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The Road Trip Begins

Winery in Calistoga, CA


“Safari West” in Santa Rosa, CA

Hotel Room Jacuzzi

Sophia ordered champagne.

Weird public art.


  1. buzzgirl

    Wow, what time did you leave? You made it to Safari West and Calistoga already? You guys must have lead feet!

  2. Dagny

    Details. I need details. Which winery? And how was Safari West? I’ve always wanted to check out that place.

  3. Dave2

    Drive safe, and save some of your energy for Portland!


  4. sgazzetti

    Potential for bad puns about giant thumb = unacceptably high. Hope subsequent commenters have high enough moral standards to spare us all. And that you have a great time.

  5. steppingoverthejunk

    looks like fun! Sophia is stunning, I don’t think I’ve seen a photo of her before…I want hair like hers!

  6. alissa

    Sophia is so cute! Looks like you’re having a great time so far.

  7. Rabbit

    Isn’t public art always weird?

  8. Pearl

    Love that “weird public art” photo — does Sophia now fall into that category?

    Hey, Sophia & Neil, “Thumbs up”! Hope you’re still both on a high from the act of birthday giving/arranging and receiving.

  9. Karl

    Does Sophia always climb into the tub with her clothes on?

  10. Ariel

    Nice wildlife! As for the thumb, glad to see the picture was not one of you sitting under it… [cringe]. Sorry folks, couldn’t resist!

  11. leesepea

    Hey, at least you got a big “Thumbs Up!”

    It could’ve been a different finger…

  12. Not Faint Hearted

    Looks like a fun trip, so far. Enjoy yourselves and don’t worry about us!

  13. ms. sizzle

    oooh zebras! looks like good times. hope you two are having a great time.

  14. Finn

    Looks like fun so far. Champagne? How romantic? wink, wink, nudge, nudge

  15. NSC

    You do know you are supposed to be naked in the tub, right?

  16. AscenderRisesAbove

    safari west??? santa rosa is near my neighborhood; we are going to have to check that out this week!

  17. Bre

    I am ridiculously jealous that you got that close to a giraffe! I really really want to touch one someday!

  18. Churlita

    How fun. Does Sophia ever take a bad picture? No fair.

    This post really makes me miss Northern California.

  19. bookfraud

    sometimes, a thumb is only a thumb.

    nice pics. sophia looks great. what about you and the thumb? where’s neil with the critters? come on!

  20. better safe than sorry

    so far so good?
    you know, if you can’t even get her naked for the tub, Neil’s Penis is in for a long lonely trip.

  21. plain jane

    Travel must agree with Sophia, SHE LOOKS STUNNING (& HAPPY). I hope you two have a lovely trip.

  22. deezee

    I know that thumb…Half Moon Bay, right? winery of some long forgotten name?

  23. Rhea

    God, it looks you’re having a blast! I like the zebras best.

  24. Leah

    I hate to be the one chiming in to say that Sophia is totally a HOTTIE!! I don’t think I’ve seen pics of her before. You should have a section of “All Sophia, All the Time.” Not that I like girls or anything….(and not like that’s a bad thing, for those of you who like them)….and not that I don’t also think you’re fun, cute and interesting….but yeah, she’s got great hair, great smile, and seems like fun. We need a little more of Sophia. heheh. (You can officially hate me now. Hehe.)

  25. Oopsy Daisy

    Talk about having your thumb on things. Wow!

  26. Dagny

    After reading the comments on the photo of Sophia, I must say once more that she was so wronged by the makeup artists on “Windfall.” They so made her frumpy on that show. So unlike the photos that you post of her. She should sue or something. Because isn’t that the American way?

  27. Killer

    Is that a giant toe? I don’t think Sophia should be putting her face against a giant toe. She might get a weird fungal thing on her cheek.

  28. V-Grrrl

    I think Neil’s penis is taking the pictures. There’s an awful lot of phallic images here.

    And the thumb? It makes me want to sculpt a VERY LARGE HAMMER right next to it.

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