Jane Loves Target


Meet Jane.  She loves Target so much she bought a car of the same color.


Jane finds Target very sexy, unlike the boring Walmart.  Target has fancy designer brands.


Jane likes to try on sexy clothes at Target.


Jane loves these Mossimo Gold Pricilla Crocodile ‘fuck me’ pumps she found at Target.


Jane remembers a funny Nerve.com article which said you can "buy all sorts of unintentional sex toys at Target like novelty handcuffs, furry slap bracelets, and phallic garden hoses equipped with "turret pistols." "


Jane doesn’t have a boyfriend and decides to buy the Ultra Percussion Massager with Heat at Target.


Richard works at Target.  He is divorced.  He once dated Jane in high school.


Richard sees that Jane doesn’t have a boyfriend.


Richard gives Jane exactly what she needs in the employee dressing room.  Three times. 

Richard is concerned that they didn’t use a condom.


Jane says don’t worry.  She has a prescription for emergency contraception from her physician.


This is Mr. Willis, the Target pharmacist.   Mr. Willis says that Target does not fill those types of prescriptions, even if they are perfectly legal.  Target is a family store and not about sex.

(props to Miss Tanya)

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75 Responses to Jane Loves Target

  1. Neil says:

    Pharmacists for Right to Life!? I was making a joke about some imaginary group. Jeez, I had no idea that there really was this organization! Seriously. You see, the imagination is always one step behind reality.

    And 3T — I appreciate you sticking up for your opinions here, especially when you’re clearly a minority view here. I tend to wimp out when I’m with a group with opposite views, so I think it’s great that you’re not afraid to speak you views.

    OK, now let’s get back to destroying your argument.

  2. anne arkham says:

    You’ve probably pissed off the Pro-Ana Pharmacists, too.

  3. Sophia says:

    What happened to pluralism and live-and-let-live approach? Regardles of who is right or wrong , both sides should still be able to coexist. If the pharmacy was in the middle of nowhere and the woman had no other place to go, I would completely agree with Neil, but if there is another pharmacy available to fill the prescription nearby, it allows both sides to retain their dignity and beliefs.

    In the words of one “famous” LA criminal: “Why can’t we all just get along?”

  4. Neil says:

    Just like our marriage — you always have to get the last word in, don’t you? (I would do a smiling emoticon, but I’m not sure how to)

  5. Tanya says:

    Wow. I updated my post with the note I got from Target. Y’all can do what you want, but until they change their policy, I’m not shopping there. What if there is no other pharmacy in town? Time is PRECIOUS when one is trying to get this sort of thing sorted out. The whole thing makes me sick – will the right to life pharmacist help me raise my unwanted child?

  6. Neil says:

    And thank you Tanya for introducing me to the topic.

  7. Tanya says:

    And apparently making your life miserable…

  8. I’m hanging out in the shoe dept from now on

  9. Sophia says:

    Sorry to interrupt you other blogfest, but I just wanted to say that you made some very good arguments.

    I especially liked it when you wrote:

    “If you want to fight for rights of the pharmacist — your best bet is calling up the ACLU.”


    The ACLU loves to fight for the rights of Nazis and killers. Do you really think they will ever stand up for the right of this pharmacist in Fenton?

  10. Tatyana says:

    Neil, that remark was plain ugly.

  11. Danny says:

    Maybe I’m beating a dead horse here but I still think allowing this behavior from pharmacists portends a Margaret Atwood-like future where we are at the mercy of professionals who would impose their religious beliefs on us to our own detriment and that is not a world I want to live in (although there are plenty of countries I could move to right now if I did). Again, where do you draw the line? Will there be no defense lawyers in this future world? Some people think male circumcisions are a form of abuse. Will doctors start refusing to perform those?

    Yes, I certainly believe 3T’s husband has every right to practice a profession that he’s spent 8 years training for providing that he fulfills the responsibilities of his job and fills every LEGAL prescription that comes his way unless there is a medical reason not to (i.e., he suspects life-threatening malpractice on the part of the prescribing doctor). I am glad he found another job that aligns better with his beliefs but I still say he was dead wrong to impose his religious paternal attitudes on his customers.

