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  1. wordgirl

    Can I just say how much I love your photos? New York is a pretty photogenic place (even the seamier parts), but you handle a camera very well.

  2. Zoely

    Hey! I was in NYC Saturday nite to see Rent. Yeah, I know, I’m a little late…

  3. Rhea

    Nice pics of New York City! That makes up for the blurry pic of your childhood bedroom.

  4. niels

    Is that columbus circle? God, I miss New York.

  5. paperback writer

    Those are some great pictures.

    I hope to visit NYC one day again.

  6. Mist 1

    I love the maple.

  7. Orieyenta

    Great pics…thanks fo sharing.

    Makes me want to take a trip to NYC.

    And what about that last one…are you having Teresa do a reading? Oy.

  8. Neil

    Is anyone getting the politicial statment I am trying to make about the “Upstairs, Downstairs” class system in a city like New York where…? oh, forget it…

  9. ms. sizzle

    i have no idea how to ice skate but lately i have wanted to.

  10. lizardek

    You’re pretty darn good at this phlogging thing 🙂

  11. better safe than sorry

    no wonder toronto is used as a pretend us state, it could easily pass as new york. love that maple pic!

  12. Lynnster, yeah

    I know nothing about the political statement, but those are some very cool looking photos in any case!

  13. plain jane

    Political statement? I was too captivated by the photos to even notice the title of your post.

    Thanks for giving us a taste of NYC!

  14. Dagny

    Did you collect any leaves to take back to CA with you?

  15. sarah

    Hope you had a nice thanksgiving! Liked the photos. You should see the Dominican Republic ‘upstairs downstairs”. beautiful and luscious and etc in the parts where ‘we’ go, and shacks, shanties and ruin where ‘we dont’ go.

  16. emma

    That first reflected picture is awesome. Lovely photos, makes me want to drive up to NYC like, today!!

  17. M.A.

    Thanks for reminding me what a wonderful place NYC can be.

  18. Tatyana

    You can always count on me, Neil, to notice your political statements.
    Actually, I thought you refer to that wonderful book by Bel Kaufman, Up the Down Staircase.

    I have posted my own Txgiving pics, if you’re inclined to look.

  19. Neil

    Actually the second to last photo is from the Time Warner building which went up a few years ago, and I heard rave reviews about. I had not seen it yet. Bleh. An upscale Los Angeles mall with a nice view. This is what Time Warner is doing with the money they steal from me each month for their crappy cable service?

  20. Pearl

    Neil, thanks for giving us a whirlwind visual trip to NYC. Some great shots you’ve got.

    BTW, I also thought of Bel Kaufman’s book when I read your post title. You did know she’s famed Yiddish writer Sholom Aleichem’s granddaughter, right?

  21. Leesa

    I love this series of photos!
    Great story 🙂

  22. Nancy French

    Makes me wanna go back and visit…

  23. AWE

    All I know is Teresa guarantees results in 24 hours.

  24. Melissa

    Oh this makes me home sick… I miss New York so much.

  25. Churlita

    Neil, nice Upstairs/Downstairs photo commentary about the juxtoposition of classes in NY – Ah, just kidding. Until you wrote the comment, I ignored the title and thought the images were real Purty.


    Do we all fall down?

  27. amanda

    gorgeous photos!

  28. rach

    writer and now photographer. Is there no end to your talents Neilochka? lol. Love the pic of the red leaves. x

  29. s@bd

    12 pictures @ 1000 words each = 12,000 word post.

    Dude, I just don’t have that kind of time. Try to keep it down, will you?

  30. 2nd Pearl Past the Post

    Those are gorgeous. Are you going to branch out into professional photography?

  31. Neil

    It is so funny that you like these photos. I am not a good photographer. But my mother was on my back about shooting Valentino’s pizza yesterday rather than something more worthy, so when we got to Manhattan, she kept on pointing things out to take a photo of —

    Neil’s Mother: “Ooh, you need to take a photo of the carriages in Central Park for your blodge.”

    Neil: “Everyone’s seen those stupid carriages in every romantic comedy ever made about New York. And the horses stink.”

    Neil’s Mother: “You really should take a photo for the blodge. I’m telling you they will love it. They want to see the romantic part of New York, not the subway.”

    Neil: “OK, I’ll take a photo of the carriage, but I’m going to do it off-center with the wheel as the focus.”

    Neil’s Mother: “A photographer you’re not.”

  32. Amy K

    Brilliant, Neil!

  33. plain jane

    Blodge? I love it.

  34. teahouseblossom

    Thanks for reminding me of what a beautiful place I call home!

  35. Two Roads

    Neil, my first thought too was Up the Downstair case. I like the pics for your blodge! Your mother is just like mine – give her a word and she will create another and never see the difference.

  36. modigli

    I don’t really get it. But I like it!

  37. Megan

    I miss NYC. 🙁

  38. Lou P.

    NYC is the best city out there for taking photos… at least from what I’ve seen. I dig the snapshots — keep ’em coming!

  39. Liz R


    I used to live at 97-19 63rd Drive in Rego Park 20 years ago! I live in Richmond, Vriginia now (and for the past 13 years) but it was soooo cool to see your great photos of NYC and my old address!!!

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