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Happy Birthday, Sophia


Dear Sophia, my favorite Aquarius —

Happy Birthday! 

Where would I be without you?  I would know nothing about life, love, sex, or buying bras if it weren’t for you.  Even during our separation, you’ve remained my muse.  Look how many blog posts revolve around you!   

I know some women look at their latest birthday with dread.  But you never do.  You always keep that inner child of yours alive — you’re such an outgoing, fun, and sexy woman!  

I frequently get emails from readers saying they are confused about our messy relationship.  It is confusing.  And it is a bit of a mess.  But our love for each other remains the same.

Much happiness to you on your birthday.  May all your wishes come true this year.

Love, Neil


  1. Happy Birthday Sophia! S dniom razhdjenia! You have a huge following in the blogosphere for someone who doesn’t even have a blog and who many people believe is a figment of Neil’s imagination! Wishing you a happy, healthy, successful year. One day we’ll figure out your relationship with Neil. Until then, we’re all rooting for you two.

    P.S. Can’t wait to hear what Neil did for your birthday. Hope it doesn’t involve 50% off Valentine candy.

  2. That was beautiful sentiment Neil!
    Happy Happy Birthday to you Sohphia! I hope you have a fabulous day!


  3. Happy B-day Sophia.

    A pretty good month indeed as my wife’s birthday was just two days ago.

    Neil, you and I must thank the Gods for February.

  4. Happy Birthday Sophia – Neil that was truly lovely..

  5. I guess Neil is that frog on top of the cake. Sophia, it seems you’re the one who turned Neil into a prince.
    Happy Birthday!

  6. happy birthday to sophia. i like to embrace every year, women do get better as they age. i think it’s wonderful that you’re able to maintain a healthy relationship with someone who has been such an important part of your past life.

  7. What a great cake. Happy birthday, Sophia!

  8. To whoever you may be… Happy birthday to you, Sophia.

    I have to admit that, yes, I have at times thought that you might be a figment of Neil’s imagination, a blogging device, if you will. If you do really exist and are actually the wife from which he is separated – yes, indeed, the relationship seems pretty complex. But life in general is rather complicated anyway.

    Nice cake, and nice words, Neil.

  9. Dear Sophia (if you truly do exist): Happy Birthday! Please get back together with Neil so he can quit pining for you. And give me a bite of that cake. Looks yummy.

    Happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday, Sofochka!

    Have a wonderful party, tons of gifts that you’d actually like, and …er…a cake without artificial coloring. I’d love to bake you one, come to NY and prove you’re really not a figment of imagination!

  11. Joyeux anniversaire, Sophia, et tout le meilleur !

  12. Happy Birthday, Sophia!

  13. Lovely sentiment, Neil! Such a cute froggy!

  14. You simply can’t cut into that cute frog. No, Sophia, put the knife down!

  15. What’s the big deal? We’re all separated.

  16. Dear Sohphia, Happy Birthday. But don’t let the cute frog distract you from getting Photoshop installed. Be strong for the sake of women everywhere!

  17. Happy Birthday, Sophia. Hope you have ice cream to go with that cake.

  18. Sophia,

    “Yom Huledet Sameach”– happy birthday. Hope you’re celebrating in style, as is only befitting for you.

    Neil, lovely public birthday card you just presented Sophia!

  19. Happy birthday Sophia.

    Mik & Carolyn

  20. Happy Birthday Sophia! Neil, you are a gem.

  21. I hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday, Sophia!

    Neil, are you supposed to represent the frog who needs to be kissed to turn into a prince? Nice way of trying to get laid!

  22. What a sweet post! You two are lucky to have each other no matter how you define it. I hope you celebrate many more birthdays with each other.

    Happy Birthday, Sophia!

  23. Sophia reads your blog right??

    Happy Birthday Sophia!! Wishing you all the best!!

    Neil – you’re so sweet…. what are you giving Sophia for her birthday?? No, not that thing you always blogged about again??!!

  24. Maybe I’m just an old fashioned romantic … but please get back together with Sophia (if only good intent on both sides was enough, huh?) … It just seems like there’s still so much going on there. Namely love.

  25. Happy Birthday Sophia. You’re awesome.

  26. Have a most excellent birthday, Sophia. Now I need to wipe the kiss marks off of the screen where I’ve been trying to kiss that frog. Habit?

  27. Neil, I hope this means you are dressing up like a frog for that singing telegram you are sending her… That would be so cute!

  28. How sweet! Happy Birthday, Sophia!

  29. Happy Birthday, Sophia. There is something very subliminal in that frog cake though. Watch out for Neil or he just may try to hop you.

  30. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  31. neil & sophia,
    your love for one another always shines through the *mess*.

    🙂 sizz

  32. Happy birthday, Sophia!

  33. Hope it was an excellent birthday day and a great day for everyone. (Is use of the word excellent in this way anything akin to an 80’s flashback? I hope not. I seem to use that word this way a lot.)

  34. Joyeux Anniversaire! Janamdeen Mubarak! Eid Milad Sa’id! and happy happy many years to come!!! You lucky girl!

    And Neil, you guys do have a very very confusing relationship! I mean, you even valentine together!


  35. Neil, you have been suspiciously absent from this post…I hope it’s because you have been busy showing Sophia a great time for her birthday.

  36. And I appear to be late again, ma’am, so allow me to offer you a very belated Happy Birthday.

  37. Neil, I think that your relationship is charming, as everyone does. But I also suspect there is some serious pain in store for you if (when?) she finds another man and falls in love. My guess would be it will have a lot of effects on your relationship with her. Watch out.

  38. What a sweet post, Neil…and I luuuuv the cake!

  39. That was truly lovely. Sophia is lucky to have you in her life in whatever capacity that may be (and it sounds like you are equally lucky). Happy birthday to her!

  40. Messy love can be be the most fun and rewarding! Wishing you both many blessing this year.

  41. What a lovely post. Happy belated birthday Sophia!

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