    Forgive me, Sophia, but I don’t think a woman who has been refused a legal prescription because of the moral judgment of a pharmacist will agree that she has retained her dignity in that situation even if there is a Rite-Aid next door that has no problem with the prescription. I am quite sure that any woman in that already difficult position would feel humiliated, demeaned, judged, outraged, and panicked.

    Frankly I can’t think of a single profession where we aren’t required to bend our own personally held beliefs to a certain extent. Obviously if the job challenges those beliefs too strongly that person may choose to switch professions, not alter his or her responsibilities at his or her own whim.

    Neil, I know you were kidding with your letter, but I’m sure the Right-to-Life groups ARE engaging in organized campaigns to place “their” pharmacists in as many pharmacies as they possibly can. And even if we all don’t agree that the pharmacist refusing to fill a prescription should be fired, can we at least agree that the pharmacist who refused to return the prescription to the woman so she could fill it elsewhere should be fired AND arrested?

  12. Danny says:

    Not that I think doctors should be required to perform abortions if they don’t want to, so now where do I draw the line? Oy, this topic depresses me, I should just shut up and be grateful that I’m not a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, or impregnated woman.

  13. cruisin-mom says:

    Danny, I completely agree with your post,(part A)…as far as doctors and abortion: I see it as a different issue. When you choose a doctor, you can choose one who performs abortion if that is what you are looking for. When you go into Target, unless it is otherwise posted, you make the assumption that the pharmacist will fill your legal perscription. As far as I know, Target does not post a sign saying “no birth control pills, no emergency contraception perscribed here”. So it seems to me that a pharmacist should choose to work in a pharmacy consistent with his beliefs, just as 3T’s ex did. And not work somewhere that goes against his or her beliefs.

  14. darlin nikki says:

    ack, that makes me mad!! been thinking about this while looking at information on alioto and composing my letter of protest. i worry for equal rights with this man.

  15. Elvira Black says:

    Hey, what’s the prob? Just, like, say no! Just like all the molesting priests and the holier than thou preachers caught with their cash-filled pants down.

    Thanks to all the people who re-elected Bush–hope this makes you very happy. What’s a few million more unplanned for pregnancies and neglected and abused kids? Morality is at stake here!

  16. […]C-List Blogebrity Neil Kramer posted last week about the controversy surrounding emergency contraception.[…]

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  18. Rey says:

    I think stores need to employ a huge TEAM of pharmacists?

    “This is a prescription for Plan B? Sorry, I won’t fill it for you, slut, but Joe-Bob is on break and will be able to help you out.”

    “AIDS drugs? What are you, some kind of f@g? I’m not going to fill this because God gave you what you deserve, but my heathen coworker Susie can help you out.”

    “Statins? What’s wrong with you? That’s what you get for eating meat for a lifetime? I’m not going to fill your prescription, but let me call my manager who’s also a big tub of lard and will likely help you.”

    You know what? Almost every single job has some element to it that goes against our personal beliefs (probably every single customer service-related job for sure). It sucks, but employees have to deal. They don’t have the luxury to pick and choose what aspects of a job they will engage in. Can’t do heavy lifting? The job’s not for you. Can’t type 80 WPM? The job’s not for you. Want to ignore a legitimate customer out to buy a legal product that is stocked in your stores? Step aside and get a job where you don’t have to make decisions that might send you straight to hell.

  19. dista says:

    How’s this for a hypothetical situation?

    -Woman is turned away for emergency contraception by moralist pharmacist.
    -She is unable to obtain the prescription because of lack of transport in a rural area.
    -She gets pregnant.
    -She decides to have an abortion.

    The Pharmacist for Right to Life has contributed to an abortion rather than a prevention of pregnancy. I don’t think that’s what the pharmacist was going for do you?

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  21. Bundy. says:

    Theatrical experiance realms within modern posture.Wow.

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  23. I see it as a different issue. When you choose a doctor, you can choose one who performs abortion if that is what you are looking for. When you go into Target, unless it is otherwise posted, you make the assumption that the pharmacist will fill your legal perscription.

  24. Pharmacists should fill every prescription they get, because otherwise, where do you draw the line? My sister is currently being treated for cancer with all sorts of drugs that make her uterus inhospitable to fertilized eggs.

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