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Hell is…

Hell is…


Actually being put on the Blogebrity C-List after mocking it. (or was it all a very cleverly designed marketing plan arranged by Sophia?)  

Sophia, did you contact them?  Knowing you…

Well, thank you.  Let’s see how many dull posts I can write about death and Heaven and Hell before I’m kicked off. 

And who wants to be on a C-List?  That makes me like the Andy Dick of bloggers.  What woman wants to go to bed with a C-Lister?


  1. M.A.

    Wait for it…wait for it…

    But you’re Aces in my book, Neil.

    🙂 (love the ironic smiley face?)

  2. Tatyana

    What woman wants to go to bed with a C-Lister?
    Er…a no-lister?

  3. Neil

    Yeah, sure… but their eye is always looking over at the B-Lister.

  4. kate

    what are you complaining about neil? i’m sure if there were a z list i’d be on that. lol.

  5. Neil

    Kate — No matter what list you’re on, you still have your beauty and feminine charm. I have nothing else going on except for my newly achieved lowly Blogebrity status.

  6. Leesa

    Neil, You’re a Blogebrity whether you’re on the list or not 🙂

  7. Tatyana

    Ah, the little coquette.
    I’m going to risk being call a “b-listist”(oh my), in addition to a “heightist”, and repeat the same advice I gave to the short guys:

    Not that anyone listened.

  8. 3rdtimesacharm( 3T )



  9. kristine

    wait. you can be PUT on the list? like, by pulling strings?

    i thought it was a hightly technical method of deducing the funniest/coolest/hippest/most-groupie-infested websites on the Internet!

  10. anonymous city girl

    oh don’t be talking smack about andy dick!
    didn’t you see the hebrew hammer?
    he was perfectly cast as Santa’s evil son cum Santa.

  11. anonymous city girl

    hey did you see that!?
    i used cum and dick in the same post and it isn’t even dirty!

  12. danielle

    I’m totally a sucker for C-listers. How DOES the list work anyway?

  13. ms. sizzle

    there is something strangely appealing about andy dick. . .

  14. Alice

    i’m SO out of the blogebrity crowd that i didn’t even KNOW about blogebrity. that’s got to be worse than being on the c-list?

  15. Michael

    Hey, I liked the heaven/hell post — I’ve wrestled with that (like Jacob wrestled with the Angel… no… forget that imagery — y’know my name is for the Arcangel Michael, meaning who is like our God? Is that a rhetorical question? Is that what my name is?) myself.

  16. bettyonthebeach

    You’ve all probably seen this, but it’s the ONLY role Andy Dick has ever played that didn’t make me want to drink anti freeze to end the pain. Enjoy!
    Presidential Speechalist

  17. anne

    Oh OK, so now that you’ve achieved Blogebrity status, you’re just fishing to know just how many of us are really really really fans?
    Hmmm. Cunning.

  18. mrsmogul

    Sorry, I am pretty shallow and will only sleep with A-listers! I once almost slept with Quentin Tarrantino but I didn;t find him that attractive and my friend ended up home with him!

  19. anonymous city girl

    I wana be Mrs. Mogul’s friend 🙂

  20. mysterygirl!

    I went to Blogebrity after your post on it, and I definitely noticed you were there, but I didn’t know that you weren’t at the time that you wrote the post (is that what you’re saying?).

    Don’t people say that writing down your goals will help you accomplish them? 🙂

  21. Colleen

    I bet Angelyne would jump your bones (if you could spring for a billboard, that is).

    Or is that what the English call “cold comfort”?

  22. Sandra

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen photos of Andy Dick making out with…well, never mind. Just with other C-listers. I’ve got nuttin’!

  23. Neil

    Anne — You know me so well. I’m trying all different methods to learn who is really loyal to this blog. First, I wrote about death. Tomorrow get ready for a long post on this subject:

    Mysterygirl — I had never heard of Blogebrity until I saw a link to it on the weekend. I still have no idea what it is. As an experiment, you should try writing a post with “Blogebrity” in it, and see if they add you, too. They might just be link whores like the rest of us. Frankly, I’m sure the C-list came about after people complained about not being on the A and B lists. It’s sort of like making your mistress an associate producer on your movie so she won’t tell your wife.

    Colleen — with all her plastic surgery, do you really think Angelyne can still move enough to jump anyone’s bones?

    Miss Marisol — Who knew Tommy Lasorda had a freakin blog? And who the hell reads it?

    Kris — I’m sure this list is done by two guys in some apartment from Brooklyn. If I created a web site that was titled “Jesus’ Favorite Blogs,” and put on random websites, I’m sure I would get some traffic too.

    Brooke — Did you ever hear of the term “soulmate?” Please send photos of you baring your soul.

  24. miss marisol

    Come on…you must know you are immensely cooler than Tommy Lasorda.

    Blogebrity Schmogebrity.

  25. M

    I think the C-list qualifies you for a pity f…. never mind.

  26. kris

    I thought you were kidding about this list and that you photoshopped those Atari-like screen shots. How the cripes do you find out about these things?

    Note to self: find out about these things.

  27. Brooke

    Oh Neil, you are so much more than Andy Dick. How bizarre – and icky – is it that we both mentioned him on the same day?

  28. Brooke

    By the way, I am checking out this blogebrity list here. Every B-list celebrity blog I have looked has an average of 0-5 comments per post. How does that make them a blogebrity?

  29. Neil

    Brooke, since when does success always have to be meaured in quantity?

    Couldn’t you be a successful CEO of a big corporation and not make a lot money?

    Well, probably not.

    Let’s see. Couldn’t you be a famous Playboy centerfold and not have large boobs? Well, again, probably not.

    Couldn’t you big a big time home run hitter and never hit a home run?

    Well, just keep it quiet, Brooke. Don’t blow this whole Blogebrity thing now just when the going is good.

  30. Jacynth

    I personally like C-listers. They’re the ones that are the most genuinely excited when anyone recognizes them, will give autographs, and will actually write back to fan letters.

  31. miss marisol

    Neil, darling…I would like to point out that Brando is also on the C-List and LOTS of women seem to want to sleep with him. But, it could just be that they like him to sing Journey songs to them.

  32. Edgy Mama

    C-List is way cool, Neil. Tell me you’re not a little excited. I’m jealous. But, you’re right, I’m not going to sleep with you (but only because I’m married).

  33. bella

    And here I thought you wrote for the people, not for the status it brings.

  34. Nick Douglas

    Welcome to the party.

  35. Neil

    Uh, thanks, Nick. Hey, wasn’t Nick one of the names of Satan? Oh, no, right… that was Santa Claus…

  36. Kelly

    I think I saw the slutty girl from Real World: Las Vegas making out with Andy Dick on Pink is the New Blog the other day. So there’s always her.

  37. tinapopo

    I think Trishelle from the Real World (and the Surreal Life, and Kill Reality) slept with Andy Dick. So there’s always that.

  38. Marisa

    Hey there, nothing wrong with the C-list. I can’t even get my ass onto Philebrity, the Philly version of Blogebrity. At least it gives me something towards which to aspire.

  39. sac

    Dude, B-list is where the party’s at.

  40. erin

    I wanna be a blogebrity… *pouts* what the crap? what do I gotta do?

  41. deb

    I just realized that I write/work for a B-list blog. I think this makes me B-list, intentionally removed.

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