Moving on: Scots are the New Trendy Ones


For my first HNT (Half-Nekkid Thursday) photo, I decided to wear what is the hottest new rage in menswear, Scottish-wear.   I had so much fun modeling this for a fashion-designer friend of mine,  Aiden Donnachaidh, that I just had to show you the results.

Those Scots are brilliant!

Forget John Stewart, Sarah Silverman, Krukoff, Spielberg, Citizen of the Month, and all those other trendy Jews.  

The Scots are up next!  

Enjoy my photo!   I’m a little shy doing this, so be gentle with the comments.

(thanks JJ)

Today on Blogebrity:  The Religious Hate Dave  (let the non-Jews get a little tsuris for once, sorry Dave at Blogography)

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58 Responses to Moving on: Scots are the New Trendy Ones

  1. boxen says:

    ever considered some reconstructive surgery on your nipples to move them further apart? they’re cross-eyed.

  2. lizriz says:

    Any man who can pull this off isn’t packing enough to be interesting.

  3. jaimie says:

    It looks like there could possibly be a vagina under that little skirt thing.

  4. Ms Iah says:

    I think that the Scots have more in common with us than you realize. They’re neighbors are always denigrating them for being good with money, and Braveheart reminds me a bit about Exodus.

  5. miriam says:

    Did anyone say which half should be nekkid? Next time let’s see the other half.

  6. Introspectre says:

    Ok…I have to say it…it looks like a kilt apron for a cock.

    An apron. Ok?

    Sheesh. Don’t want to get flour on it, or something…

  7. mcaryeh says:

    Be careful, there, Neil. You are liable to catch the flu wearing that thing…

  8. Pneurbunc says:

    Отчаяно старался не засмеяться

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