry about?

  6. Nance

    This post reminds me of why I love watching the Crufts Dog Show rather than the standard American ones. I love hearing the commentator say things like, “That’s a first-rate little bitch there!” or “This whippet bitch has been round the ring before!”

  7. Dagny

    Hmmm. I can understand the filter argument. I once tried to get to a government website that was work-related but couldn’t because the URL contained “sex.”

  8. Kate

    Those damn insecure feminists! They are always ruining everything.

  9. Stacey

    So, wait, they said their website has a problem with a cock-blocker?

  10. schmutzie

    Oh dear gawd, Neil. It’s going to be and avalanche of cocks. An AVALANCHE.

    The Palinode asked me the other day:
    “What kind of marriage is it where the wife has 60 cocks to her husband’s one?”

  11. Dana

    Well, I’ve never been comfortable saying what Chinese Calendar year I was born in. If it were “rat” or “pig,” I’d be fine with it. I have some inexpensive jewelry depicting this Chinese birth year. One piece is a pewter-stamped character pendant; the other is made of carved bone, etched on both sides. The front has a carving of a rooster, and on the back, as you’d see in inked scrimshaw, it says “chick.” That surprised me. I bought it because of the linguistic anomaly. When people ask me, I explain I’m obviously no spring chick anymore but d@mn$ed if I’ll let anyone call me either a “chick” or a “c(8#” when referring to my birth year. I prefer to say I was born in the year of the Rooster, and leave further elaborations and jokes to rest. Uh, roost.

  12. Spinning Girl

    Wow, we really are losing our shit.

    Next you can’t use the word “bitch” anymore, either ?

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