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from New York Social Diary:

“The American Association lit up the night, displaying close to $6 Million in colored gemstones at an event to celebrate their annual Spectrum Awards, which also raised over $11,000 for Project Renewal. Project Renewal’s mission is to renew the lives of New York City’s homeless by helping them return to self-sufficient life in the community.

Chessy Wilson [center] chose to top her Burberry dress with an 18K white gold necklace by Ziad Noshie, featuring eleven freshwater pearls and diamonds and a white gold “Ariel” ring by Bradley Dean Weber, featuring graduated Akoya pearls accented with diamonds.

[The event was held] in a secret downtown loft- where security was tight due to the jewels- 350 elegant juniors partied till midnight.”


(any better, Tatyana?)

(Personal Note: I’m in New York for a couple of weeks and my mother only has dial-up. My wireless is also having trouble so I can’t go to Starbucks for wi-fi as of yet. So, my blogging is very SLOW. Bloglines takes forever just to come on. So, I apologize if I don’t visit your blog as often this week. Does anyone know a way to download all your RSS feeds offline?

Mostly, I hate to miss out on all the soap operas of your lives. So, don’t feel shy to email to tell me that something exciting is going on it your lives and that I can’t miss your new post — a divorce, a baby, a threesome, or if you have discovered a cure for the common cold. Please don’t email me if you post is about your cats (Laurie, Ashbloem, Jenny) or a meme about your favorite songs of the 80’s.)

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  1. Neil

    Please don’t tell me that I have to do it one more time?

    By the way what should I do about this site — the first commenter — that redoes my post a second after I publish mine? Contact them?

  2. Tatyana

    I’m honored: a post addressed to me.

    To the content: what do you expect from the city of limousine liberals!

    Means of communication: I too will be happy to recieve an e-mail. And my cell is on, too.

  3. Rhea

    Is that first poster one of those sites that steals content? I hear they are out there. If you did not choose to re-post your stuff there, I would look into it!

  4. Mist 1

    My cat seriously did the cutest thing right now. Also, I am pregnant. And divorced. I don’t want to talk about the threesome.

    Okay, I think you’re all caught up now.

  5. 2nd Pearl Past the Post

    There’s a certain irony to that glitz and cause match-up.

  6. Lisa (V of F)


    I love Tatyana’s comment about “Limosine Liberals.” There is a scene from the movie “Friends with Money” in which Jennifer Aniston’s character listens to a group of weathly liberals talk about the $1000 a plate charity they’re hosting. Aniston says, “why don’t you just give the money directly to the needy?” It’s the best part of the movie, because the only answer to her question was, “because that’s just how it’s DONE.”


  7. tiff

    Somebody’s reporting your material on a different site – I’m sure you figured that out. It looks like you’re on their feed line with a couple of other people. This alternate site DOES attribute you, but doesn’t point back to the originating site (as far as I can tell) Naughty naughty!

    I have no news that’s exciting or otherwise. It sucks to the be the middle class.

    Unless you count the meteor. Or the unicorn in our backyard. I expect the 2 are related, but I’m dashed as to how.

  8. tiff

    wait – they ARE pointing back here. Still, very naughty to do that without your permission.

  9. Danny

    I got your “Upstairs, Downstairs” reference the first time but think you need more connective tissue to bring that point home in both posts. Let’s see how those two parts of New York intersect today, I don’t think you need to go back to 1890 to find the disparity. What is it about those New York society kids–they have their own look, don’t they? My only L.A. news is that I was trying (and failing) to write in my blog in the reference room at Beverly Hills Library this morning and Bruce Vilanch sat down next to me. I seriously considered sliding my computer down the table and asking him to guest blog (as in one sentence) but I chickened out. And I was excited to read Pearl’s comment that Bel “Up the Down Staircase” Kaufman is the granddaughter of Sholom Aleichem. Who knew?

    Your pictures made me miss New York in the worst way. I hope you’re going to see the musical “Grey Gardens,” that’s what I most want to see at the moment.

  10. deezee

    I aspire to the kind of life that most be checked up on daily. Sadly, you’ll do fine sticking me on the back burner…

  11. Amy K

    Have you been to OTTO yet?!?
    For godsakes, GO!

  12. Tim

    I have dial up at home and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason I have no idea what’s going on after 6pm.

    You did hear we invaded Afghanistan, right?

  13. patry

    I sat in my room and wrote all day. Does that count as exciting gossip? Probably not, but I thought you’d be proud.

  14. Bre

    Man! I wish something interesting was going on! How about the details of a fist fight? A pot bust? Yeah, neither of them is really that exciting for me either 😛

  15. teahouseblossom

    Well, well, welcome to NYC! Hope you’re having a wonderful time here!

  16. michelle

    Before you leave, visit Palacinka and have a chocolate and banana crepe, and a glass of wine. It’s on Grand, on the corner of 6th and Thompson?

  17. Tatyana

    Wow, not only this post is not addressed to me anymore, it disappears from the main page entirely.
    Either some gnomes at work or …The Revenge Of The Rich!

  18. Lynnster, yeah

    “A threesome”… snicker.

  19. Neil

    Tatyana, third draft up.

  20. Dagny

    Crap! I was thinking that I needed to post some new cat photos, like Natasha lounging under the gas wall heater like she did on Sunday — all friggin’ day. It was like she had forgotten about food and everything else. I think I may have to have my place checked for CO because what else could be the explanation of her lethargy?

    My lethrargy? Something completely different.

  21. Leah

    Stuck with dial-up, eh? I remember being all self-righteous with my “I don’t need DSL” baloney. It was really me just being a super cheapskate. Fortunately I snapped out of it and came into reality, and now that I have hi-speed internet, I’ll never be able to go back. It’s like Eve eating the proverbial apple.

    Oh…and by the way, I have a million issues with bloglines. Like why does it continually show me a post that I’ve already read?! And why does not update? And why are there so many different types of RSS that display differently. I mean, c’mon people!!!!!!!!!! Sheesh!

  22. The Cynical Girl

    I took that cat comment personally until I realized that it applies to like, oh, 8000000 other people including me.

    We’re a monolithic voting block, and we like cats. Don’t mess with us.

  23. kristen

    You don’t have the worry about being caught up in my life. My couple swapping days have ended and now, I’m just a boring, track suit wearing suburbanite looking to get a kitten from the spca.

  24. Michelle V - fost-adopt blogger

    My cat lost an ear, does that count?

    You can download RSS with this. but it might take a while with dial up.

  25. Joan

    You want to hear exciting? I almost had sex with a polar bear. It was this close!

  26. sbukophile

    I was so close to sending you updated photos and stories of my kittens (now small cats). Since you wrote that you didn’t want to hear about cats from Laurie, Ashbloem and Jenny–I figured I was exempt. The cats are damn cute still and now going outside all on their own!

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