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Imagine one day — when liberals and conservatives can live as one.

(Katie Couric at a future Hollywood benefit)



  1. The Moviequill

    where is the rest of the photo, I MUST see the shoes man!

  2. Nancy French

    You Dems are just hoping our Republican satisfaction rubs off on you, pardon the pun…

  3. kate

    Am I the only person on the planet who hates Katie Couric with a passion? LOL.

  4. TWM

    Noooo, there are plenty of Katie haters rest assured!!!

  5. JJ MacMillan

    That’s good, Neil.

  6. Tatyana

    Who’s this neck-less woman with no taste and why does she want to kill the whales?

  7. jenny

    she has WEIRD style.

  8. Jim

    Typical liberal woman. Ugly dress. Big muscles. Nice fake tits.

  9. Michael

    Who is Katie Couric?
    I get these morning people mixed up. Is she the less-evil twin of Ann Coulter or Bryant Gumbel’s other brother or is she supplying Rush Limbaugh… someone help me out here.

  10. Jamie Dawn

    That’s just plain hilarious!

  11. Melliferous

    Every time I see Katy Couric I have flashbacks to the colonoscopy she had live on national television.

  12. ms. sizzle

    she’s with matt lauer on the today show. she is puts on this air of sweetness but i bet she is a royal bitch off camera. i have some sympathy for her since she was a young widow with two young girls. since her husband’s death of colon cancer, she goes and gets a colonoscopy every year and let’s the entire world watch. For awareness purposes.

    Yeah. Can someone say fetish?

  13. Mirty

    Remember the bumper sticker — “Save the Baby Whales for Jesus” ? (Oops, now I’ve offended 5.5 billion people. My bad.)

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